The best stock exchange films - Also interesting for traders in 2020

The best stock exchange films at a glance: Can real traders benefit from it? Guide 2020 with the details Get information now & start trading.

The subjects of the stock exchange and money are also exciting film material for Hollywood. Who doesn't know the classic among the stock exchange films "Wall Street"? The sequel "Wall Street 2" from 2010 also attracted many visitors to the cinema. The entertainment factor that the best stock market films offer is certainly high. But how realistic are the films about unscrupulous speculators and the big money really? For the vast majority of traders, stock exchange trading is characterized by a detailed analysis of the price data and the observation of current market developments. In addition, a certain amount of specialist knowledge is required to successfully trade. Therefore, education and learning opportunities are also on the plan of a trader.

Table of contents

  • The best stock market films of recent years
  • Offer stock market films a realistic insight into Exchange trading?
  • Personal risk appetite and investment objectives
  • Which investment product suits me?
  • Education and learning opportunities - What do brokers offer?
  • Free demo account - for Newcomers and experienced traders interesting
  • Choose the right online broker
  • Conclusion

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The best stock market films of the past Years

In the past few years some remarkable stock market films came out. It is not always about greedy stockbrokers who speculate on the stock market with extremely high amounts. The relationships between the main characters also make up the film. Among the best stock market films, the following are clearly to be called:

Wall Street 2: The first part of the stock market thriller Wall Street already delighted the audience in 1987 and still brings excitement to the DVD Eve. However, Wall Street 2 could not build on the success of the first part in 2010. As in the first part, the speculator Gordon Gekko is played by Michael Douglas. Wall Street 2 is all about big money. The relationship between Gekko and his daughter plays an important role.

The Wolf of Wallstreet: The stock market film dates from 2013 and revolves around stockbroker Jordan Belfort, the actor Leonardo DiCaprio is embodied. Earn a lot of money in a short time with penny stocks? At first it seems possible in this stock market film until the main character is empty-handed.

Margin Call - The big crash: This stock market film from 2011 is also a thriller with top-class cast. A large bank fires a large number of employees shortly before the 2007 financial crisis breaks out. It's about "bad papers" and a rescue operation that promises a lot of tension.

The pursuit of happiness: This drama from 2006 is based on a true story. The stock exchange film took place in San Francisco in the 1980s. The main character Chris Gardner is a single father of a son. Gardner's money problems and the resulting homelessness put him in trouble. Gardner can only achieve permanent employment with an investment bank if he successfully completes the unpaid internship. In order to make ends meet during this time, Gardner works as a sales representative.

Conclusion: The best stock market films let the leading actors speculate on the stock market with a lot of money. However, the content shown cannot be compared with the retail decisions of retail investors. The stock exchange films certainly offer good entertainment and show how important trading is.

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The best stock exchange films - Also interesting for traders in 2020

Offer stock exchange films a realistic insight into the Exchange trading?

It is not only wealthy traders who take part in exchange trading, but also small investors. The investment amounts from some stock exchange films are not realizable even for capital-rich investors. Investing in overnight or time deposits is not particularly attractive in times of the low-interest phase, so trading on the stock exchange is an alternative. However, stock exchange trading shows a higher risk than a overnight or fixed deposit investment. The risk with which the trade is approached depends on the respective trader. A conservative investment strategy can also be pursued on the stock exchange. However, the expected return from such investments proves to be less attractive than possible returns from opportunity-oriented investment strategies.

If you are willing to take a high risk, you can also generate high returns or, in the worst case, one Suffer total loss. The best stock market films cannot do without emotions. Greedy and extremely risky stock brokers want to make big money through highly speculative trades. Emotions such as greed or fear can also play a role in the right trade. Investors should weigh opportunities and risks equally before making a trading decision. Due to fear, positions can be sold too early so that investors miss a higher return. Greed, on the other hand, can lead to the risks being neglected, which can lead to high losses.

Conclusion: There are certainly scenes in the best stock exchange films that are for traders are instructive. That everything can be lost through highly speculative investments is certainly one of them. Only those who are willing to take a high risk can also achieve a high return.

The high investment amounts in the stock exchange films are not realistic for traders with "normal" financial means.

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Personal risk appetite and investment goals

The investment goals are set by a trader himself. Aspects such as the duration of the investment, the amount invested and the investment product play a decisive role. In addition, traders should consider how personal risk tolerance is. The price of a stock cannot be predicted with certainty. Therefore, there may be losses, which should be considered. Traders must also be able to cope with a loss. No money should be used that is needed elsewhere. As a rule, stock exchange trading by private investors is not as dramatic as in some Hollywood stock exchange films. Rather, it is about achieving an attractive return with an investment in order to build up assets.

If you want to build up assets in the long term, you can also find an option in an ETF savings plan. The advantage of a savings plan is that a monthly savings rate is paid in. The minimum savings rate is often between 25 euros to 50 euros and can also be adjusted. If the financial situation changes, the savings rate can be adjusted accordingly. Not only the minimum savings rate has to be considered, but also the maximum savings rate. In addition, an ETF savings plan is also flexible in that it can also be paused with the payments. There is more to trading than just highly speculative trading, as is the subject of many stock market films.

Conclusion: Private investors should be aware of their own risk appetite and define investment objectives that fit the individual requirements. Even if an extremely risky investment strategy is pursued in some stock exchange films, this certainly does not have to be transferred to your own stock exchange trading. Conservative investment strategies can also be implemented when trading on the stock exchange.

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The best stock exchange films - Also interesting for traders in 2020

Which investment product suits me?

Who? If you want to implement your own investment online, you can generally not take advantage of any advice. For banks with a branch network, this is different. However, the costs and fees for trading at a branch bank can also be comparatively higher. Self-initiative is required for the online financial investment and this also applies to information gathering on how an investment product works. Even before the decision is made to invest in an investment product, traders should be aware of how it works in order to better assess opportunities and risks. The following investment products are only a selection of the options that arise for traders when trading:

  • Stock trading: Traders should not jump ahead when trading stocks Place orders. For successful stock trading, it may make sense to understand a stock company's business before the company's stock is actually bought. The chart analysis presents itself as a helpful tool to be able to better estimate the price development. It is particularly important for day traders that the trading platform shows the price of a share in real time. Shares can be traded on national and international stock exchanges, but also over the counter. When buying shares, traders acquire a certain share of the company that issues the shares.
  • ETF trading: ETF trading is currently in demand with some traders. ETFs are exchange-traded funds, which are usually not managed actively but passively. This is where the first advantage of ETFs can be found. Compared to traditional funds, trading in ETFs comes with a cheaper price structure. The total expense ratio (TER) summarizes the fees. Index funds are also transparent, which is also an advantage for traders. ETFs allow traders to build a broadly diversified portfolio, which can reduce risk. The performance of a stock market index is mapped with an ETF.
  • CFD trading: CFDs are speculative financial derivatives that offer high returns due to the leverage effect, but also lead to a total loss of the operation. The Margin Call is an unfavorable situation for investors, as the trader can be asked to pay additional money. When trading CFDs, you can bet on rising prices with a long position and on falling prices with a short position. CFD trading is about the price difference. Contracts for differences can be traded on stocks, currencies, commodities and other asset classes.
  • Binary options: When trading binary options, there are different types of trading, including call and put options, touch and range options as the best known. Returns in regular trading can range between 60% and 85%. This depends on the selected underlying and the broker. A binary option is based on an underlying, which can come from the asset classes stocks, indices, commodities and currency pairs. With call and put options, traders can bet on falling or rising prices. If the predicted event occurs, the option ends in value and the trader achieves a return. The trader, on the other hand, loses the entire stake if the forecast is not correct. A binary option has a term.

Conclusion: Traders should get an overview of the investment opportunities in order to select the right investment product. The way binary options work in comparison with some other investment products is easy to understand, even for beginners. Whereas here, too, the course development has to be correctly predicted, so that this investment product also takes risks.

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Education and learning opportunities - What do brokers offer?

In order to develop a sensible strategy for retail, a certain amount of specialist knowledge is also required. Many brokers offer educational offers that include learning materials such as webinars or video tutorials. The webinars are often held by exchange experts who reveal important tips and strategies. The learning materials can deal with forex trading, stock trading or CFD trading. Not every broker offers an extensive range here. It is therefore advisable, especially for beginners, that the educational offer offered should also count among the relevant criteria when choosing a broker. Sometimes there are even instructions on how to open the depository, which makes it even easier to get started.

Conclusion: The extent of the educational offer depends on the broker. The topics of the webinars are usually based on the investment products that a broker offers and current financial topics. Some webinars require traders to register, but this is not a huge effort. The educational offers can often be used free of charge. If you are unsure whether a webinar is actually free, you should contact customer service with these questions before using it.

The best stock exchange films - Also interesting for traders in 2020

Free demo account - interesting for beginners and experienced traders

In order to understand the process, the use of a demo account can prove useful. Some brokers offer a free demo account through which beginners and advanced traders can try trading. Trading is carried out via the demo account with virtual amounts, so that the trader does not take any risk. The respective broker determines the amount of the virtual credit so that the amount of the credit can vary from broker to broker. A difference can also be seen in the temporary use of the demo account. Some demo accounts can only be used for a few days or weeks, while others are not time-limited. Registration may be required before the demo account can be used. The functions of the trading platform can be learned and tested via the demo account.

Conclusion: It is not absolutely necessary to jump into cold water when trading. Traders can prepare for trading not only through learning materials, but also by using a free demo account. The best stock exchange films can only offer exciting entertainment here, but traders have to acquire the specialist knowledge themselves.

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Choose the right online broker

Anyone who does not yet have a securities account must open one in order to be able to trade securities on the stock exchange. A broker comparison is a useful tool to find the right provider. Attention should also be paid to the fees relating to the deposit. Many online brokers do not charge fees for custody. The costs for trading represent a crucial aspect that is decisive for the decision making. Criteria such as minimum deposit, underlying catalog and payment methods should also be taken into account. The regulation of a broker is an important indicator of a serious offer. Anyone interested in a broker domiciled abroad should find out whether it is regulated.

Conclusion: The online broker through which trading in securities takes place should be selected after extensive information gathering. The test winner can be found quickly using a broker comparison. In addition, various portals also offer test reports on the various providers.

The best stock exchange films - Also interesting for traders in 2020


Through stock exchange films with a top-class cast, viewers know how things can go on the stock exchange. However, everyday life on the stock exchange is different for private investors. Trading in securities also involves work. The course data must be evaluated correctly in order to be able to make a forecast for the future course development. With educational offers and demo accounts beginners can find a better start. The trading sums in the stock exchange films can only be realized in the rarest of cases for private investors. It may also be that a broker specifies a maximum bet, as is possible, for example, when trading binary options.

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