Wall Street Trick Experience: Fraud or Fake - Please Beware 2020

The Wall Street trick promises quick money and no trading knowledge. Is the Wall Street Trick scam or does the "system" work?

The so-called Wall Street trick in the area of ​​binary trading with options is currently being discussed controversially. Ex-banker Norbert shows the way to quick money and, according to the Wall Street Trick Video (just googling), it also works very easily and practically without effort. With binary options, anyone without previous knowledge can earn good money, so the credo. Of course, doubts are justified, right up to the accusation of the Wall Street trick rip-off - we will therefore take a closer look at the matter in our detailed analysis.

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The 100 percent system

The Wall Street trick is advertised as a "completely new system from the USA", which would offer 100% IMMEDIATE success for everyone by achieving up to 81% returns in EVERY trade. If you watch the introductory video, there is not much of a system to be seen at first and one could suspect fraud behind the Wall Street trick. The time-lapse shows how a beginner can make 2-4 hours a day from 200 euros in a week to 4,000 euros. Over 2,000 percent return and completely relaxed from the couch. It can be so simple, without losing trades.

Every trader knows that a hit rate of 100 percent is simply impossible and cannot even be achieved with sophisticated arbitrage strategies in high-frequency trading. With simple methods of chart analysis and systematic risk management, you can of course increase your chances and also achieve long-term profitability, but not every trade will simply end successfully. With the Wall Street Trick System, a completely unrealistic picture of binary options trading is drawn, which will ultimately only lead to disappointed expectations. To be fair, one has to say that Norbert still has a few strategy tips up his sleeve, but only after registration by email.

Wall Street Trick Experience: Fraud or Fake - Please Beware 2020

How the Wall Street Trick Strategy

The actual strategy works will then be presented in the following video. Binary options trades are opened on the basis of Bollinger bands or the Bollinger bounce strategy. If the price touches the upper band, you buy a put option on falling prices, conversely, if you touch the lower band, you buy a call option on rising prices. Basically, this is a contra-trend strategy that can also work in volatile sideways markets with strong fluctuations. However, the Wall Street Trick video does not recommend trading in these sideways phases, which is not really understandable. Instead, an entry into trend phases is recommended, which can be quite eye-catching. For example, in a strong upward trend, for example after a breakout from a longer sideways phase, the prices can remain on the upper Bollinger band for a very long time without a correction taking place - but this is necessary for a successful put trade on falling prices. Since the Wall Street trick recommends trading with 60 second options, the prices must move IMMEDIATELY in the desired direction so that a profit can be achieved.

Apart from the dubious basic strategy, there are also good tips: including the use of more professional charts, such as those from eToro or MetaTrader. The charts of the binary options brokers are usually not detailed and do not offer the possibility to draw indicators or trend lines.

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Double on loss (Martingale strategy)

To do the Wall Street trick, also known as The term binary code, to put into practice, a trading account is initially opened with a binary options broker that offers the 60 second binary options trading. At least 200 euros should be paid in for the strategy to work.

At the beginning, 5 euros are always used per trade (note: many brokers require higher minimum trading amounts!). If the trade is concluded positively and a profit is made, a position with a 5 Euro stake is immediately opened again. Now it is also acknowledged that losing trades can occur in binary trading, in any case an advance on the introductory video.

If a loss occurs, the stake is simply doubled in the next trade. If this trade is also lost, you simply double again and so on. Passionate roulette players will certainly find this system familiar - it's a classic martingale strategy.

The problem with this strategy is that it won't work in the long run. The profits are often relatively small - especially with only 5 euros, even if the returns are up to 81 percent. Above all, the profits are quickly eaten up by loss series. With 200 euros starting capital and 5 euros stake per trade, 5 losing trades in series are sufficient at the beginning and the starting capital is almost completely lost with a doubling strategy! Even if you trade successfully at the beginning, it is practically impossible to turn € 200 into € 4,000 without significantly increasing the risk or the minimum bet.

Wall Street Trick Experience: Fraud or Fake - Please Beware 2020

Wall Street Trick Fraud or Fake? - our conclusion

It is a mathematical certainty that with a larger number of trades a series of 5 or even more losing trades will occur at some point. Then the martingale strategy often leads to the complete loss of trading capital. Therefore, one cannot speak directly of Wall Street trick fake or rip off - it is only a very risky strategy with long-term negative profit expectations. Nevertheless, there is a possibility that this strategy can also generate good profits in the short term.

Binary options are highly speculative, unregulated financial instruments, which undoubtedly allow extremely high returns of up to several 100 percent (e.g. in high yield mode Brokers like Banc de Swiss) can be achieved. Logically, such returns are associated with high risk - there are no gifts, especially not in the financial world. However, the maximum loss for binary options is always limited to use, which makes them easy to calculate. It is precisely the simplicity of these financial products that makes them particularly attractive for beginners. But only those who know the risk can take advantage of long-term opportunities!

Education and experience

Instead of blindly following unrealistic guru strategies a la Wall Street trick or binary code, we recommend a binary options strategy learn and then start with either a binary options demo account or better with small real money amounts. Basic risk management rules should also be observed.

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Wall Street Trick Experience: Fraud or Fake - Please Beware 2020

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