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Successful trading takes time - learning process for trading 2020

Successful trading takes time: what is the secret of the gurus? Use information about the learning process & co-guides & prepare for trade in 2020.

Many brokers advertise that trading is very easy and that you can generate a sizeable additional income. We don't want to be too critical with the brokers, because from a marketing point of view it is common practice to advertise your product aggressively. Whether it is electronic items is rather a minor matter. We are more likely to be responsible for the detailed information.

Most people realize that trading - no matter with which products - is not that easy after the first four to five trades at the latest. Especially when it becomes clear that success depends less on the product being traded and more on the knowledge of the traded markets.

This knowledge is necessary to develop trading strategies. And even if you look at the whole thing as a bet in the end and proceed randomly in the trade, it is a strategy that you have to come up with in order to consistently implement it.

What we are aiming for is that Point that learning trading always takes time. As a prospective trader, however, you should take this, because in the end it depends on what the performance looks like.

How does the learning process in trading work?

The learning process can meanwhile very much in trading take a long time, provided you make all the detours you are confronted with at the beginning. And these detours are, on the one hand, the belief that trading is easy and that short-term trading is underrated by most - and we mean the word immoderately not exaggerated, but exactly fitting.

But that also belongs about the learning process. To understand what is really simple and what is not. So that you do not misunderstand this: There are definitely simple things in trading, for example the market technology or the identification of technical set-ups. Most professional traders will advise beginners to use the simplest technical analysis for trading. No matter how beautifully colorful the chart looks at the end, it is of little use if the overview is lost, at least that's the argument of the traders.

First of all, the prospective trader is about to recognize where the pitfalls in trading are. Most will also realize that trading with a 60-second deadline is almost always doomed to fail. Runtimes from 15 minutes and above are suitable. In the case of extremely short maturities, the technology at random also helps very little, since there are other parameters.

In the next step, which can take different lengths, the trader should slowly recognize what risk tolerance he has. A trader who is willing to take a higher risk is less likely to be dissuaded from initial losses while trading, while another may stop trading directly.

Both types are eligible. Those who quit trading realized early enough that they will not accept losses. So, in his case, it's consistent and smart to stop. Those who continue should realize that they are now following a path in which they still have a lot to learn. However, his motives must definitely differ from those who accept losses due to gambling addiction. The trader should therefore always play this thought in front of his visual eye.

Only when this step has been taken, i.e. when the trader has got to know himself better, can he begin to develop a strategy. This will basically depend on his preferences. This raises questions about the duration, the technical set-ups and the risk management rules.

Successful trading takes time - learning process for trading 2020

Conclusion - The learning process briefly summarized

That the learning process in trading generally takes longer, as assumed, is mainly due to the fact that most prospective traders follow the "learning by doing" principle. Although this is time-consuming, it involves a high learning factor, because you learn better from your own mistakes than from the mistakes of others. The process usually proceeds according to the following steps:

  1. Trying out the advertised trading techniques
  2. Traders notice that not every technique works as it was advertised.
  3. Decide whether to continue or not.
  4. If so, then determine your willingness to take risks
  5. Develop an individual strategy and learn the tools

Trading is a strong competition and the tools of the opponents are not always fairly distributed in this competition. So why would you assume that trading is easy to learn? If so, almost anyone could get rich with it without any problems. Keep that in mind. This is necessary in order not to lose sight of reality.

Successful trading takes time - learning process for trading 2020

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