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Trading binary options with anyoption: binary 0-100

Anyoption. Trading type binary 0-100: what can you do? Test & experience. 2020 That brings the dynamic return in comparison. Find out now.

anyoption proves once again that there is no way around this broker when trading binary options with regard to innovation. Traders can now benefit from dynamic returns with anyoption in the new "Binary 0-100" trading mode.

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Binary options trading with dynamic returns

Usually offer Binary options brokers static return models, so the achievable profits are fixed. This is also the case in classic trading at anyoption: if a binary option ends in money, the broker pays up to 86 percent return on the capital invested. On options from the money, 15 percent repayment is always granted as loss protection. With the new "binary 0-100" type of trading, the remuneration model has been completely redesigned so that variable returns of up to 1,000 percent are possible. Of course, the following also applies: the higher the potential return, the greater the risk of loss, which is limited to the capital employed in "binary 0-100" trading.

Trading binary options with anyoption: binary 0-100

binary 0-100 at anyoption: How it works

Binary 0-100 is an innovative product that was developed by anyoption for fast traders. The anyoption trading platform generates dozens of so-called events every day. "Event" means in each case: Does the price of a certain underlying at a certain point in time (expiry time) record higher or lower than a previously defined level? If you believe that the "event" occurs, you have the option to buy an option. If you oppose it (you don't think the "event" will occur) you can sell a option accordingly.

Let's take the concrete example in the picture above:

Event: EUR / USD above 1.31855 at 1:00 p.m.

If we bet that the euro should be above 1.31855 at 1:00 p.m., we can offer an option buy now for € 55.30. The maximum profit per option is € 44.70, which means just over 80% return if we are correct. Conversely, we could also bet that the euro will be below 1.31855 at 13:00. This would currently even enable a return of over 93%. In general, the cheaper the option, the higher the potential profit, since the likelihood that the event will occur is also lower. Returns of several hundred percent are absolutely possible with this type of trade - with the corresponding risk.

The maximum profit per trade is always 100, but the purchase price of the option that the trader pays changes constantly with the price of the underlying, An option tends to become cheaper if the occurrence of the event becomes less likely. Conversely, you have to pay more for an option if the event is highly likely to occur. When you buy an option, you always risk the purchase price and can make a profit from the difference between 100 and the purchase price. If you buy several options, the profit from this difference is multiplied by the number of options.

If you buy an option at a price of € 20, you will get € 100 back when the event occurs (forecast correct ), so you get a profit of € 80 per option. That means 400% profit is achieved with a stake (risk) of € 20. If the event does not occur, you lose the stake completely.

Selling means that you are betting against the occurrence of the event. The difference between € 100 and the sales price is deducted from the trading account. If the prediction is correct (the event does not occur), you will get back 100 € per option. For example, if an option is sold for € 75, € 25 will be deducted from the trading account (100-75). If the forecast is correct, you will get back € 100 per option. The trader risked € 25 per option for a profit of 300%.

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Full flexibility during the term

In binary 0-100 - trading at anyoption, the binary options can be changed after Buying or selling can be sold or bought back at any time within the term. You can trade as often as you like up to 5 minutes before the end of the term. For traders, this means full flexibility and risk control during the term. This way you can secure book profits early or minimize impending losses.

The new trading mode "Binary 0-100" complements the available trading modes with anyoption. At first glance, this form of trading may seem a bit complicated, but binary options traders will quickly get used to the dynamic returns and the increased flexibility.

Trading binary options with anyoption: binary 0-100

About the broker anyoption

Broker -Art: Binary Options / Market Maker Founded: 2008 Company: anyoption Payment Services Ltd. Headquarters: Nicosia, Cyprus Account from: 250 euros Maximum return: 94% or 1000% at Bubblesmin. Trading amount: from 25 euros

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Trading binary options with anyoption: binary 0-100

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