Trading warrants broker 2020 - examples for beginners

Trade warrants 01/20: Use warrants for protection? Tips for buying & buying warrants. Trade warrants now.

Warrants are widespread among institutional investors for risk management, and trading in warrants attains its attractiveness from the opportunity to participate in price fluctuations. Small investors need to know that incorrect handling and less than optimal selection of suitable warrants make their use very risky. In principle, buying and selling warrants is easy to understand. Investors have the opportunity to see prices either rise or fall. Thanks to leverage, you can benefit from this type of investment with high returns. Banks (Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank) and an online broker such as flatex can trade warrants in their share portfolio. A deposit can be opened online in a few minutes.

Trading warrants: Important facts

  • Warrants Bank-dependent derivatives with any parameters
  • Buy warrants only on the stock exchange
  • Buy warrants cheaply from the discount broker
  • Bet on rising or falling prices
  • Warrant trading for experienced and risk-taking investors

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Options and warrants: important differences

Whoever trades in stocks, funds or commodities generally relies on prices to rise because this is the only way to make profits can. But there are exceptions to this rule. Traders can also bet on falling prices and earn money with it. These options include warrants. Trading warrants offers the chance to make big profits. The risk when trading these securities is high. It is advisable to act with caution in general and to leave the warrant trading to custody account holders with experience. Conceptually, one should differentiate between warrants and options.

Options have several advantages over warrants. Banks and securities firms still recommend buying warrants to their customers. This is understandable, since they make money on it as issuers. Investors should know that they are paying for high advertising costs.

Options vs. Warrants: Profits 100 percent and more

In options trading, gains of 100 percent and more are not uncommon. This also applies to warrants. Options and warrants can be traded with relatively little capital investment. Call options generate profits in rising markets, as do call warrants. With put options and put warrants, profits are made even in falling markets. Advantages of options are that price manipulation is not possible and that the issuer is not at risk of bankruptcy. A fair price of options is formed from supply and demand. In contrast, the issuer prices the warrants. Prices can be manipulated to the detriment of investors.

Note: With issuer products, the investor always acts “against the bank.” Since there are no issuers for options, no issuer can influence them take the prices.

Since warrants are issued by issuers, there is a risk of total loss of the invested funds in the event of insolvency). This risk does not exist for options.

Considering the equipment of the investment products Options have the advantage of clearly regulated and standardized equipment. Once read, you know about all options. With warrants, investors have to read many A4 pages if they really want to know what they are getting into. Each new investment threatens The re-study The equipment of these issuer derivatives can only be partially included in standards.

Trading in warrants is in over-the-counter direct trading or on Stock exchanges such as the EUWAX (European Warrant Exchange) in Stuttgart possible. Options are traded on futures exchanges such as the Eurex (European Exchange). It is not without reason that the Eurex futures exchange is organized by the SdK (Protection Association of Investors) every year. At EUWAX, it may happen that trading for the relevant warrant is not possible.

Note: In the USA, trading in options is permitted because of their susceptibility to manipulation, not with warrants. Options are the standard leverage product in the United States.

What are the benefits of using warrants?

  • Warrants can be traded with relatively little capital, so they also suitable for small investors.
  • The included leverage enables attractive profits to be made in a simple manner.
  • With the purchase of call or put warrants, one can achieve income in rising and falling markets. A share purchase does not offer this option. The investor's decisions are not solely dependent on an upward trend in the market.
  • The simple and transparent pricing of online brokers such as OnVista Bank or Consorsbank allows traders to make a relatively good forecast for the price history of the warrant. The price trend follows a development of the underlying. Continuous buying and selling courses mean that warrants can be bought or sold at any time.
  • There is no obligation to make additional payments when buying a warrant. The risk is limited, but the potential for appreciation is unlimited.
  • The choice of different warrants from all asset classes is huge. Investors can rely on the price development of stock indices, foreign exchange, commodities, foreign exchange or even interest-bearing paper.

Warrants can not only be used for speculative purposes, because they also serve to hedge a stock portfolio Sense. By buying put options on the DAX stock index, for example, you can hedge your portfolio against a fall in the price of individual DAX stocks or the entire market. Options have several more advantages over warrants. But with the right strategy, warrants can be used sensibly and profitably.

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How and where you can buy warrants cheaply

If you want to buy warrants for the first time, you have to meet some formal basic requirements. Some experience with warrants trading is recommended. In any case, every investor must be able to maintain the forward trading capacity of his broker. If the broker refuses to do this, the customer can find warrants in almost any number, but he will not be able to trade any one. Before you can buy warrants, the respective broker is obliged to obtain information on the customer's level of knowledge and experience in derivatives trading. In addition, he must inform the investor about the high risk of losing futures. Brokers usually provide forms for this, which the customer has to sign and return to the broker. Only then will the customer be released to trade in warrants.

Buy warrants: How do you go about it?

A key feature of warrants is that the price development is fundamentally different from that of Development of the respective underlying depends on. Before deciding to trade warrants, an underlying should move in the green. If high losses are already incurred on the underlying, buying warrants makes no sense. Ultimately, the losses will multiply.

You can be successful if you stand with your underlying on the winning side and then find warrants and trade successfully. The lever works in the interests of the investor. Two popular approaches to trading warrants are, on the one hand, leveraged speculation on strong price movements after consolidation phases and, on the other hand, betting on trend movements. The latter calls for warrants with a longer term (from 8 months) and a lower leverage. So you can sit out corrections without any major problems.

Where can you buy warrants cheaply

Anyone who uses the warrant finder of the Stuttgart Stock Exchange to find warrants will receive well over 285,000 warrants displayed. It is therefore not easy to find the right warrant. An issuer belongs to each warrant. Issuers include all major banks from Deutsche Bank to DZ Bank to Commerzbank. Commerzbank and Deutsche Bank alone offer around 50,000 classic warrants in different asset classes (stocks, indices, currencies, raw materials, precious metals).

Warrants can be obtained directly from the issuer or with the help of an online Buy brokers on the stock exchanges and in over-the-counter direct trading. Well-known brokers with an attractive warrant trading offer are Consorsbank, S-Broker, OnVista Bank and Germany's first discount broker flatex.

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Trading warrants broker 2020 - examples for beginners

Buy warrants: 0 euro trading at the stock portfolio test winner

Flatex offers cheap fixed prices for trading on the stock exchange and in over-the-counter direct trading. Investors can trade selected certificates, warrants and funds free of charge from ten flatex premium partners of the multiple share account test winner. flatex promises the purchase of securities in over-the-counter direct trading at a permanent zero price. The actual trading of securities takes place through biw AG, for which flatex works as a contractually bound broker. Thanks to its partnerships with issuers, biw AG enables flatex customers to trade selected securities free of charge. Investors only have to note that the order volume must be at least 1,000 euros or 1,500 pieces. A total of 600,000 products and around 2,000 funds are available for free trading in the Flatex Depot.

The other conditions at flatex are also favorable. The flatex order costs a fixed price for XETRA trading of 5 euros, on German exchanges plus a small exchange fee. The direct trade order normally costs a fixed price of 5.90 euros.

With the online broker, customers and prospects do not have to do without a flatex sample account / demo account. Traders have the opportunity to test the trading of shares and warrants on a permanent basis, for a limited time by CFDs and Forex.

OnVista Bank with a fixed-price deposit

To the online Brokers with a wide range of trading options, from stocks to warrants, are owned by OnVista Bank. The OnVista share portfolio is cheap for investors. The deposit and the account are free of charge. The fixed price deposit is for the order at a fixed price of 5 euros regardless of the trading volume. The broker offers this order permanently. The favorable order fee applies to securities on German stock exchanges. In addition, there are additional costs from exchange fees, third-party fees or a brokerage fee.

At OnVista, customers can trade all certificates and warrants offered on the German market at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Frankfurt Certificates) or the Stuttgart Stock Exchange (EUWAX). Over-the-counter direct trading takes place directly with the respective issuer. The general order fees for trading warrants via OnVista range from 5.99 euros + 0.23 percent (maximum 39 euros) in the FreeBuy Cash model.

Consorsbank: Order warrants cheaply from 4.95 euros

Consorsbank offers its customers a comprehensive selection of tradable underlyings from stocks to warrants. Trading expenses are low. Thanks to a search function, warrants can be selected to match individual requirements. The portfolio of leverage products comprises around 250,000 warrants from more than 70 issuers. The order costs for warrants for 1,000 euros in Germany when trading at Consorsbank are 9.95 euros. When trading via XETRA, it is 10.90 euros, other exchanges 12.90 euros. The regular order fees do not apply to new customers, because they trade from 4.95 euros. Thanks to the search function at Consorsbank, investors can choose the right one from a large number of warrants.

The Consorsbank has an attractive entry-level offer for new customers. If you open a free securities account at Consorsbank and carry out a certain amount of security transfers, the online broker will reward you with up to 3 percent call money interest. A previous deposit must be closed for maximum interest. There are more than 10,000 funds on offer, including more than 1,000 funds with a 100 percent discount on the front-end load.

Large investors buy and sell warrants, especially for hedging transactions. The large leverage allows small investors with small capital investment returns in the three-digit range. The profit potential goes hand in hand with a limited capital investment, so the use of warrants can be attractive for every investor type. Investors buy warrants from the online broker cheaper. You pay attention to a narrow spread because the difference between the buying and selling price is at the expense of the return.

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Profit from movements in currency

How and where do you sell warrants?

In contrast to stocks, trading in warrants is not only on the stock exchanges. The over-the-counter direct trading allows additional trading opportunities. Trading warrants directly on the stock exchange is possible, but it is not simply the right trading partner.

On the one hand, the high number of different warrants makes it difficult. On the other hand, one would have to find a partner who wants to buy or sell an offered warrant in the same number. The chance of this is rather slim. The majority of the daily trading in warrants is carried out on the EUWAX stock exchange in Stuttgart. There you can sell warrants at any time.

Another trading option is Frankfurt (Smart Trading). The investor can place his order by specifying the security identification number in exchange or over-the-counter trading or directly with the issuer. When trading on the stock exchange, large banks such as Citibank or Deutsche Bank require that at least one warrant be sold. First, a broker tries to find a suitable buyer for the order. If no buyer can be found for the relevant warrant, the order is sent to the issuer. The latter then processes the order at the bid and ask prices specified for the warrant. This is somewhat less favorable compared to the price on the stock exchange.

Selling at online brokers in direct trading is usually associated with less costs compared to the bank. Better prices can be achieved in exchange trading. Because of the costs incurred there, such as brokerage and settlement fees, it makes sense to always trade several warrants.

Trading warrants broker 2020 - examples for beginners

Conclusion: trading in warrants with the online broker

online Brokers are a good address for trading in warrants. They ensure market access on stock exchanges and in over-the-counter direct trading. Thanks to attractive order fees for a fixed price order, warrants can be bought or sold cheaply regardless of their trading volume. The warrant offers with a fee-free order deserve special attention.

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Trading warrants broker 2020 - examples for beginners

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