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xtb Experience 2020 - Minimum deposit no longer applies for live accounts

xtb experience 2020: Open live accounts with no minimum deposit. Trade accounts & social traders at xtb Open & trade live accounts now.

Xtb has several branches in Europe alone. The broker offers its clients professional support on the way to learn the craft of trading. It also offers account types that are tailored to the needs and experiences of every trader. They offer basic accounts for beginners, which provide a solid framework to initially focus the trader's eyes on the essentials. In the past, professional traders were offered the professional flat fee, which offered a customizable framework with higher profit and loss opportunities. However, this offer is no longer current. However, traders can choose between three different accounts and choose between the market maker model or STP trading. Minimum deposits are not requested by the broker itself . Depending on the financial service provider , the fees for deposits may vary.

The most important things at a glance:

  • Three different account types: Basic, Standard, Professional
  • Social trading with Zulu Trade or xSocial
  • Additional function: "Contra Copy”, 1-click trading
  • Deposits via PayPal, bank transfer or credit card
  • No minimum deposit by xtb
  • Minimum deposits can be specified by financial service providers
  • There are no fees for credit card payments and payments via PayPal

xtb Experience 2020 - Minimum deposit no longer applies for live accounts

Three trading accounts & social traders with the broker xtb

The broker xtb was founded in Warsaw in 2002. Among other things, it has a company headquarters in Frankfurt, which is why it was founded by Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) is regulated.xtb offers its customers four different account types , among which there are s I have to decide:

  • Basic
  • Standard
  • Professional

The account Basic offers traders a fixed spread of 0.1 PIPS with access to all xtb trading products. The commissions are 0.08% for CFDs and synthetic stocks .

The Standard Account grants this Traders in contrast to the basic account variable spreads from 0.7 PIPS . In addition, stop orders are only traded at the market price .

With the Account Professional there is a fixed spread 2 pips. For this, opening and closing of currency, raw material and indices positions will each cost € 3.50 (USD 5) due.

The Professional Flat Fee account is no longer available. Here, the individual fees were eliminated by a monthly fee. The monthly basic fees were staggered here again. For € 199, the trader received 49.99 lots, for € 499, he received 50 - 499.99 lots and for € 1499, - a month he received over 500 lots.

for all accounts a maximum leverage of 1: 200 . Each account can be used on any of the three available platforms.

A list of all fees and commissions can be found on the xtb homepage under Regulation.

The broker xtb also offers its Customers in the area of ​​ Social Trading even the choice between two trading platforms :

  • xSocial and
  • ZuluTrade

A tabular comparison of the two platforms can be found on the homepage.

Social trading allows successful traders to follow. This minimizes the risk, especially for beginners, of placing your money similar to a sports bet. The own ignorance is balanced by the competence of experienced traders. Of course, this does not mean that experienced traders keep making profits. In addition, experienced traders like to change their strategy. If you move a little more confidently in the world of trading and recognize with one or the other strategy that it will lead to nowhere, xtb offers its traders the function " Contra Copy " to do. Here you can take profit from the loss deals of others.

The broker xtb offers its customers the choice between three different account types, which are adapted to the experiences and needs of the traders. Furthermore, two different social trading platforms are offered, the Zulu Trade and xSocial. The in-house social trading platform is equipped with the additional function "Contra Copy ".


The three payment methods at xtb

xtb offers its customers three different ways to make deposits:

  • PayPal
  • bank transfer
  • credit card

The broker xtb prefers Deposits via PayPal . The financial service provider PayPal accepts the money transfer via one or more credit cards. For the transaction from PayPal to the xtb account, only the email address and a password are required.

Deposits by bank transfer are made to the xtb reference account:

In the intended purpose, the information about the first and last name of the account holder, as well as the contract number or the login should be given. Otherwise an assignment will be difficult.

Also at xtb it applies that the name of the reference bank account has to match that of the trading account. If there are any changes to the data in the course of the trading career, these can be entered using a data change form.

For the deposit by credit card are at xtb Financial service providers VISA and MasterCard approved. In order to prevent misuse, some data must be reconciled before the first deposit by credit card. A deduction from the front of the credit card is required. The two middle blocks of numbers should be made unrecognizable.

The broker xtb offers its customers the option of making deposits via PayPal, bank transfer and credit card.

xtb Experience 2020 - Minimum deposit no longer applies for live accounts

None Minimum deposit at xtb

In principle, no of the three account types minimum deposits are due for . In the course of promotions, however, there may be minimum amounts for receiving bonus payments, but there is no conventional bonus in the form of a deposit bonus at XTB. Only through the choice of financial service providers for money transfer can there be minimum deposit amounts.

With credit card payments and payments via PayPal, the broker does not incur any transfer fees. However, a certain percentage of the deposit amount may have to be paid to the bank. By 22:00 p.m., deposits will be processed within 20 to 30 minutes. There may be delays of several hours after 10:00 p.m.

Which fees or minimum deposit amounts arise when depositing with bank transfers must the respective financial service provider will be asked . These are processed by xtb employees on working days between 11:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m., from 3:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. and in the evening from 6:00 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.

when making the deposit With PayPal there are no minimum deposit amounts and no fees . They will be processed and credited to the trading account within a few minutes.

The broker xtb does not require a minimum deposit from its traders, regardless of the account type. However, the choice of financial service provider is crucial when it comes to whether fees are still charged or not. For credit card deposits, xtb took over the fee from a deposit amount of € 2000, but this payment method can now be used by the broker free of charge. The transfer duration should also be taken into account when choosing the payment method.

xtb offers its customers three trading accounts that are tailored to the respective needs and experience of the trader. The broker also follows the trend of social trading and offers two platforms. Deposits can be made to any of the accounts using PayPal, bank transfer or credit card. xtb does not require a minimum deposit itself. However, it is also important to keep an eye on the transfer conditions of the financial service providers. The broker does not charge any fees for deposits made via PayPal or credit card.

xtb Experience 2020 - Minimum deposit no longer applies for live accounts

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