xtb - easy deposits not only for premium customers

Is it easy to deposit at xtb? Yes, both beginners and premium account traders deposit very easily, especially via PayPal. More on the topic in the guide.

The broker xtb has several branches in Europe, including Germany, where it is regulated by BaFin. xtb offers its customers the deposit by bank transfer, credit card or PayPal. He takes no fees for it himself. From a deposit amount of € 2000, he even assumed the transfer service provider's fees for credit card payments; meanwhile, the broker no longer incurs any fees here either. However, deposits and withdrawals work easiest and fastest with PayPal.

The most important thing at a glance:

  • three different account models
  • No minimum deposits
  • Payment by bank transfer, credit card or PayPal possible
  • Verification required for credit card payments
  • Transfers made via PayPal are carried out within minutes

xtb - the advantages for Premium customers

The broker xtb previously offered its customers the so-called premium customer program . In addition to the already well-developed customer service in the area of ​​training programs, trading platforms and various features in the area of ​​social trading, we also offer additional services. These ranged from financial advantages and material benefits to more individual care . Briefly summarized, the additional offer included the following extensions:

  • TradingZins on the credit: inactive capital was also raised from 2% p.a. Interest
  • Direct cashbacks : the trading offers were individually tailored
  • loyalty bonuses
  • Gadgets and dream device : Tablet PCs, iPhone 6 or other devices were made available free of charge
  • Pioneers in technology : new technologies were primarily made available to premium customers
  • xSocial : supports social trading
  • integrated access to xStore
  • Exclusive events for premium members

xtb previously offered in addition to well-developed customer service a premium customer program with financial advantages, material benefits and individual support. This program is no longer available, but social trading is now possible for all customers of the broker.

Trade platform

Wire transfer to xtb accounts

At xtb no minimum deposit required . Among other things, xtb offers its customers the option of making deposits by bank transfer . In Germany, these can be made to on the following account :

As intended use , enter:

  • First and last name
  • Contract number or login

The account from which the transfer is made is now considered Reference account . It is imperative that the bank account holder is also the operator of the trading account . Identical names are a prerequisite. Changes can be communicated via the data change form on xtb under the item deposits and withdrawals.

Bank transfers can be made quickly and easily with the reference account. First and last name as well as the contract number are given as the purpose.

Deposit in 4 steps by credit card

Credit cards are accepted by xtb from VISA and MasterCard . To prevent misuse, a verification is required here when making the deposit. This is done by sending a copy, a photo or a scan of the credit card . The decisive factor here is the front, whose middle number blocks are to be blackened. Submissions can be made by mail or by email to [email protected].

If traders decide to pay by credit card, fall The broker XTB does not charge any fees.

The deposit takes place in 4 steps:

(1) First you have to one in the customer area To do this, click on the button on the top right

(2) in the menu different areas. To be able to make deposits, select the area "Start" and under "Actions" (in the middle) is "Deposit" .

(3) In the window that now opens, the amount to be paid in must be entered. Here, too, you will find information about credit card verification, The entry must be confirmed with the button " Make a deposit ".

(4) In the last step, the credit card details are requested . The card type is selected here, the card number and the security code are entered, the information on the period of validity of the credit card and the name of the cardholder . This must be the same as the owner of the trading account. To make the final payment, the button "Make payment" must be pressed.

MasterCard or VISA are accepted as credit cards. If you follow the instructions and forms under "MeinXTB", xtb deposits will be transferred without any problems.

PayPal: deposit and withdraw with one click at xtb

Payments by the financial service provider PayPal also become supported by xtb and even preferred . This type of deposit can be selected in the "MeinXTB" customer area. credit cards are verified via PayPal . Then, among other things, the trading account at xtb can be easily accessed via , the access data :

  • email address and
  • Password


PayPal has the advantage that it also accepted by many other companies and a PayPal account is therefore not only useful for easier transfers at xtb. Bank transfers with PayPal are processed within minutes , while credit card deposits are only booked at certain times and bank transfers sometimes take days.

With PayPal, customers can Transfer xtb to your account in the most straightforward way. The transfer time is only a few minutes. PayPal customers can also use this account for the transfer of numerous other purposes.

xtb offers its customers not only a very well-developed customer service, but also other services, such as the premium customer area. In addition, all customers can make deposits by bank transfer, credit card or PayPal. Minimum deposits are not required.

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