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XTB app. for Android, iPhone & iPad? Here you will find experiences in 2020. For everyone who wants to trade on the go. Read the strengths and weaknesses in the test.

What is effective trading? Speed, professional trading platforms, ease of use, transparency, no fees in account management? All essential aspects of a good broker. And what about mobile trade? Isn't it important for traders to be able to flexibly and functionally trade on the go? Definitely! Against this background, the XTB app for iPhone, Android and iPad will be presented here. XTB - X-Trade Brokers - is one of the leading European brokers that maintains a branch in Frankfurt am Main and thus, on the one hand, regulation by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority ( BaFin) and on the other hand to the financial supervisory authority of Poland. Traders have direct access to the global foreign exchange, commodity, stock and index markets. The product range also includes stock CFDs and synthetic stocks.

Important facts at a glance

  • mobile trading platform offers real-time trading and order placement directly from the chart.
  • A video news area and an economic calendar are integrated in the app.
  • The basis of the XTB app is its own web-based trading platform xStation.
  • Currency pairs, commodities, stock CFDs, ETF CFDs, synthetic stocks, indices and options are tradable at XTB.
  • For trading The platforms are also available on the tablet, the smartwatch or the iPad.
  • xSocial offers the possibility to copy trading activities of other traders.

What the XTB app mobile has to offer - an overview

To always and everywhere about current course developments and developments a Knowing the capital market, mobile trading apps for smartphones provide important support. X-Trade Brokers therefore provides its customers with its own mobile platform to disposal. With the XTB app for iPhone and Android it is possible to trade in real time and with all important trading tools. In addition, charts and diagrams from which orders can be placed directly. Using the app is intuitive and offers access to your own trading account at any time. The integrated economic calendar shows important and upcoming dates in the economic sector during Video-News area provides information on current economic news.

This way foreign exchange, raw materials, indices, CFDs, ETF-CFDs, synthetic stocks and options can be traded. The XTB app was developed on the basis of our own xStation platform. In order for the XTB app for iPhone and Android to work smoothly, at least iOS 6.1 or Android 2.2 must be installed on the smartphone as operating software.

For mobile trading on a tablet or iPad, XTB offers its own trading platform. With xTab, orders can be executed immediately with one click. The xTab app for tablets also offers the following functions:

  • Watchlist
  • News about all markets and the current economic situation
  • Comments and analyzes by financial experts
  • Account overview and account management
  • Charts and diagrams

Flawless functionality is guaranteed from iOS version 5.0.4.

Via your own Platform xStation traders can also trade via the popular and frequently used MetaTrader 4 and the AgenaTrader, which are also offered as a mobile app version. Real-time prices and direct trading from the chart . For technical chart analysis there are also real-time charts with 30 technical indicators, such as Average True Range, BollingerBands, Channel Index, MACD, Money Flow Index or Standard Deviation. A user-friendly interface and the availability of prices and charts in offline mode also characterize the MetaTrader 4 app.

Conclusion: The XTB app for iPhone, Android and iPad are each based on XTB's own trading platform xStation. In addition, mobile traders can also use the classic MetaTrader 4 and the professional AgenaTrader - depending on which platform a user prefers. All apps are offered free of charge in the corresponding stores. Trading in real time and from wherever you are is with mobile apps a real alternative to the PC station. The free XTB demo account can also be tried out with the XTB app.

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The xStation trading platform introduces itself

X-Trade Brokers (XTB) offers its users a large selection of trading platforms. In addition to the popular MetaTrader 4 platform, customers also get a platform specially developed for XTB - die xStation. Without having to install it on a PC or laptop, fast and powerful trading is possible via the browser.

In addition, the Social investment network xSocial integrated. This means that users can learn, observe and copy trades from experienced traders. With One-Click-Trading, orders are quickly placed, adjusted or deleted with just a single click on the sell and buy prices. With Drag and Drop, up to twelve real-time prices, that are interesting for the trader, can be dragged into the Click & Trade window.

The possibility to set stop loss and take profit must also be set retrospectively for open positions. Directly from chart is setting stop loss and take profit also possible.

Furthermore, orders can be placed and set directly via the charts.

Act in real time, chart analyzes, chart correlations and individual adjustment of the Platform to meet your own needs represent further features of the xStation trading platform. Traders can also access a economic calendar, the Reuters video analyzes or video and text news, in order to always be up to date with all economic and Financial issues to be up to date. Via Traders Talk, XTB customers have the option of listening to live comments and conversations from various traders . In addition, the xStation contains additional functions:

  • High / low options
  • Market watch for a clear display of all trading instruments
  • Charts are designed using indicators, oscillators and analytical tools
  • Margin levels Tab for assessing your own risk level
  • API for writing your own scripts, automated trading systems and apps for the xStation
  • immediate closing of all positions

To all functions of the To try out the xStation trading platform without having to take a risk, interested traders can first open a free XTB demo account.

Conclusion: With the xStation 5 trading platform, the broker XTB offers its own web-based trading platform rm on. In addition to setting your own trades, for example via one-click trading, traders also have the option of accessing numerous chart and analysis functions via the platform. Traders can even copy the trading activities of other users manually or automatically via the integrated network platform xSocial.

XTB Online Trading in brief: The offer

X-Trade Brokers offer a comprehensive range of options for trading in stocks, indices, commodities, forex or CFDs in every respect. Three different trading platforms are available for traders at XTB. Beginners and professionals have the numerous webi and seminars the chance to get comprehensive information in the area of ​​live trading, technical analysis, xSocial or trading platforms and much more. further education. XTB are also represented at all relevant trade fairs and trading days.

A demo and / or live account is available to trader free of charge, Customers do not have to make a minimum deposit in order to trade. Customers can choose from three different account types and a demo account, which can also be managed via the mobile XTB app for iPhone, Android and iPad. Of course, trading with all important functions is also possible via the XTB app.

Via the xSocial network, traders can learn from each other of their knowledge and benefit from the strategies you use. Manual or automated it is possible to copy the trading activities of other traders into your own account. The server stability will guaranteed with 99.99 percent.

Trading experts and a German-speaking customer support can help with technical or formal questions.

Costs and fees

  • spreads from 0.1 pips
  • variable spreads from 0.1 pips or 0.2 pips
  • fixed spreads from 2, 0 pips
  • commissions from 0.08 percent for CFDs and 0.10% for synthetic shares

The smallest transaction size is 0.1 lot, during a maximum lever of 1: 200 is set can. If you want to know more about X-Trade Brokers, you can read our XTB experience.

Conclusion: The broker XTB has a well worth seeing offer for its customers. Innovative technologies, affordable fees and a wide range of training programs and tutorials are available for beginners and advanced traders alike. Three different trading platforms are also offered to meet the different needs of traders. All services and functions are to be tested with a free demo account.

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