This is how the Plus500 download works

Plus500 software download as a condition?. Facts in test & experience You can also trade successfully online. Read how to do it in the guide.

The broker Plus500 offers its customers various trading applications as well as a Plus500 app for smartphones and tablets. With the trading platforms, the user can choose between a web-based version or opt for the trading software, which requires a Plus500 download. If you want to use the last variant, then it will be shown how the download can be done easily.

If you want to get to know the broker in all its facets and want to know what is offered in terms of terms and services, you should check out our Plus500 test report read. There the reader will find a wealth of background information and we have examined the broker's range of products very carefully.

The most important information about the Plus500 download at a glance:

  • At Plus500 you trade Forex, CFDs and ETFs
  • For trading you will find a trading platform and choose between a software application, a web-based variant and an app
  • Who wants to make a Plus500 download, can do this in just a few steps
  • Start download, register quickly and use the trading platform both as a live and as a demo account

Trade cryptocurrencies directly with Plus500

This is how the Plus500 download works

What can be traded at Plus500?

Plus500 is a broker that was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Cyprus. In 2009, Plus500 was the only broker to offer contracts for difference in shares without fees and to this day the company continues to focus on trading CFDs. In this area, traders have many different underlyings available, which are, for example, international stocks as well as commodities or indices. Furthermore, trading with currency pairs and ETFs can be realized.

When trading at Plus500, certain Plus500 fees also apply as with any other broker. This can be, for example, spreads, financing costs, commissions or fees for payments. As Plus500 values ​​transparency in its own pricing, the broker can find detailed tables for each tradable instrument, in which all specific cost points, trading times, the possible leverage and margin requirements can be seen.

The trade is always associated with a risk. Traders can lose their invested capital.

Forex Trading for Beginners

Which trading applications can be found?

Trade cryptocurrencies directly with Plus500 now

As already mentioned at the beginning, the traders assist Plus500 two platforms available. On the one hand it is the Plus500 webtrader and on the other hand it is a trading software. There are also apps for Android and iOS devices that enable mobile trading and flexibility.

Each of the applications is based on the same technology, with the difference that you can only access the Webtrader from any computer with the can access personal login data and the software requires a Plus500 download. Each of the platforms offers access to all trading instruments that can be found at Plus500.

This is how the Plus500 download works

How the Plus500 download works

In contrast to most other brokers, is for the Plus500 Download no registration required. Of course, you have to have a customer account for trading and realize a full registration, but the download itself does not require any information about yourself. If you want to make a Plus500 download, it is best to proceed as follows:

  1. First you select the "Start trading" option and then a window opens in which the download link can be found.
  2. By clicking on the link you start the download and go through all the necessary steps.
  3. The process is completed within a few seconds and a registration mask opens in which you can either enter your personal details Enter login data or create a new account in just a few steps.

The initial registration with Plus500 is just as uncomplicated as it is with the download. Simply enter the email address and choose a password. The customer then immediately has access to the platform and can familiarize himself with all the functions.

Automatically with the creation of the new account, a demo account is also created and the user can do it with just a few Switch mouse clicks to test mode. There you will find real trading conditions and you can place your first trades at will. If you then want to make a deposit, you can initiate such a transaction in the " Capital Management " area and register for this.

Our conclusion on the Plus500 download:

With the broker Plus500 traders can trade foreign exchange, CFDs and ETFs. To realize this project, the customer can choose between several platforms. There is a desktop version, a web-based application and an app for mobile devices. While no download is necessary for the webtrader and for the mobile application, you have to download the software version first. A download is completed in a few moments and all you need to use the platform is an email address. There is also a demo account and it offers the opportunity to get to know the platform without obligation.

Now trade cryptocurrencies directly with Plus500

This is how the Plus500 download works

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