Xtrade demo account 2020 - test trading risk-free

Xtrade demo account 2020: does Xtrade offer a test account? All facts about the Xtrade demo account. Open a demo at Xtrade now & test trading risk-free.

XTrade is a broker that is based in Cyprus and is therefore strictly regulated by the EU. In addition to the highest level of security, XTrade also impresses with intensive customer support. So investors can access numerous training courses and an XTrade demo account to gain new experience in dealing with CFDs. In addition, the support itself can be reached around the clock both by phone and via a live chat.

There are also many advantages over other brokers when it comes to trading. For example, several hundred underlyings from four different asset classes are available for trading. Investors can therefore spread their capital widely and generate high returns in the long term. Despite these many advantages, CFD trading at XTrade is anything but expensive. The broker does not charge any account management fees, but calculates costs transparently using the spread.

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The most important things at a glance

  • Regulation by the Cypriot CySEC
  • Customer service 24/5 available in German
  • Self-developed trading platform
  • Demo account available free of charge and without obligation
  • Numerous different training programs for forex and CFD trading
  • Low minimum deposit of 100 euros for a real account

Xtrade demo account 2020 - test trading risk-free

The broker XTrade - 3 things that make it special

There are now numerous CFD and Forex brokers on the market. This makes it difficult for both providers and traders to find real unique selling points. XTrade still manages to position itself as one of the best brokers on the market.

(1) Die Trading costs at XTrade are extremely low. In principle, traders do not have to pay any fees for opening an account or simply managing the account. All that is required is a capitalization of the account, with a minimum deposit of only EUR 100. The full amount is then available for trading, because there are no costs for the deposit.

Traders only pay money if they actively trade. Settlement is made exclusively via the so-called spread. This is the range from the buy and sell price of a position. Trading with XTrade is possible from a spread of less than 1 pip. Traders do not have to pay an additional commission or commission. The broker only charges a fee if positions are held overnight. All cost points - i.e. spread and overnight fee - are shown transparently at all times, so that investors can operate efficient cost management.

(2) In addition to the low costs , the trading platform, which XTrade offers its customers, is particularly impressive makes the trade available. The software is fully usable on the web and is updated regularly so that it is always state of the art. The features at a glance:

  • Easy to use
  • Numerous analysis tools
  • Powerful servers for maximum speed in order execution

(3) At XTrade, a high level of service quality is taken for granted. Customer support can be reached 24 hours a day, every working day. This applies both to contact by phone and the use of live chat. So if you should have any problems during trading, you can contact an employee directly and immediately. This way, the concerns can be resolved before they really influence your own trading activity.

Opening an account at XTrade has numerous advantages for traders. This includes, for example, the high deposit bonus that investors receive for the first transfer to the account. But the overall service quality is also high. The support answers 24 hours a week and has a solution for all problems. When trading, traders benefit from favorable conditions and a mature trading platform.

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Use XTrade demo account without obligation

The service concept mentioned above runs consistently through the entire range at XTrade. The broker provides its customers with a free XTrade demo account that can be used without any obligation. The features at a glance:

  • Hundreds of underlyings tradable
  • Real-time rates
  • Real trading environment
  • Free registration
  • No connection to a real money account
  • 30 days trial phase

The demo account can, for example can be used to test the broker itself. Because every trader has individual ideas of what makes a good provider. Despite independent test reports on the Internet and opinions of other traders, it can only be decided in a self-test whether opening the account is worthwhile.

This test is also possible at XTrade because the live version and demo account are no different. Exactly the same rates and trading environments are provided for both accounts. Brokers often try to save money with slimmed-down versions. Then a practical test of the provider is no longer possible and the demo is superfluous.

It should be taken into account that the test phase at XTrade is limited in time. Nevertheless, traders should register within the 30 days can get a precise picture of the broker. It is also possible to open another demo account after the test phase. To do this, investors simply have to enter a new email address. Alternatively, traders can register for a real trading account, provided the test phase has expired to their satisfaction.

Important: The demo account at XTrade is not directly related to the live version. With other brokers, it is sometimes common for investors to first have to open and capitalize on a live account before the demo can be used. This is expressly not the case with XTrade. It is sufficient to enter an email address for the opening.

With the XTrade demo account, investors can test the broker without obligation. For a total of 30 days, traders have time to examine the trading platform and trading offer more closely. The trading costs in the form of the spread can also be seen because the demo account is used under absolutely real conditions. After the test phase, the broker automatically deletes the account, so that no cancellation is necessary.

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Xtrade demo account 2020 - test trading risk-free

How the opening of the XTrade demo accounts from

The account opening at XTrade can be completed in practically two minutes. Traders simply follow the short step-by-step instructions:

  1. The broker's website is accessed. In the top right corner there is a blue button with the inscription "Register". Traders start the registration process with a click of the mouse.
  2. In the window that now opens, investors can choose between the real money account and the demo version. After selection, traders enter a valid e-mail address, a freely selectable nickname and a password in the corresponding input masks. The information is then sent to XTrade by clicking on "Send".
  3. Traders will find a message from the broker in the mailbox that contains an activation link for the account. The account will be fully activated via the link.

Within a few seconds it is possible to open the XTrade demo account and, above all, to use it. It is positive that the broker does not request any personal data during the registration. Only an email address is required to carry out a small authentication.

Opening the XTrade demo account could hardly be easier. Traders only need to go to the provider's website and fill out the opening form. The broker's email is then confirmed, whereupon the entire account can be used.

Entry into CFD trading with the XTrade demo account

The opening of a free demo account is suitable not only to test the broker itself. XTrade offers beginners the opportunity to learn about trading CFDs and Forex. By gaining initial experience, traders will later be able to find a much better start in trading with real money.

In addition to the XTrade demo account, the broker offers a whole range of other options for successfully starting trading:

    • Getting Started Guide

XTrade has a comprehensive guide especially for Forex trading developed. This accompanies beginners from opening an account to operating the trading platform to setting the first trade. Not only the technical steps are explained, but also valuable tips on trading in general.

    • Webinars

Traders can take part in free webinars at regular intervals. Broker employees or external experts give lectures for an hour on a specific topic and respond specifically to questions from customers. Both beginners and advanced traders benefit from this, because XTrade pays attention to a wide mix of topics.

    • Videos

All webinars and many other videos can be found in an extensive video archive. Using a search function, traders can find suitable tutorials on the topics they want to learn more about. For example, the trading platform is fully explained in several videos.

    • Guides for advanced users

Ist The learning process does not end, of course, once you have started trading. On the contrary, only those who acquire further specialist knowledge in the long term can operate successfully on the financial markets in the long term. Here too, XTrade supports its customers. So traders can fall back on two great guides for advanced users. One of these relates purely to Forex trading, the other was specifically designed for other underlying CFDs.

The learning material is expressly not only available to holders of the live account. Even those who are "only" demo customers can use the learning material. Beginners can benefit on the one hand from the theoretical knowledge in the learning area as well as their own practical experience when placing the first trades in the demo account.

Not only the XTrade demo account makes it possible to start trading Forex and CFDs. The broker has built up a wide range of training materials in its in-house academy, through which traders can quickly achieve high learning effects.

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Xtrade demo account 2020 - test trading risk-free

Comprehensive range of basic assets in the demo account

As already mentioned, the demo account and live version are no different. Of course, the trial version only trades with virtual currency. In addition, traders can access all features that can also be used in the live account. In particular, the underlyings that are ultimately traded should be mentioned. Several hundred underlyings from four different asset classes are used at XTrade. The offer in detail:


Naturally, the range of stocks is greatest. After all, there are tens of thousands of securities on the international financial markets that can be freely purchased. Several hundred of these can be traded on XTrade via CFDs. This primarily includes underlyings from the American market such as Google, Amazon or Apple. But the European market is also well represented, so traders have access to all 30 DAX underlyings. On the positive side, that XTrade does not neglect the emerging markets, unlike many of its competitors. Investors will therefore also find stocks from Brazil or China in the product range. The XTrade equity sector comprises a total of 22 markets.

    1. Indices

Among the indices also note that XTrade offers its customers many options for spreading capital. In addition to Dow Jones, DAX and Co., traders can invest primarily in Asia.

    1. Currencies

The broker divides its currency offer into three different classes. The focus is on so-called major currency pairs, i.e. combinations of large currencies. The currencies have a very high level of liquidity, so traders can trade them at extremely favorable conditions. In addition to majors, it is possible to trade so-called minors. These are combinations of a well-known and a less popular currency such as the euro and the Norwegian krone. The exotic provide variety. These currency pairs are interesting for traders because they are usually volatile. The costs for trading are usually also high.

    1. Raw materials

The range of underlyings is rounded off by raw materials. Over 20 different underlyings offer a lot of flexibility. This way, traders at XTrade can trade in oil as well as precious metals and agricultural products.

Several hundred underlyings can be used for trading at XTrade. Especially in the asset class of stocks, traders have almost unlimited opportunities and can also trade on emerging markets. In addition, a variety of raw materials, indices and currencies are available for CFD trading.

Conclusion: Free demo account with hundreds of base values ​​

XTrade offers its customers the opportunity to open a free demo account. The trial version can be used for a total of 30 days to conduct CFD trading with hundreds of underlyings. After that, traders have to decide whether to open a real money account or to choose another provider.

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Xtrade demo account 2020 - test trading risk-free

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