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In "The Trading Sessions - The right mindset for your success" with GKFX expert Rene Berteit on December 14th at 6:00 p.m., so-called mind sets, which are the basis for successful trading form and differ fundamentally from the numerous trading strategies. If trading was just a good strategy, many more people would make a profit. Above all, if you are not satisfied with your previous trading results, you should ask yourself whether you want to take a different path. In this webinar, Rene Berteit assumes a promising trading strategy and, based on this, explains what a mindset actually is and how it must be designed to be successful in the markets.

Sustainable success

With a suitable mindset, traders can achieve sustainable success. A mindset helps to master the psychological challenges of trading, for example how to deal with defeats. Therefore, successful trading is much more than a good command of the trading platform and technical indicators. A mindset also goes beyond a trading strategy. With a positive mental attitude , i.e. a positive mindset, you can have lasting success. A mindset is understood to mean certain ways of thinking and behavior that promise success.

Losing gnawing at self-confidence

Day by day, the mindset is changed Test bench, because errors and losses damage the self-confidence. With inner strength and a strong self-confidence, i.e. a strong mindset, in many cases you can better deal with defeats and setbacks. Traders can work on their mindset and thus on their mindsets and behaviors. For traders, this is about working on their inner strength and self-confidence. For example, if you approach trading with a positive attitude, you can deal better with losses. Negative thinking is rather a hindrance.

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Strengthen mindset

Traders have several options to work on their own mindset. It is often advised to keep a trading diary in which in detail your trading decisions, successes and losses as well as emotions and behaviors are noted. Ideally, the diary contains all important aspects from daily trading. The diary can then be evaluated at regular intervals. This way, traders can see for themselves which points they are still working on and should improve. Traders deal with their personal actions, reflect on their actions and strengthen their mindset in this way.

Responsibility for their own actions

Also a training plan can be helpful. In this, traders determine when they want to work on setups or their targets. However, it is crucial to take full responsibility for your own actions. If, for example, a trade results in a loss, each trader is responsible for it because he has placed the trade himself. However, many people tend to "blame" someone else for failure.

Trading breaks

In addition, trading is not all up of the world. You shouldn't spend trading around the clock, but take breaks and take care of your body. Rest periods, healthy eating, exercise and enough sleep are therefore also very important in order to be successful on the market. It can also help to write down your own goals, rules, values ​​and behaviors that are important to everyone personally.

Profit from movements in currency

Dealing with setbacks

Mindsets are also known in other areas. Motivation psychologist Carol Dweck is researching how people deal with defeat and why some people give up but others can deal better with defeat. Above all, people who feel uncomfortable and insecure in some situations should work on their mental mindset, i.e. their attitudes and ways of thinking. Personal thinking is influenced by personal experiences and attitudes. These are usually deeply rooted in the subconscious and influence our actions. The right mindset helps to deal with setbacks better.

Dynamic or rigid mindset

In German mindset can be translated as way of thinking or attitude become. Attitudes are related to the positive and negative experiences of each individual. Carol Dweck speaks of Growth Mindset and Fixed Mindset. The growth mindset stands for a growth-oriented and dynamic mindset, while the fixed mindset can be categorized as rigid and inflexible. Certain thought patterns can be divided into these two categories. If a person believes that he lacks the talent to master a task, this way of thinking can be classified in the fixed mindset. However, if you are convinced that you can achieve anything with hard work, you are a person with a growth mindset.

Avoid challenges or see them as opportunities

Those who tend to have an inflexible mindset, tends not to face a challenge when he fears defeat. These people also tend to be less likely to deal with defeats. Anyone with a growth-oriented mindset is curious and sees mistakes as an opportunity to learn something from them. They also know their weaknesses and want to work on them. These people are also happy to take on a new challenge.

Working on the mindset promises success

Nevertheless, everyone can work on their mindset and so also mentally target success. Traders learn to become safer and better deal with losses. However, if you want to work on your mindset, you need patience and should tackle new challenges in a very targeted manner. In the long term, a positive mindset complements a good trading strategy. In addition to these aspects, specialist knowledge is what makes a successful trader.

Learning to trade at GKFX

Learning traders takes time and practice. Every trader can improve and become more successful in trading. In addition to specialist knowledge and a good trading strategy, a correct mindset is also important. At GKFX beginners and newcomers will find extensive training material that is tailored to the different levels and prior knowledge. Various webinars take place several times a week, including weekly and daily views of the market situation. Live trading sessions are also part of the offer. "The Trading Sessions" deals with a new topic from the world of trading every week. The speakers have a great deal of expertise and experience.


On December 14th at 6:00 p.m. in "The Trading Sessions - The right mindset for your success" about psychological factors that make up a successful trader. In addition to specialist knowledge and a good strategy, the correct way of thinking is part of success in action. In this GKFX webinar, Rene Berteit explains what a mindset is and how it should be structured.

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