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The start of the new trading week with GKFX

The start of the new trading week with GKFX (01/20): Interesting start to the new trading week Trading webinar from GKFX Take part in the webinar now & act strategically.

Together with the participants of the webinar "Trading on Sunday - Trading Warm-Up for the upcoming trading week", GKFX speaker Mario Kofler will take a look at the on April 22, 2018 at 7 p.m. beginning of trading week. In the coming week, the publication of corporate and economic figures is expected in Germany, Europe and the USA.

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Fixed place in the GKFX calendar

"Trading on Sunday" has a permanent place in the GKFX webinar calendar. Many traders use the appointment to prepare for the new trading week. In this webinar Mario Kofler explains the most important business dates of week and looks at the most important values. The webinar includes a live analysis of important currency pairs such as EUR / USD, indices like the DAX and commodities like gold and silver. Traders can thus find out where interesting investment opportunities may arise in the new week.

In order to better assess the current economic situation, it is also necessary to take a look at the fundamental situation and the past trading week meaningful. Mario Kofler also dares a preview of interbank trading and possible gaps. Questions from participants around trading round off the webinar.

Political reports on the markets

In the past few weeks, political issues such as the conflict in Syria, the Trade dispute with China and statements by US President Donald Trump play a major role. This caused a lot of unrest, especially on Wall Street, which also affected investors in Frankfurt. After positive figures from the Chinese economy, which grew surprisingly strongly, were heard last week, investors' concerns about a possible downturn in the global economy are easing.

Reporting season in Germany and the United States

The reporting season is currently in full swing in the USA. Morgan Stanley was the last of the major banks to report first quarter results this week. Companies have also been publishing their figures since the beginning of the year. Investors on Wall Street hope that the reporting season will move current geopolitical crises into the background. The reporting season also begins in Germany. In addition to company figures from the first quarter of the year, economic expectations and figures from the labor market are expected. Retail sales in the US are expected to be released.

Develop trading week plan

By attending the GKFX webinar, "Trading on Sunday - Trading Warm-Up." For the upcoming trading week "traders can prepare well for the new week and possibly prepare a trading plan in this way. A look at the economic calendar is often helpful.

In Germany next week , among other things, the new purchasing manager index, the ifo business climate index and figures on the unemployment rate should be published. These are considered to be helpful indicators in order to better assess the current economic situation. For all of Europe, the press conference of the ECB next week will certainly be very important, even if no rate hikes are to be expected.

View the economic calendar online

Many brokers such as GKFX publish the Economic calendar also on their website. Filters can often be used to set the country, date and time. The economic calendar is a good companion for traders, especially in a week when there are many economic appointments. In addition to an overall overview on Sunday, it makes sense to check every morning before you start trading whether there may be changes in dates.

Market movements possible

Traders can be concerned with important dates worth entering into a trade. An important appointment often leads to movement in the market. Positive messages can trigger movements as well as negative messages. However, positive news does not always lead to rising prices. In addition, not every message or appointment has the potential to trigger market movements. Only when a message exceeds or disappoints market expectations will there be movement in the market.

If, for example, the figures on the labor market clearly differ from investors' expectations in the new week, this can lead to Move price movements up or down. Traders can often tell what market expectations are at the moment from expert opinions or surveys.

Volatility around appointments

Some economic calendars also indicate which Volatility around an appointment is expected. Occasionally, the overviews also provide a forecast, for example the amount at which interest rates may be raised. The relevance of an appointment can also give traders valuable information. For example, Ireland will announce at the end of next week how the consumer climate has changed. This date is certainly rather unimportant compared to the press conference of the ECB.

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Economic calendar and fundamental situation

The economic calendar is closely related to the fundamental situation of a country connected. The fundamental economic situation helps to better assess a country's economy and markets. For this reason, Mario Kofler also explains the current fundamental situation in the GKFX webinar "Trading on Sunday - Trading Warm-Up for the upcoming trading week" and gives a review of the last trading week. To assess the fundamental situation, the inflation rate, interest rates and labor market numbers are good indicators. Current figures are also expected in Germany and the EU this week.

News from central banks important for forex traders

Especially forex traders should always the most important central banks, especially the ECB and the Fed. When the key interest rate changes, for example, you can often see how the national currency is developing. At the ECB, however, neither a key rate hike nor an increase in the deposit rate for banks is expected on April 26. About 45 minutes after the announcement of the interest rate decisions, the expected statement by ECB President Mario Draghi with a subsequent press conference may become more interesting.

Achieve in trading every day

Watch indices

Traders also keep the most important indices such as possible keep an eye on the Dow Jones and the DAX, even if they do not trade CFDs on indices as an underlying. Indices not only reflect the shares of a country or an industry, but can also give references to the current economic situation. Mario Kofler also takes a look at indices with great importance in "Trading am Sonntag - Trading Warm-Up for the upcoming trading week".

Developments in interbank trading

Developments in interbank trading can also be interesting for traders. Although banks trade directly with each other here, interbank trading has a significant impact on liquidity in the market. The two reference interest rates Euribor and Libor play a particularly important role here, because these interest rates determine, among other things, the interest rate at which banks can borrow money from each other.

Gaps possible?

Mario Kofler also explains to the participants of the webinar whether gaps are possible in the new week. A possible time for gaps is the start of a trading day. When the European stock exchanges close, trading in the United States, Asia and Australia starts in part. So if there are new developments here at night, these will only take effect in the morning. This can result in a price jump at the start of trading. Even unexpected events can create a price gap.

Renowned CFD and Forex Broker

GKFX is a well-known CFD and Forex Broker. Among other things, 50 currency pairs and numerous CFDs on stocks, indices and commodities can be traded via MetaTrader 4. Spreads and leverage vary depending on the trading account. GKFX offers three models that are tailored to different types of traders. The spreads start at 0.6 pips and the leverage can be a maximum of 400: 1.

Numerous underlyings

In CFD trading with shares a security deposit of five percent must be provided of the share value. The shares offered include securities from very well-known European and American companies. If you want to bet on the DAX with CFDs, you can do this from ten cents per point. The selection of CFDs on commodities as an underlying is also very large. Here, GKFX offers, among other things, oil, raw materials and agricultural products.

Conclusion: Eventful trading week is due

Over the next week, numbers of companies as well as the economy and the economy in Europe and the USA the situation on the labor market expected. The ECB is also planning a press conference. The ECB will probably not raise interest rates. All important dates of the week are noted in the economic calendar. Mario Kofler will therefore take a look at the most important dates of the week on April 22, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. in the GKFX webinar "Trading on Sunday - Trading Warm-Up for the upcoming trading week".

As part of the webinar also analyzes the most important currencies, indices and commodities. Mario Kofler also gives a preview of interbank trading and possible gaps. A review of the past trading week and an analysis of the current fundamental situation round off the webinar.

"Trading on Sunday" is particularly interesting for traders who are new Want to prepare trading week. In addition to information from the markets, the economic calendar plays a big week. Ideally, you should note down interesting dates before which you might want to place a trade. This means that a trading plan for the new week can already be created after the webinar. However, you should check the economic calendar again daily, as there can always be changes.

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