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What binary.com offers - trade smart indexes / virtual account

What does Binary.com offer?. The test reveals positives and negatives. Clarify assessment & experience 2020. Take the time to read.

Trading in binary options is primarily designed for private customers. Since the online trade flourished, the number of online brokers has been growing. They are often called retail brokers. There are only a few brokers that cover the entire market of financial products. As a rule, online brokers specialize in either stock exchange or derivative OTC products such as binary options.

Above all, the leverage effect makes OTC products interesting for private traders. Since private traders usually have less capital than large investors, a good trading system, iron discipline, and risk management can yield remarkable returns compared to the stake. The broker therefore forms an interface that should offer the private trader fair conditions and services.

What does binary.com?

The binary.com broker for binary options has been a subcontractor of since British company Binary Ltd. operating in the financial services market in 1999 The customer base is Binary Ltd. to about 300,000 customers.

Nevertheless, binary.com has several branches for customers in different countries. For example, British customers open an account with Binary (IOS) Ltd., while European customers open an account with Binary (Europe) Ltd. to lead. The difference between the two subsidiaries is the licensing of the supervisory authorities responsible there.

The services of the binary.com broker are impressive. The website is available in several languages, including German. In addition to the classic rise / fall options, the broker offers some new features regarding the option types compared to other providers. Random options can now be traded at binary.com. Binary.com also offers the self-developed smart indices.

What binary.com offers - trade smart indexes / virtual account

What are random options?

According to binary.com, random options can be used around the clock, on 7 Days a week, traded and applied to all types of contracts, i.e.Rise / Fall, Higer / Lower, Touch / No Touch, In / Out, Digits, or Asian.

But how exactly do random options work? Random options are based on volatility within a day. The markets simulated by binary.com, such as the random indices, can be divided according to volatility. There is the Random Index 100 or the Random Index 25. The first is four times more volatile than the second.

There are also random indices that simulate both bull and bear markets. At the same time, these markets can be broken down into daily volatility. For example, the sun markets are more volatile during the day than they are in the evening.

According to binary.com, the random indices are calculated using a computer-generated algorithm. The broker has no influence on the price of these indices and therefore cannot make any predictions about their course. The advantage for the dealer lies in the fact that the broker has exactly as much information as his customer and no advantage can arise for the broker. However, there is a crucial disadvantage for German customers: Random indices cannot be traded by customers with European accounts as they are subject to regulatory restrictions.

How can you spend a minute?

"Smart indices" trade with binary.com

The option type "Smart Indices" could therefore be interesting for German customers. These are less well-known indices such as the GBP index or the relationship between a German and a French index price.

In practice, "smart indices" can even be traded on the basis of ticks (e.g. Example of the GBP index). The trader chooses a rising index within the next 5 ticks. With an increasing index, a payment of 90% is made.

What binary.com offers - trade smart indexes / virtual account

Binary.com with virtual account and other highlights

A demo account should be offered by any reasonably reputable broker for binary options. Binary.com offers the so-called virtual account. After entering an e-mail address, trading can start quite quickly. The account is unlimited in time, so that the customer has enough time to familiarize himself with the trade.

Another highlight of the broker is the flexibility offered in terms of trades. The trader has his risk much better under control by the possibility of early closing on selected instruments.

In addition, the provider's trading platform can offer several functions. This includes, for example, the real-time account development shown in the form of a diagram during a trade.


The online broker for binary options binary.com has a fully developed trading system in Offer and can score with unusual option types. Unfortunately, not all types of options are tradable by German customers as they are subordinate to other regulatory authorities. Nevertheless, the attractive offers, including the training area and the virtual account, enable the customer to familiarize themselves with trading without spending a lot of assets.

The customer can also use the account management to manage his portfolio, create profit tables and manage accounts. Without promising too much, the broker offers all common services on fair terms and is in no way inferior to its competition.

What binary.com offers - trade smart indexes / virtual account

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