Xtrade minimum deposit 2020 - account opening from 100 euros

Xtrade minimum deposit (01/20): Does the broker demand a high deposit? Refuted in the current test Now open to Xtrade & account from € 100.

The Cypriot broker XTrade is characterized by its extensive range of underlyings and extremely intensive customer care. For example, if you want to contact support, you can do this around the clock in German. The website, background information and training courses are also completely in German.

XTrade offers trading in CFDs and Forex. If you want to open an account with the broker, just have to make a small XTrade minimum deposit of EUR 100. Alternatively, you can also open a free demo account that can be used independently and independently.

The best XTrade alternatives

RankSupplierCFD TradeAccount FromCostMin. Trading SumTest ReportTo the provider 77% lose money0 € A + 0.01XTExperiencesTo the provider78.07% lose money0 € B0.01Naga MarketsExperiencesTo the provider72% lose money100 € A-1TickmillExperiencesTo the provider469.3% lose money250 € B + 0.01ATFXExperiences0 for money584.16% Lose, 01iTrader.comExperiencesTo the provider671.36% lose money100 USDA-1TRADE.comExperiencesTo the provider771% lose money250 $ B0.01ETFinanceExperiencesTo the provider877.6% lose money200 € B0.01FXFlatExperiencesTo the provider980% lose money250 € BOTEr010.4GMOto the provider + variablePlus500experiencesto the provider1171% lose money100 € A0.01AvaTradeexperiencesto the provider1283% lose money10 $ C0.01Libertexexperiencesto the provider1376% lose money $ 20A-0.1IQ optionexperiences to the provider1469.1% lose money5 USDB + 0.01XM03experience to the provider, 01LCGExperiencesTo the provider1677% lose money100 € A0.01FXP roExperiencesTo the provider1781,27% lose money500 € B0,0124optionExperiencesTo the provider1883% lose money10 € B0,01FXTMExperiencesTo the provider1978,3% lose money100 € B0,01BDSwissexperiences for the provider2077% lose money10 € A0,01Admiral MarketsExperience 1 €-50 %Lose150% to the provider LotHotForexExperiencesTo the provider2284% lose money100 € B + 1Markets.comExperiencesTo the provider2364% lose money500 € B-0.1nextmarketsExperiencesTo the provider2472.88% lose money250 € A1 Micro-LotThinkMarketsExperiencesTo the provider2582.1% lose money0 € Cro-1 micro26% Loter experience B-0.01easyMarketsExperiencesTo the provider2776.27% lose money0 € A-0.1flatexExperiencesTo the provider2874.2% lose money2.500 € A0.1WH SelfinvestExperiencesTo the provider2977.73% lose money100 € A0.01DukascopyExperiencesTo the provider3061.3% lose money500 €, 01Blackwell GlobalExperiencesTo the provider31hides high risk0.00 € C-0.01SwissquoteExperiencesTo the provider3269% lose money4.000 € B + 1Lynx BrokerExperiencesTo the provider3373.5% lose money0 € A-0.01OandaExperiencesTo the provider3458% lose money300 € B + 0.01FIBO GroupExperiencesto the provider35hides high risk100 € B-1ForexY1% lose money300 USDB-0.01AAAFxexperiencesto the provider3769% lose money200 € B-0.01BANX tradingexperiences to the provider3862% lose money100 € A-0.01directbroker.deexperiencesto the provider3978% lose money100 € B-1InterTraderexperiencesto the provider4064% lose money350% Cto0.116 lose money0 € C + 1rgusFXexperiencesto the provider4262,89% lose money1 € C0,01InstaForexexperiencesto the provider4366,69% ​​lose money100 € C0,01STOexperiencesto the provider4465,5% lose money100 € C0,01Trade360experiencesto the provider4575,6 %1you lose money100 Money € 50 B-0.01 FXnet experiences ieter4781.8% lose money-C-0.1iFOREXExperiencesto the provider4876.7% lose money0 € C + 0.1Consorsbankexperiences to the provider49hides high risk25 € C1LiteForexexperiencesto the provider5071% lose money100 € C -01UFXexperiences to the provider51hides high risk0 €experiences to the provider51 Provider5278.3% lose money200 € C-0.01Swiss MarketsExperiencesTo the provider5370% lose money0 € C-0.01City IndexExperiencesTo the provider5470% lose money250 € C + 0.01Forex.comExperiencesTo the provider

Open now for XTB and account

The most important things at a glance:

  • Regulation by the Cypriot CySEC
  • Numerous training programs in German in the form of videos, webinars and e-books
  • 24 hours -Online trading
  • Support is available 24/5 in German
  • Hundreds of underlyings for CFD trading
  • Cheap spreads from 1 pip
  • Minimum deposit from only 100 euros

Xtrade minimum deposit 2020 - account opening from 100 euros

The broker XTra en - 4 things that differentiate the provider from other brokers

The broker XTrade was founded in Cyprus in 2013. Because the Mediterranean state is a member of the EU, the same legal provisions apply to XTrade that German financial service providers must adhere to. The Cypriot company CySEC is responsible for regulation and supervision and is as strict as the German BaFin.

(1) XTrade's range of services is extremely extensive. Traders can reach support both by email and by phone during the week 24 hours a day. During the usual opening hours of the stock exchange, there is always an employee available to answer questions. The most important thing: The contact does not have to be in English, but is entirely possible in German.

(2 ) XTrade offers its clients several hundred underlyings for trading with CFDs. Thanks to the large selection, traders can spread their capital extremely broadly and thus achieve long-term more returns than many other brokers. The four asset classes in detail:

    1. Share

The product range is greatest in this category, which is of course also due to the fact that there are tens of thousands of shares on the world markets. XTrade focuses primarily on large and well-known markets such as the USA or Germany. However, 20 other countries have also been added to the product range. This gives traders the opportunity to also enter emerging markets such as China or Brazil to operate.

    1. Indices

Traders also have one large selection of different markets. The indices mainly come from the USA, Europe and Asia. Again, the following applies: In addition to well-known and large stocks such as the Dow Jones or the DAX, there are underlyings from emerging markets on offer from XTrade

Classic Forex trading is possible with three different types of currency pairs. On the one hand, traders can of course trade known major currency pairs. These include combinations of the euro, the US dollar, the Japanese yen, the Swiss franc and the British pound. However, these currencies can also be combined with other currencies. Then Forex traders speak of minor currency pairs. The foreign exchange trading offer is rounded off by so-called exotics. These are currency pairs that consist of two less known currencies and are hardly in demand.

    1. Commodities

Commodity trading is extremely popular with CFD traders because the prices of gold, oil and the like are generally extremely volatile. Correspondingly good opportunities arise if traders correctly predict the direction of the price development. In addition to the classics mentioned, investors at XTrade can also trade agricultural products such as wheat or coffee.

(3) The XTrade training program is extremely extensive. Investors have the opportunity to use entire e-books for free to obtain. These guidelines are intended to help you get started with trading as well as beyond and to ensure high learning effects. In addition, free webinars are held at regular intervals. Broker employees or other proven experts give a lecture on a specific topic for one hour. The webinars - together with other videos - can then be viewed in an archive.

(4) Trading at XTrade takes place via a specially developed trading platform of the next generation. It convinces with a high degree of user-friendliness, is individually adaptable and reliable in executing positions. In addition, traders can use numerous tools to analyze charts and current price developments.

XTrade clearly stands out as a broker Competition. Above all, the extensive range of underlyings ensures that traders can operate successfully on the financial markets in the long term. Finally, thanks to the different underlyings, a wide spread of capital is possible. But softer factors such as support are also convincing, so opening an account is generally recommended.

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The XTrade minimum deposit

If you want to use the advantages of the broker already mentioned, you have to open a trading account with XTrade. In the course of this, it is also necessary to make the XTrade minimum deposit. This is 100 euros, so that practically every trader can become a XTrade customer. Of course, higher deposit amounts are also possible, if this is desired by the investor. Basically, the following options are available for making the deposit:

  • Bank transfer
  • PayPal
  • Credit card
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Paysafecard
  • Other online payment services

Above all, the option of Many traders will appreciate being able to use PayPal. Almost every investor now has an account with the well-known payment service, but only a few banks and brokers cooperate with the company. All payments via PayPal are free of charge and, above all, arrive in the trading account within a few seconds.

The same statements also apply to other payment services. If you use this for the XTrade minimum deposit, you can also start trading immediately and do not have to pay any fees. These usually only arise if a credit card is used to transfer money. The reason for this is that the provider of the card charges a fee for transfers - and not XTrade. The bank transfer is absolutely free of charge, however, processing the deposit takes a few working days. This is due to international payment transactions, for the processing of which some additional checks and work steps on the part of the bank are necessary.

The XTrade minimum deposit is a favorable 100 euros. This way, every trader has the opportunity to open an account with the broker without having to pay equally large amounts to the account. A wide variety of means of payment are available to investors to make the deposit. For example, the online payment service PayPal can be used so that the money arrives in your own trading account as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

Open your XTB and account now

Xtrade minimum deposit 2020 - account opening from 100 euros

The XTrade demo account - the alternative to the minimum deposit

Even if the XTrade minimum deposit is only 100 euros, some traders will want to save the administrative effort for opening an account - provided they only want to test the broker first. Possible is when an XTrade demo account is opened.

  • Free use
  • Opening in two minutes
  • 30 days test phase
  • Real Trading environment

The demo account is based entirely on the software that is also used for trading with real money. Traders even have the ability to access prices in real time. This means that the broker can really be subjected to a practical test.

A deposit of real capital is expressly not necessary to use the demo. XTrade offers the demo account completely without obligation. Anyone who decides against opening an account after the 30-day test phase therefore does not have to actually cancel. The broker deletes the account and thus the data. The test phase in detail:

  1. Traders call the broker's website, where there is a button in the top right corner with the inscription "Register". This opens another window in which traders can choose between a real trading account and the demo version.
  2. Traders enter an email address, a password and a desired user name to open the demo account. The data will be sent to the broker by clicking on "Send".
  3. Traders should find a confirmation of opening the account in their own mailbox. To finalize this, click on the activation link. The demo is now fully usable.
  4. As mentioned, traders now have 30 days to get to know all facets of the broker and the trading platform.
  5. When the test phase is over, traders decide whether they want to want to open a real trading account. Then the XTrade minimum deposit of EUR 100 is due.

XTrade offers its customers a free demo version. This makes it possible to extensively test the broker's service. Traders have a total of 30 days to familiarize themselves with the trading platform, for example. This test is also possible because the demo and live versions are no different. The same trading platform including real-time exchange rates is used for both accounts.

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No bonus for the XTrade minimum deposit

XTrade does not offer new customers a bonus for opening a trading account, but potential bonuses should not be a deciding factor in deciding for or against a provider. Traders should primarily check whether the respective conditions and the trade offer are suitable for them.

However, those who do not want to forego a bonus will find what they are looking for at the broker AvaTrade.

It is well worth making more than just the XTrade minimum deposit. The broker does not have a bonus model, but the broker still has a lot to offer and convinces with fair conditions.

Open your XTB and account now

Xtrade minimum deposit 2020 - account opening from 100 euros

Low costs for trading at XTrade

In addition to the low minimum deposit for opening an account, there are other factors for opening an account with XTrade. One of the arguments for the broker is the possibility of being able to trade on favorable terms. The following points apply to CFD trading at XTrade:

    • Spreads

The broker only settles the complete trading fees using the spread. In contrast to other providers, there is no need to collect commissions. This makes cost management extremely easy for the trader because the spread is always displayed transparently.

    • Premium

Additional costs are only incurred if positions are opened after 22:00 GMT. In the "Details" screen of the trading platform, XTrade then prompts the customer to pay a certain premium. This is intended to cover the costs of financing the position overnight. This bonus is also quite common with other brokers.

    • Inactivity

The administration of Accounts cost XTrade money. However, these costs will not be passed on to active traders, but will be offset transparently as part of the spread. Only those who have not opened any positions for more than 3 months will have to pay a small inactivity fee. This is $ 5 per month and is automatically deducted from the account. It is therefore advisable to delete your own trading account in the event of prolonged activity.

The costs for the spread therefore include all the services that XTrade offers. Both account management, discussions with support or the use of the training offer are possible free of charge.

Anyone trading at XTrade benefits from the low costs for trading. The company only uses the spread, i.e. the difference between the purchase and sale price of a position. The corresponding value is displayed transparently at all times so that investors can carry out effective cost management. Additional fees are only charged in special cases if positions are held overnight or the trader is inactive for 3 months. XTrade, on the other hand, does not charge any fees for using the service offer or simply managing the account.

Conclusion: Low XTrade minimum deposit, high service quality

The account opening with XTrade is already possible from an amount of only 100 euros. Traders can deposit the money into their account, for example, by bank transfer, credit card or PayPal. It is then possible to trade hundreds of underlyings from a total of four different asset classes. It is not only the size of the product range that is convincing, but also the low costs for the trade. The spread is calculated exclusively via the spread and not via an additional commission. If you still want to test the broker's service without obligation, you can open a free demo account. No XTrade minimum deposit is due for this.

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Xtrade minimum deposit 2020 - account opening from 100 euros

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