Shares and Bitcoin 2020 - invest in crypto securities

Shares and Bitcoin 2020: which securities are suitable for crypto investments? Shares & investment opportunities Earn the hype now.

Bitcoins have been raving about many investors for months. With its market capitalization, the cryptocurrency is the undisputed number one in digital currencies. The hype is now reaching new heights, because the first futures on digital currencies have been around since the turn of 2017/2018. This gives investors alternative options to invest in the cryptocurrency. With which stocks can investors benefit from the true gold rush Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency?

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Blockchain technology brings future-oriented profits

Blockchain technology is behind most cryptocurrencies and is considered the system of the future. Anonymous transmission of digital values ​​and the anonymized exchange of information are becoming increasingly important. Decentralized networks are increasingly finding their way into everyday (payment) business. Especially since Bitcoin has triggered real hype, not only the shares of crypto companies, but also many companies in its slipstream. This refers to manufacturers of hardware, wallets or other components that are necessary for trading and mining the digital currency units. Since there are currently over 1,200 decentralized networks, the demand is of course correspondingly high. The extent to which the share price development can only be guessed at.

Bitcoin future as an interesting investment

It was certainly only a matter of time before Bitcoin futures were launched, Since December 18, 2017, however, they have been on the largest futures exchange, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). The Swiss bank Vontobel already had a circulation in summer 2017. Swiss investors can also bet on falling prices for futures. Measured against the Vontobel future, however, the financial product of CME will have far-reaching effects. US hedge funds that are particularly risky are now being lured onto the Bitcoin floor. What does future trading look like on the Chicago Forex Exchange?

  • Settlement of contracts in dollars
  • It is based on the Bitcoin price of the Gemini
  • crypto exchange Trading hours: Sunday 5 p.m. Chicago time to Friday 3:15 p.m.
  • CME paper trading: trading on the ClearPort and Globex platforms Sunday 5 p.m. - Friday 4 p.m. Chicago time
  • Settlement by Options Clearing Corporation

The security deposit at Options Clearing Corporation is 30 percent. Anyone who trades through ClearPort must deposit a security deposit of 35 percent. In general, bitcoin futures trading on the CBOE is stopped for two minutes if the contract price is above ten percent of the previous trading day. If there is a 20 percent change in paper after resuming trading, pause for five minutes. At CME there are also "circuit breakers" for course changes over 7, 13 and 20 percent. The daily maximum price change is set at 20 percent.

Shares and Bitcoin 2020 - invest in crypto securities

Crypto stocks create today's expectations among investors

Advanced Blockchain presented its figures in early January 2018 and thus surprised investors positively. The company, which makes its money by advising blockchain solutions, surprised investors with a capital increase of 700,000 nine securities, which could be obtained in a ratio of two to one for one euro each. The company also aims to be listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and on Xetra. So far, investors have only been able to trade the securities on the Düsseldorf stock exchange, where the price has already passed the 40 euro mark. The Advanced Blockchain share will continue to be an interesting paper in order to benefit from the enthusiasm of cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Group SE Securities

Bitcoin Group SE has probably been one of the biggest winners in recent months, Revenues increased by an impressive 128 percent in the first six months of the current financial year to 1.8 million euros. The overall result thus increased by 42 percent and climbed to 1.2 million euros. As a 100 percent subsidiary of Bitcoin Germany and operator of, these are brilliant results. Investors also benefit from this enormous growth. The number of users on the trading platform continues to rise, easily exceeding the 430,000 mark. This is how the course of the course shines, it is also fickle. At the moment, the mood towards Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is somewhat depressed, which of course also affects the course of Bitcoin Group SE.

Blockchain solutions as a major market winner

The BTL Group is one of the shooting stars in the stock sky. The company offers blockchain solutions for all industries. The hobbyhorses include companies from the gaming, energy and financial sectors. Over the past 16 months, the share has posted an increase of over 1,700 percent. With the launch of its own blockchain platform Interbit, company assets can easily be exchanged with one another. The optimized processes result in a cost saving, which ensures a lively company participation. In cooperation with six European banks and the credit card provider Visa, the company has also started a pilot project for handling international payment transfers. Here too, the focus should be on cost efficiency, especially for private investors. The company can already look back on similarly successful pilot projects. In summer 2017, the company concluded a project for more efficient energy trading with Wien Energie and two other companies in the energy sector. Another fact that was decisive for the extremely positive course of the paper. In addition, there was an increase of 15.3 million Canadian dollars in the company's treasury in November, which came from two financing rounds.

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FinLab AG continues to grow

FinLab AG was founded in Germany in 2003 and is also one of the profiteers of the hype about digital currencies. In the meantime, the company has also secured Iconiq Lab's investments, which, when announced, led to a share price increase of around 25 percent. Due to an internal financing of Deposit Solutions (FinLab participation) 17 million euros were flushed into the cash registers, so that the company has a valuation of 240 million euros. In the future there will be a major capital increase by Deposit Solutions, so that the 400 million euro mark will be broken. It remains exciting to see how the stock exchange reacts to this direction. Industry experts, however, expect the paper to grow rapidly.

Bitcoin trading by the Fintech Group

Anyone who has invested in the Fintech Group in the past few weeks is facing his rosy outlook. The paper doubled the price compared to 2016. This was also due to the announcement in October 2017 that the subsidiary Flatex had rapid customer growth. In the twinkling of an eye, the 200,000 mark was broken. Order fees and lending rates were increased, but Flatex is still one of the cheapest providers in the industry compared to other platforms. This brings with it steady customer growth. Due to the adjusted price structure, about four million euros are added to the cash register. According to CEO Frank Niehage, the yield is expected to be 13 million. The Fintech Group has also started trading cryptocurrencies in 2018 and is raising its price target to EUR 35. Investors can benefit from these ambitious plans for price increases.

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Market debut of the starter Hive Blockchain Technology

The company for blockchain infrastructure Hive Blockchain Technology started as a newcomer to the stock exchange in mid-September. Investors could initially look forward to an increase in value of 800 percent by the beginning of November. The Canadian company further expanded its resources through the partnership with Genesis Mining and secured a cryptocurrency mining data center in Iceland. 24/7 digital currencies are produced here, so that Hive Blockchain Technology can further expand its business activity. Thanks to the technological development for the validation of blockchain transactions by Genesis and the strategic partnership, a lot more will be heard from Hive Blockchain Technology in the future. In mid-November there was fresh cash of $ 34.5 million, which was immediately reinvested in a Swedish data center to expand capacity by another 175 percent. According to the experts, the stock remains two interesting, albeit risky, investments. The current market value is over 500 million euros.

Share without substance: Maier & Partner

The company’s security showed at the end of 2017 what strange hype the bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can have On-line PLC. The British caused a sensation because they announced at the end of October that they wanted to add the word "blockchain" to their company name. This mere announcement is enough to increase the price by 400 percent within a very short time. Within two trading days, investors were able to claim one side of profit-taking. A similar incident occurred during the extraordinary general meeting of Maier & Partner on December 11th. The company announced that it wanted to change its name to "Netcoin.Capital". This announcement also caused a real explosion. As a holding company, the company plans to invest in blockchain companies in the future, which is the reason for the name change. The risk for these two stocks is extremely high for investors, since the crypto hype is short-lived and no sustained positive price development can be expected.

Shares and Bitcoin 2020 - invest in crypto securities

Winners of the crypto challenge the stock exchange

The Naga Group is one of the successful new exchange participants in 2017. It is based in the north of Hamburg, in Hamburg. The stock exchange started in June and the fintech company sold 1 million securities at a price of EUR 2.60 each. They were already traded for over 22 euros in September. The company's core business is to offer fintech solutions for the gaming and finance industries. With the introduction of the Naga Wallet, the company would like to further expand its shares and expand the customer base. In addition, the Naga Coin is a separate cryptocurrency that is used for its own platform. The ICO's first offering is expected to be approximately $ 220 million. In addition, it should be possible in the future to trade the coin on the global crypto exchanges. The stock market value is over 240 million euros, but experts estimate the risk of the share extremely high. Nevertheless, due to its future orientation, the company is considered one with the most potential on the market.

Software AG - the sleeping dog with potential

In recent years, Software AG has fallen short of investor expectations back. Since 2000 the company has been trying to stabilize and even drive the course. However, due to the expanded orientation and the latest quarterly figures, the company posted the highest price level since 2000. Experts are also certain that there is still a lot of potential in the company. By specializing in the Internet of Things, the course rose in early January by over 10 euros within a few days - from 42 euros to 52 euros. Software AG itself reports ambitious growth rates in the division and shares an annual growth of 100 percent within the next four years. The results in the cloud and internet of things business are also sometimes promising. Experts rate the opportunities, but also the risk of the investment as high. Nevertheless, the Software AG share is considered an ambitious investment opportunity.

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NVIDIA shares not only surprise German investors

The company NVIDIA is certainly here in Germany not a term for many users, although it is indispensable for mining cryptocurrencies and PCs. NVIDIA Corporation is the world's leading developer of chipsets and graphics processors. These graphics technologies are mainly needed for the transactions of digital currency units. In the course of increasing demand for bitcoin mining and mining for other cryptocurrencies, the manufacturers of the components required for this are experiencing a real upswing. At the moment the security is very lucrative for investors, because within a short time the paper reached the all-time high of over 202 euros. The chart shows that the upward trend will continue. There is still the hurdle of 200 euros, but experts agree that it will be overcome with ease. You give the paper so much potential to take advantage of the resistance-free zone up to a growth of 250 euros. So if you want to invest in the NVIDIA share, you are not on the wrong track.

IBM and Stellar achieve high prices

Through the cooperation of IBM with the open source financial service provider Stellar, they are also working for the American IT company opens up completely new opportunities. In the future, a common blockchain solution is to be created that enables cross-border payments. The project was already presented in October 2017, which is causing the share price to rise. The long-term, ambitious goal also ensures positive development. The joint project aims to make the financial industry cheaper and more efficient across national borders; Transfers take place in real time. The network with twelve different currency areas is currently under construction. The currencies of specific countries are involved. Well-known include Australia and New Zealand, but also island states like Tonga or Fiji are on board. The British pound can also be synchronized in the network. Stellar comes into play to make the transfers. The lumen token is used for this, which acts as a means of payment in the entire network. The original idea behind the lungs already makes it clear that the token should be understood as an alternative payment system between banks and private users.

For this reason, experts recommend buying securities, because the company's commitment to the blockchain sector Technology could pay off in the next few years. A look at the stock chart shows that the upward trend will continue. The security bottomed at $ 139.13 in August 2017 and has heralded the upward trend since then. At the end of December 2017, the falling 200-day line was also overcome, so that a clear buy signal was sent to investors. This makes IBM paper one of the medium-term, commendable investments.

Daimler relies on blockchain technology

It was a question of time before blockchain technology also found its way into the German automotive industry. Daimler announced that environmentally friendly driving should be possible with the so-called MobiCoin. With this, the company wants to create environmentally friendly driving for its customer incentives and is thus launching a unique project for the first time. However, on closer inspection, it is rather a clever marketing strategy of the car manufacturer. The Stuttgart-based company creates its own cryptocurrency to reward customers for their environmentally friendly driving style. Whether and to what extent the cryptocurrency can be used later is still uncertain. IOTA is behind the functionality of MobiCoin. Collecting the coins should be possible via an app. Test drivers who drive particularly environmentally friendly receive the coins as a reward. This announcement shares the share price well because it rose slightly. The mere announcement is not enough for a stable increase. Here, too, it can be seen once again what blossom Bitcoin announcements can have on companies.

Shares and Bitcoin 2020 - invest in crypto securities

Conclusion: Securities benefit from crypto hype

There are now innumerable securities that Participate in the hype. Above all, of course, the Bitcoin Group SA share. But there are also numerous other companies that are on the rise of crypto hysteria. This includes some fintech companies as well as manufacturers for the hardware and software used for mining. There are numerous companies that can be of interest to investors in the medium term. However, the crypto hype also has strange excesses. For example, a mere announcement or addition of a name to "Bitcoin" or other related words is sufficient to briefly skyrocket the share price. Investors who rely on those with speculative securities quickly experience a rapid decline in value.

Particular attention should be paid to the recently published market surveillance report on cryptocurrencies by Blockchain Transparency Institute, which reports how "Wash Trading "creates a type of market manipulation in which a trader sells and buys a financial instrument at the same time in order to fake the popularity of the financial instrument.

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