Trade binary options with IG Markets - more about the offer

IG Markets & Binary Options. The test shows: Not only forex trading is possible in 2020. These experiences help you get started. Get active now.

IG Markets - now IG - has been active in the trading business for 40 years. Traders can trade stocks, indices, commodities, bitcoins, options and binary options in over 10,000 markets. In CFD trading, IG (Markets) claims to be the market leader. IG (Markets) is located in Great Britain and maintains in Germany a branch in Frankfurt am Main. How IG Markets Ltd. Germany is supervised in some areas by the British Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and in other areas by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). The trader is offered a multitude of trading platforms. Traders can choose from a web-based platform, via the classic MetaTrader 4 to the DMA trading platform L2 dealer for professional traders. But what exactly are binary options? And how can they be traded at IG? We also want to show how an account at IG - formerly IG Markets - can be opened in just a few steps.

The best IG binary options alternatives

The most important things at a glance

  • With binary options, traders bet on rising or falling prices.
  • Returns are usually between 65 and 85 percent, although 100 percent and more are also possible.
  • At IG there is a put or call -Options and ladder, one-touch, target, hi-lo and tunnel options are available.
  • At IG traders can even trade binary options on economic indicators.
  • Option maturities of five Minutes up to months are possible. You can even trade on Sprint Markets from 60 seconds.
  • Account opening and administration is free of charge - the minimum deposit is € 300.

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Trade binary options with IG Markets - more about the offer

What are binary options?

Binary options are trading instruments, with which you can on rising or falling prices sets. Traders can speculate on the trends of commodity prices, share prices or even entire indices. With IG (Markets), even binary options are tradable on the markets Bitcoin volatility, Forex and economic indicators, such as political events or non-farm payrolls. So if a trader has decided to trade binary options, he only has to make a decision regarding the sale of the price of an underlying at a specific time, the expiry date, to meet. The base values ​​are referred to as assets. Will the price of the underlying rise or fall after the option term? If the trader sets a rising price, he buys a call option. In contrast, the trader sets to<131 by buying a put option>Falling prices. The whole thing is therefore only profitable if the forecast also arrives at the end of the term. Otherwise, the trader loses his investment.

Overall, the risk of loss when trading binary options is easily calculable. The amount that the trader chooses and uses can only be lost in the event of a wrong decision. It does not matter whether the price falls or rises during the option term. The day of the option expiry - i.e. the expiry date. By up to 100 <131 is decisive>Percent or more, the profits can rise in a short period of time - depending on the type of trade and the period for which a trader decides. In classic trading of binary options, however, returns are between 65 and 85 percent. To reduce risk of loss , some brokers provide loss protection of, for example, 15 percent of the stake. Interested traders can trade from just a few euros. If you want to know more about binary options, can continue reading on our "What are binary options" page.

Binary options are a trading instrument that is transparent and easy to use. Traders must tolerate rising or falling prices. Depending on the type of trade, very high returns can be implemented in the shortest possible time. Loss hedges of up to a certain percentage are also possible. Binary options can be traded from just a few euros. How high the stake and the hedging rates are for individual brokers can be found in our broker comparison .

Forex. Real earning

The conditions: As with IG trading binary options are

IG (Markets) offers many opportunities to trade binary options. Traders can choose from the following option types:

Ladder and high / low

One-Touch and Target

Hi-Lo or tunnel

The following markets are available at IG for trading binary options Available:

  • Indices
  • Forex
  • Commodities
  • Equities
  • Bitcoin
  • Economic indicators

Of course traders at IG (Markets) can also choose between different option terms:

  • 5 minutes
  • 20 minutes
  • 60 minutes
  • daily
  • weekly
  • monthly

For particularly aggressive and experienced traders, IG also offers their Sprint Markets runtime of 60 seconds. Furthermore, you can bet not only on falling or rising prices, but also on volatility. Even on weaker markets, a trader can take his position.

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But how can binary options be traded with IG?

  1. Selection of the market
  2. Define period
  3. Select premium and maximum risk

IG Markets - today IG - offers the account opening free of charge and with a minimum deposit of of € 300. Deposits can be freely selected and made by bank transfer or credit card. The free viewing and editing of the IG charts, the professional market analysis tools, the mobile apps and the provision of real-time courses are also included.

The fees and financing costs provides IG (Markets) clearly and currently. The prices for binary options trading are composed of three factors:

  • Duration to expire
  • Current value of the underlying market
  • Expectations for future volatility




Spreads are offered from 0.8 pips in Forex / CFD trading. For commodity CFDs, spreads even start at 0.5 pips. For holding a position overnight, a fee of 2.5 percent is added to that Interbank rate calculated.

Daily spreads and commissions for trading on non-stock markets

Daily spreads and commissions for trading on stock markets

The margin requirements are also presented transparently and in detail on the IG (Markets) side. Margins from five percent are required for shares, while in Forex trading margin rates from 0.25 percent are to be deposited. There is a one-time fee for setting a guaranteed stop to hedge a position, the for shares 0.3 percent of Transaction value is. If the IG (Markets) trading account has not been used for two years, even though there are still deposits on it, a fee of 14 euros per month will be charged. Furthermore, the usage of the real-time charts will be charged 30 euros per month, whereby this fee will be refunded if at least four transactions are carried out per month.

IG (Markets) offers a variety of tradable values ​​in the area of ​​binary options on. The special thing is that economic indicators show how political events can be set. Option terms can be selected from five minutes to months. Spreads, commissions and financing costs can vary daily, which are presented transparently and in detail on your own website. There are no fees for opening an account or administration - a minimum deposit of € 300 is required.

Trade binary options with IG Markets - more about the offer

Open an account with IG in three steps

For the Opening an account at IG (Markets) offers the customer various options . Registration is possible online, by app or by mail. Requirements are

  • of legal age
  • requirements for trading experience are met
  • account opening in the country of the responsible IG branch

for the online account opening procedure Traders only have to fill out the online form and then authenticate themselves using a video ID. Of course, identity verification is also possible using the PostIdent procedure. However, the PostIdent coupon must be printed out for this purpose. Furthermore, the applicant must identify himself to a Deutsche Post employee. Account access data will be sent by email.

If you want to trade CFDs, you must fill out an additional application form in which Information on the respective trading experience must be made. The survey on knowledge and experience in the area of ​​CFD trading represents a legal obligation. It may be the case that due to insufficient experience in trading with CFDs, opening an account is prohibited.

As soon as the trading account has been opened by IG (Markets), the desired amount of money must be paid in by bank transfer or credit card. Trading can now begin. Upon request, the trader can receive support from a personal contact person.

A trading account at IG (Markets) can be opened easily and conveniently from your home PC. An identity check is even possible using a video ID. It is important that the applicant is suitable for CFD trading and meets the requirements for previous trading experience. An account can also be opened via the app for tablets and smartphones. A minimum deposit of € 300 must be made.

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Trade binary options with IG Markets - more about the offer

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