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Stan Wawrinka at London Capital Group 2020 - now for a bonus!

Celebrity visit to UK broker - LCG 2020 London Capital Group details Learn more & trade CFDs Forex.

Swiss tennis professional Stan Wawrinka has been global brand ambassador for broker LCG since November last year. Stan Wawrinka is one of the best backhand players on the world tour and has had numerous successes in recent years. In addition to three Grand Slam titles, he also won the Davis Cup with the Swiss team. Since July, however, he had to take a break due to a knee injury, but wants to fully attack again at the start of the season in Australia in January.

The tennis professional is also supported by LCG. On the broker's website you can follow Stan Wawrinka's success at any time. "Stan the Man", as Wawrinka is also called, is a committed player with willpower and ambition and fits wonderfully with LCG. Together they want to further expand the position of the broker on the world market.

Price for brokers

Experienced traders should know that LCG has Forex on offer and is impressive. Like Wawrinka, the broker can look forward to successes. The broker has received several awards for its innovations, technologies and services. It recently won the City of London Wealth Management Awards 2017 and was recognized as the best provider of spread betting. These were invented in Great Britain and describe trading in financial derivatives such as CFD trading. This form of trading in financial securities is also very popular with private customers in Great Britain.

Here, customers can use leverages on financial derivatives without directly acquiring the underlying. This promises high profits, but can also mean high losses. Traders trade here with a so-called spread, which they pay to the broker. The spread denotes the difference between the market value at the time of purchase and at the time of sale. Spread betting is therefore differential transactions. Very good providers like LCG are transparent and promise promising prospects for high profits at low costs. However, that the LCG Group has been offering Forex for a long time and therefore stands out particularly positively can be seen from a closer look at the conditions and the additional offer, which we will deal with.

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Successful tennis professional

Stan Wawrinka comes from Lausanne and was on the tennis court at the age of eight. Only nine years later, he took part in the first professional tournaments of the ATP tour. Today the 32-year-old is one of the best players in the world. In 2008 he made the jump to the top ten in the world rankings for the first time. "Stanimal", as another nickname, is not only known for its world-class backhand game, but also for a powerful style of play and quick serves. Wawrinka earned the nickname "Marathon-Man" or "Marthon-Stan" in sometimes very long, competitive matches at large tournaments. He was also part of the longest Davis Cup game of all time, at around seven hours, a double in 2013.

Stan Wawrinka at London Capital Group 2020 - now for a bonus!

Sponsorship as part of public relations

When sponsoring, one As part of public relations or PR, companies decide to support individuals or entire groups. As a company, sponsorship can not only be active in sport, but also in the cultural, social or scientific area. In contrast to donations that are made unilaterally, a company expects sponsorship to show up in public in return. Both sides enter into a partnership. For example, the sponsored person or team receives money or equipment. In return, for example, the company's lettering appears on jerseys or as gang advertising. Sponsorship is therefore a mutual partnership with rights and obligations on both sides, in which the connection between sponsor and sponsored becomes clear.

Sponsor shows itself in public

The sponsor is public about the sponsored athlete or artist and wants to share in the success, the level of awareness or the positive image of the artist or athlete. Sponsoring is probably best known in sports, but art, culture and science are also ideal areas for showing yourself as a sponsor in public. Companies should always find a suitable ambassador whom they support and sponsor. In the best case, there are similarities between companies and well-known personalities.

LCG’s TV ad starring Stan Wawrinka

Prominent brand ambassadors

Not only LCG has a internationally known personality with Stan Wawrinka selected as brand ambassador, other brokers have also discovered this form of public relations. So since spring 2016 XTB has been working with the Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen, who became known worldwide as a villain in the James Bond film "Casino Royal". The broker GKFX provided a novelty in autumn 2015 when it entered into a partnership with the traditional football club AC Milan. At that time, GKFX also secured exclusive marketing and advertising rights as part of the sponsorship. Among other things, the broker is represented in the well-known Giuseppe Meazza stadium in Milan with gang advertising.

Sponsoring for brokers is becoming increasingly interesting

This also makes broker sponsoring an increasingly interesting part of public relations work. For sponsorship, companies select events, teams or personalities that are in the media. In this way, media reporting can be used as a multiplier. This will further increase awareness and, in the best case, reach a new target group.

With its advertising for LCG Forex Trading, the broker specifically addresses sports fans to Stan Wawrinka. In many cases, sponsorship is interesting in order to address a target group that you could not successfully address with advertising on the Internet or classic commercials. Wawrinka has a positive image as a successful athlete in public. LCG also benefits from this image. This not only increases the awareness of the broker, but also makes it appear in a positive light. Ultimately, new target groups can be opened up and both sides benefit from cooperation.

More subtle than advertising

Many people are more traditional Advertising increasingly annoyed. During the commercial break on TV they zap on another program or use the break to get a drink. Sponsoring, like well-done public relations , is not as intrusive as advertising. In contrast to advertising, which focuses on short-term success, public relations wants to improve the image of a company in the public. That is why public relations as well as its sponsoring section is designed to be long-term.

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Different types of sponsoring

Sponsoring can be designed very differently. Sometimes both sides choose jersey advertising or banner advertising in the football stadium; times for advertising at events. If an individual, i.e. an athlete or artist is supported, the company lettering can be applied very well to clothing or equipment.

A risk with sponsorship is that the supported person may no longer be known, his image deteriorates or, in the case of athletes, his success fails to materialize and therefore his awareness declines.

LCG Capital Forex offer since 1990 - Details on the British broker

For the regulation of the Brokers of the British company London Capital Group-Holdings plc, founded in the 1990s, is responsible for the financial supervision in Great Britain, the FCA. This has given the broker a corresponding license to offer its services. The MiFID guidelines for the harmonization of European financial markets protect investors across the EU. In the coming year, the requirements will be tightened again, which should provide investors with even better protection in the event of the insolvency of the provider. Brokers from the UK are currently offering all clients up to £ 50,000 in compensation. In addition, all customer funds are kept in separate accounts.

Trading in eight asset classes

Traders can be active in eight asset classes at LCG in over 7,000 markets, but the focus is on Forex trading with more than 60 Currency pairs, including major as well as many unknown currencies. The pips start at 0.6 in the major currencies. In CFD trading, traders have the choice between many underlyings such as stocks, indices or commodities.

LCG allows account management in the currencies euro, dollar and pound. There is no minimum deposit. A deposit is conveniently made by credit card or bank transfer. Anyone who registers with LCG and opens an account will be contacted shortly afterwards by the provider to verify their data.

Faster orders via MetaTrader 4

To be able to place an order in a matter of seconds, this is the MetaTrader 4 is an optimal trading platform - due to its many years of LCG Capital Forex experience, the broker knows this fact and comes up with the popular software. In addition, this is simply structured. LCG has integrated an analysis package with indicators and tools for chart analysis. The Expert Advisor for traders who want to trade automatically already exists. Although the LCG Forex MT4 will be known to many traders at least with regard to the basic functions, LCG still provides extensive training material. This way, even newcomers can learn how to use the platform. In a manual there is a lot of information about handling the platform, the indicators and the Expert Advisor. This knowledge can then be tested risk-free via a demo account until traders are ready for the LCG Forex login with the real money account. Traders receive up-to-date information about markets and dates by email.

Conclusion: LCG Group Forex offer is appropriately advertised

The London Capital Group and the Swiss tennis professional Stan Wawrinka have been working together for a year now. Wawrinka has won numerous tournaments but suffered an injury in the summer. In the new year he wants to attack again - also with the support of LCG. But not only Wawrinka is successful in his profession, the LCG Capital Forex area is also impressive, and so the broker is always happy to receive awards. Recently it was voted best spread betting provider.

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