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XTB Masterclass Frankfurt 2020 - Free trading conference

XTB Masterclass Frankfurt (01/20): Exclusive Trading Conference 2020 Expert Lectures & Co Register now for free & use knowledge for trading.

The well-known broker XTB is holding a series of lectures in 2017 under the name "XTB Masterclass". Well-known trading experts and finance experts deal with a wide variety of topics such as current trading tips, the Dow theory or a "business plan" for traders. The tour planned for all of Germany begins on February 18 in Frankfurt am Main. Interested traders can now secure free tickets, even if they are not registered with XTB per se.

The top facts about the XTB master class at a glance

  • Traders learn how successful and trade well-known experts and what trading approaches they pursue
  • Trading ideas and trading setups are discussed in detail
  • Exchange of experience with other traders and the experts should be encouraged
  • Completely free of charge
  • Not only possible for XTB customers

XTB Masterclass Frankfurt 2020 - Free trading conference

When, where and how? - The most important questions about the XTB Masterclass

So far, only one appointment of the XTB Masterclass is planned. The series of lectures will begin in Frankfurt am Main on February 18 at 9:30 a.m., because this is where the Polish broker has its German branch. The event will be held in the well-known Kennedyhaus, where an overnight stay can quickly cost several hundred euros. But despite the exclusive venue, there are no costs for participants. Both the lectures and lunch are fully paid for by XTB.

If you want to attend the lecture, you have to register online. It is expressly not necessary to register with the broker itself, even those who trade CFD and Forex with a competitor can take part in the event. The registration process at a glance:

  1. Traders go to the XTB website, where the master class is advertised directly on the homepage. Clicking on the banner then takes users to the details page, which contains all the important information about the event.
  2. At the bottom of the page is a registration form that traders have to fill out. It will then be sent to XTB.
  3. Within a few hours, the broker will then respond to the request and provide further details about the ticket. After confirming the registration request again, the registration will be completed.

Important: Entry to the Kennedyhaus is only possible with a valid ticket. Due to the limited number of places, it is not possible to register on site. If you are interested in the XTB Masterclass, you should hurry. Because the demand for the tickets is high, the event will soon be "sold out".

Who has questions or problems with the registration process, can contact the XTB support team at any time. This is available around the clock via a free, German hotline.

Trade platform

Procedure of the XTB master class

XTB has been active on the market since 2002 and has had some live events since then organized. This becomes clear when you look at the well-organized program of the master class:

  • The event starts at 9:30 a.m. The entrance already allows traders to get to know each other briefly and network.
  • This is followed by an official greeting at 10:00 a.m. by Philip von Breitenbach, an experienced broker employee. He will also give a short lecture on the new xStation 5 trading platform, which can be used at XTB. However, this remains the only short self-promotion on the day of the event.
  • Half an hour later, Dr. Gregor Bauer. The experienced financial analyst presents his very personal trading tips for 2017.
  • After the 90-minute lecture, we will have a lunch break together. In addition to free food, traders can also take advantage of the opportunity to talk to other investors a little more intensely.
  • Markus Gabel will then speak from 1:00 p.m. on the very successful Dow theory, which is already very high in practice
  • Samir Boyardan then concludes the lecture series with his speech about the most common mistakes made by traders.

The actual lectures will be finished around 5:00 p.m., XTB then gives traders another hour, , to discuss with the experienced experts about further topics and questions. The end of the event is officially scheduled for 6:00 p.m., so that all traders are still on time Come home on Saturday evening.

XTB Masterclass Frankfurt 2020 - Free trading conference

Why is XTB organizing the master class?

The aim of the series of events is to support traders in trading. The exclusive lectures and insider tips from experienced experts are intended to build up specialist knowledge. That is why the XTB Masterclass is expressly aimed not only at customers of the broker, but also at all interested traders. It is not necessary to register or open an account with the well-known broker to register.

Of course, the event also serves marketing purposes, since XTB can sharpen its profile as a customer-oriented broker. But during the lectures themselves, XTB deliberately refrains from self-promotion, with the exception of Philip von Breitenbach's half-hour introduction to xStation 5.

Who gives the lectures?

The most important thing in such a series of lectures are of course the speakers. It is therefore worth taking a look at the three external experts that XTB won exclusively for the master class:

Dr. Gregor Bauer

Many traders should Bauer is known, he is one of the most renowned chart experts in Germany. The speaker is currently working as an independent portfolio manager for companies and private customers, but also trades actively. He is also a popular speaker at conferences, lectures at the University of Lichtenstein or the European Business School and is an author.

Dr. Bauer for his expertise in the field of technical analysis. He is not only the CEO of the Association of Technical Analysts in Germany, but also an IFTA-certified technical financial analyst. The speaker particularly focuses on the combination of Japanese candle patterns with classic chart patterns.

Markus Gabel

According to Dr. Bauer takes over the series of lectures from Markus Gabel. He has been working in the financial sector since 2000, but had his personal "eye-opening experience" in 2008. In the wake of the financial crisis, Gabel fully specialized in pure and unadulterated market technology, focusing on "The Great Book of Market Technology" by M Voigt leaned.

Gabel was best known as a journalist and blogger for a major German finance portal. In September 2009 he began his active work, writing a daily column on the most important currency pairs Basis of the market analysis. His articles regularly reached thousands of readers and traders.

At the moment, Markus Gabel mainly works as a wealth management trader at BORN STAHLBERG & Partner. In addition, he is responsible for his own training and trading service called "DowHow Trading".

Samir Boyardan

The event is rounded off by a lecture by Samir Boyardan. The trading expert was able to achieve his first trading successes a good 20 years ago, which is why he calls himself the "child of the new market". Today Boyardan is one of the best-known and most successful day traders in Germany. He is regularly booked at major financial fairs and lectures.

The focus of his work is on the cloud chart, the Ichimoku cinema Hyo. In his opinion, the Ichimoku indicator is one of the best tools to recognize trends in the beginning.

XTB Masterclass Frankfurt 2020 - Free trading conference

The lectures in detail

Of course it is not only worth taking a detailed look at to throw the individual speakers. The content of the lectures themselves is also of interest. An overview:

Topic Content Platform xStation 5 Only recently has traders been able to use the xStation 5 as a trading platform. The software is characterized by a high degree of technical stability and a wide range of functions. Philip von Breitenbach explains the advantages of the trading platform in detail and especially explains how the software can be combined with other devices.

Even those who are already using the software will discover some new functions during the lecture. This is how the xStation 5 helps you to trade in a disciplined and efficient manner. Trading-Top-PicksThen you can start with the actual content of the lecture series. Dr. Bauer presents his personal trading top picks for 2017. The investment expert assesses the markets especially against the background that this year will be extremely turbulent.

The speaker addresses a wide variety of markets, but does not neglect individual stocks. The basis for his analyzes are primarily fundamental and technical aspects of the chart, which he combines into professional trading approaches. Dow theory The lecture by Markus Gabel, which deals with Dow theory, becomes somewhat more general. The asset manager has been using this for years to increase the value of his clients' portfolios sustainably. The speaker works with the traders to develop strategies for long-term and lasting stock market success. The basis of the whole is the internationally recognized Dow theory, which is easy to understand even for beginners.Daytrader Business PlanSamir Boyardan knows many traders who greatly underestimate the challenge of everyday working life as a professional day trader. On the basis of the most common mistakes, he has therefore developed a concept that helps avoid them. Together with the audience, a kind of business plan is developed step by step, with which traders will be more successful in the long term.

XTB - a customer-oriented broker

The presented master class is organized by the internationally active broker XTB. An overview:

  • Founded in 2002 in Poland
  • Offices in over 13 countries
  • More than 100,000 active and satisfied customers
  • EU regulation among other things through the BaFin
  • focus on CFDs and Forex

First of all, the company headquarters in Poland may cause surprise, but the German neighboring country does not apply especially as a preferred location for financial service providers. But behind XTB was originally a team of Polish financial market experts, which is growing rapidly. Today, the company has branches in 13 countries in Europe, including Germany.

Controls from Frankfurt am Main XTB the entire German business. This has a positive impact on regulation, as it is also monitored by the German BaFin. In addition, customers benefit from that the support is completely available in German. Not only is the XTB Masterclass held entirely in German, it is also easy to contact us by phone or email.

XTB Masterclass Frankfurt 2020 - Free trading conference

5 reasons that speak for XTB as a broker

  1. Underlyings At XTB, Forex and CFDs are traded. Unlike some of its competitors, the financial services provider not only offers access to a few underlyings, but also to over 2,000. Most of these come from the category of shares, but ETFs, commodities, foreign exchange and indices can also be traded at XTB using CFDs.
  2. Trading platform It has already been mentioned that XTB uses the xStation 5. This allows traders to trade highly efficiently, which is partly due to the wide range of technical analysis options and ease of use. The well-known MetaTrader 4 is also made available to investors. Hundreds of thousands of traders use the software solution to generate returns on the currency markets. Both platforms can also be used with smartphones, tablets and Co.
  3. Costs Anyone opening an account with XTB generally does not have to pay a management fee. Registration itself is absolutely free of charge. Settlement is only carried out if traders actively open positions. XTB only charges a spread for currencies that starts at 0.1 pips. A small commission is charged for trading in stock or ETF CFDs, which is currently 0.08 percent of the trading amount.
  4. Training courses The XTB Masterclass is not the only training course that the broker offers its customers. It is currently possible to access numerous videos, e-books and guides. There are also two to three live webinars per week that deal with specific financial issues.
  5. Security XTB is a fully regulated broker where customers' money is completely safe. Even in the unlikely event of corporate bankruptcy, traders get 100 percent of their paid-up capital back. Because XTB applies the principle of so-called segregation. Client funds and corporate assets are kept separately, which is why creditors have no access to client assets.

If you want to take advantage of these benefits, you must open an account with the broker. This is possible within a few minutes and only requires the entry of less data. Alternatively, traders first open a free demo account that is available for a period of 30 days.

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