XTB payout free & fast? - More offers from XTB 2020

XTB disbursement possible free of charge? With the help of our guide, we show the payment methods and the respective fees. Read More

In this guide we asked ourselves whether the XTB payout can take place without XTB costs. We also wondered how long such a transaction would take and which payment options are available from the options broker. XTB itself was founded in Poland in 2002. In the meantime, the broker has further branches in France, Italy, the Czech Republic and since 2009 also in Germany. He makes a serious impression with the multilingual support, the easy-to-use trading platform and the favorable conditions.

Important facts about the XTB payout:

  • Payouts always free of charge possible
  • processing time of a maximum of two working days
  • bank transfer as the only payment option available
  • no minimum payment amount available
  • payment requests by fax, telephone and customer portal possible

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What options are there for XTB payments?

In the first point of our guide we dealt with the options for XTB payout. However, the broker only offers one payment method. So you can only pay out by bank transfer. While this is a popular withdrawal option among traders, it would be beneficial if there were a few more methods to choose from. After all, you cannot have your transaction carried out by credit card or e-wallet system.

Accordingly, we can state at this point that an XTB payment is only possible by bank transfer. The broker does not offer any other payment method for traders.

XTB payout free & fast? - More offers from XTB 2020

Deposit and withdrawal without XTB costs?

Furthermore, we also have the fees looked at the broker for deposits and withdrawals. In particular, we asked ourselves whether the XTB payout can be carried out at no cost. We found out that this is possible. Because XTB does not charge any fees for withdrawals. That means you have to expect costs at most if your own bank charges fees.

It doesn't look much different with the deposits either. Because these are not only possible by bank transfer, but also by credit card and PayPal. We were able to determine that deposits via bank transfer and PayPal are also free. In the past, however, deposits by credit card were only free of charge from a deposit amount of € 2,000. For payments under 2,000 euros, however, you paid 1.5 percent of the total amount. The broker no longer charges fees for deposits by credit card.

So we can say that deposits and withdrawals are possible without costs. It is advantageous that the XTB payout can be carried out every time without fees. no longer incurs any costs for deposits by credit card. Open your XTB and account now

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How does XTB payout work?

Who one XTB wants to request payment, you can choose one of three options:

  • On the one hand, you can easily make the transfer by phone. To do this, simply call customer service and request the transaction. Here XTB also offers German support, so that there are no language complications.
  • On the other hand, you can also simply send a fax.
  • Of course, there is also the option to submit the application in the customer portal, All you have to do is log in and make the payment in the menu.

As soon as the requested payment is requested, the amount specified is transferred to your own bank account. This normally takes a maximum of two days. It is only important that the reference account runs in your own name. Otherwise no XTB payment is possible.

As you can see, the payment can easily be ordered by phone, fax or customer portal. The amount is then credited to the bank account within two days.

XTB payout free & fast? - More offers from XTB 2020


What assets does XTB offer?

In addition to 49 currency pairs, there are over 100 other assets and over 1,400 equity CFDs available for CFD trading at XTB.

What can you trade with the broker?

With brokers it is possible to trade either through the xStation 5 trading platform, via the AgenaTrader or via the Meta Trader 4 (MT4). But an XTB iPhone & Android app is also available.

Which authorities regulate XTB?

The broker XTB is supervised on the one hand by the Polish financial regulator and on the other by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). However, since the broker is still active in other countries, it is also regulated by the tax authorities in the respective state.

What is the minimum deposit amount?

A minimum deposit amount is included XTB not available. This is very advantageous, since every trader has the opportunity to open a trading account.

How long does it take to make a deposit?

If you pay in via PayPal, it will take a while just a few minutes. A credit card deposit, on the other hand, will take around 20 to 30 minutes. However, this service is only available until 10:00 p.m. Bank transfers meanwhile take a little longer and are only processed at certain times.

Further offers from XTB

After we have dealt extensively with the XTB payment, we have dealt with also looked at the other offers of the broker. First of all, we were able to determine that XTB offers three types of trading. Therefore, traders can trade through the binary options range, turbo and up / down.

However, according to our XTB experience, this is not only possible through the real money trading account, but also through the demo account, which is free for every account offered for 30 days long is available. In order to practice binary options trading, you can also take advantage of the educational offer. Here, on the one hand, a stock market encyclopedia as well as many articles and videos are offered, on the other hand there are also web seminars that can be attended live. However, the entire range does not only focus on binary options, but also deals with all tradable products and provides information on market and product knowledge.

In addition, the broker also offers the option of social trading, This makes it possible to copy other traders and thus also increase their own chances of success. There is also the option of auto trading. You can trade automatically through the Meta Trader 4 (MT4) platform.

XTB payout free & fast? - More offers from XTB 2020

Our conclusion: XTB is convincing because it is free of charge

In summary, we can finally say that the XTB payout can be done at no cost in any case. In addition, it can be easily commissioned and the money is available in your own account in a maximum of two working days. The only disadvantage is that only the bank transfer payment method is offered for withdrawals. Nevertheless, on the whole we can say that XTB convinces with its free cost. Order an XTB payment now and test it yourself!

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XTB payout free & fast? - More offers from XTB 2020

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