Selling IOTA 2020 - How can I sell & benefit from IOTA?

Selling IOTA experiences 2020: Selling IOTA coins quickly and easily The various options at a glance Get information now.

Trading in digital currencies can lead to high returns. However, for this it is necessary to be able to sell the coins at a good price. Anyone who has decided to trade in the IOTA currency can use different platforms. The IOTA, which has been officially traded since 2017, convinces with new and innovative ideas that are implemented. One of these ideas is access to a technology other than the blockchain - the Tangle. With these ideas, IOTA has already entered the market well and has developed into a popular cryptocurrency for trading.

  • IOTA has been officially traded since 2017
  • The sale can be done via special exchanges and brokers are processed.
  • Selling against other digital currencies is possible.
  • Selling against fiat money is also offered.

Table of contents

  • How can I sell IOTA?
  • Sell IOTA - Binance at a glance
  • Sell IOTA on Bitfinex
  • Bitpanda as a popular option in Germany
  • Price developments Keep an eye on
  • Selling or rather holding IOTA?
  • CFD trading instead of selling - there are
  • risk management when trading with IOTA
  • conclusion: Sell IOTA via the marketplace or stock exchange

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How can I sell IOTA?

Will the Thinking about starting trading in IOTA or if there are coins that are no longer needed, it is interesting to know how the tokens can be sold. Selling the IOTA coin is basically possible in the same way that the coins are bought. The basis for buying and selling itself is a wallet. It is a virtual wallet in which the coins are kept.

In principle, a sale against other digital currencies or fiat money is possible. It is good to know how to pay here. Selling via the IOTA wallet is also possible if payment is to be made in a currency such as euros or US dollars. The Fiat currencies are then paid out to the specified account or a credit card.

There are exchanges and brokers that act as online trading venues as platforms for the sale. These marketplaces bring together people who focus on buying and selling digital currencies. It depends on the stock exchange how it works. Some are bought and sold directly on the stock exchange. But there is also the possibility to directly trade with other users of the platform.

Selling IOTA 2020 - How can I sell & benefit from IOTA?

Selling IOTA - Binance at a glance

Selling IOTA via Binance is one of the possibilities there are. Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange that was founded in 2017. 2017 is also the year in which IOTA was officially launched. The Exchange has had a very good start right from the start. Development has made it one of the most famous cryptocurrency exchanges available worldwide.

Here it is important to know that Binance is a so-called crypto-to-crypto Exchange trades. There are other exchanges through which a deposit with fiat money is possible. Selling IOTA via Binance is only possible in exchange with other digital currencies. In order to be able to carry out a sale, the following steps are necessary: ​​

  1. Perform registration

Registration is via the website and is free of charge. For the first login, information such as the email and a password are required. The password should also meet the highest possible security requirements. After registration, an email will be sent by Binance with a confirmation link. This must be clicked so that the account can be used.

  1. Make a deposit

In order to be able to sell IOTA, these have to be paid in first. In this way, Binance ensures that the specified quantity is also available. The tokens are sent to an IOTA address. It is important to ensure that they are sent to the correct address.

  1. Make the sale

Now the IOTA for sale on the marketplace.

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How can you spend a minute?

Sell IOTA on Bitfinex

Sell IOTA on Bitfinex is also possible. Bitfinex has long been attractive for the sale of IOTA. The reason for this is that it is one of the first crypto exchanges to have listed the digital currency of the Internet of Things at all. Even today, Bitfinex is still one of the first points of contact. An account is required to sell the coins.

The registration should be carried out in peace and quiet. The button for registration is selected via the website. The provider wants to secure himself by calling up the individual data. Basically, the registration itself is very simple. However, a little more time should be allowed for the setting of a 2-factor authentication.

At Bitfinex you have to decide between a margin and an exchange wallet. If you really only want to sell the coins, you can usually get by with an exchange wallet. Several digital wallets can be managed via the platform's wallet. To be able to sell IOTA, a transfer is necessary. For this purpose, the coins are transferred to the wallet of the trading platform. As soon as these have been received, trading can start.

The "Trading" area is selected for the sale. The amount of the fees depends on how the sale is carried out. However, there is an overview of the fees on the website.

Selling IOTA 2020 - How can I sell & benefit from IOTA?

Bitpanda as a popular option in Germany

Especially in Germany and Austria, the Bitpanda platform is for buying and selling IOTA very popular. Other digital currencies are also offered. There are several points that speak for opening an account in the marketplace. These include:

  • Easy to use: Operation is very intuitive and simple, which means that even beginners can find their way around quickly.
  • Wallet Service: A wallet service can be used upon registration. The service is free of charge and is considered to be very secure.
  • Support: Since it is a European company, German support is also offered, which is easy to reach.
  • Fiat currencies: While Bitpanda initially only worked with the euro, it is now possible to use other Fiat currencies for trading. These include US dollars and GBP.

The provider has also adjusted the options in terms of prices. In the meantime, the website shows that the prices range from 1.49% for the purchase of digital currencies to 1.29% for the sale. This enables relatively cheap trading.

When comparing the individual marketplaces, several factors should be taken into account. Here comes the question of prices. But a look at the currencies for trading can also be of interest.

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Keep an eye on price developments

There are various reasons for the sale of IOTA. Some investors may have invested in the digital currency right from the start and now want to sell it again. In some cases, however, the right trade is also focused in order to generate a high return. Basically, cryptocurrencies are considered to be very liquid.

With a selection of more than 1,000 digital currencies, it is not so easy to decide in which direction to go. Once the decision has been made on the IOTA, it is now a matter of deciding when the sale is really worthwhile. The development of the courses plays an important role. Charts are available at some marketplaces. These charts show how the prices are developing.

Due to the high liquidity, changes to the prices are possible within seconds. What does this mean for the investor himself? Sometimes just a few minutes are enough to turn a high return into a loss. Constant observation of the courses is optimal, but not always easy to implement. That is why you have to react quickly, especially when selling coins directly. With increasing experience in buying and selling, the charts can be better assessed and the times when a good return can be made with the currency.

Selling IOTA 2020 - How can I sell & benefit from IOTA?

Sell or rather hold IOTA?

The sale of IOTA is relatively easy. Nevertheless, the question for investors is whether they should really sell or rather hold. Often digital currencies are not necessarily seen as a long-term investment. This is due to their high liquidity. There is a high risk that the yield will decrease more and more with a long hold.

However, there may be advantages to choosing to hold. If you just want to generate profits quickly, you are better served with a short-term sale. For this, however, it is necessary to invest time in the observation of the charts and to be able to react quickly here if there are changes in price.

If you decide to hold, you adopt a completely different strategy. With this variant, the IOTA are bought, saved in the wallet and held. Securing with an offline or hardware wallet can be the right way. As a result, the coins are not online in a wallet, access for hackers is made more difficult.

Whoever decides to hold their coins primarily relies on a very strong exchange rate development for the digital currency. Above all, investors who believe in IOTA and see a future with the technology behind it are active here. The price developments in the past have shown that the likelihood of a positive development is definitely present.

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CFD trading instead of selling - these possibilities exist

Buying and selling IOTA takes time because it is first necessary to deal with the digital currency, select a wallet, set it up, buy the coins and then sell it again. In this context, some investors are looking for an alternative to dispense with a wallet and still benefit from the price developments.

One of these alternatives is CFD trading in the currency. IOTA is listed with some brokers for CFD trading. Even if the digital currency is not yet one of the best known cryptocurrencies, it is still available. It can be assumed that even more brokers will add IOTA to their trading offer in the future.

Positions are opened in CFD trading and for these positions the trader is betting that the price of the IOTA will either rise or fall. The charts should also be analyzed in this context. However, even faster reactions are possible here, since the purchase and sale do not have to be planned first. There are also levers that can be used. The leverage increases the stake in the positions without any additional capital being transferred here.

There is a high risk when trading CFDs on IOTA. The use of a lever increases the possible losses even more. Risk management is therefore an important issue.

Selling IOTA 2020 - How can I sell & benefit from IOTA?

Risk management when trading with IOTA

The IOTA coin can generally be a good investment opportunity. Due to the rapid price changes, high returns are not uncommon. However, liquidity also carries its risks. Effective risk management is therefore important. This applies to the direct purchase and sale of coins, but also for trading CFDs on IOTA. Risk management can look like this:

  • Sale of IOTA: The coins should be bought at the lowest possible rate. Constant observation of the course of the course is therefore particularly important. In addition, only the amount of capital that can also be lost should be invested without plunging the investor into high losses and generating debts. Proper storage of the coins also provides a high level of security. This is done, for example, via an offline wallet.
  • CFD trading: A demo account can normally be used for CFD trading. This account can be used to test how the positions develop in a risk-free manner. A lever can also be used. This allows strategies to be created without any risk.

If you have no experience in trading IOTA, you should also look at the currency itself and the historical exchange rates to get a comprehensive picture receive and thus better assess possible further price developments.

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Conclusion: Sell IOTA via marketplace or stock exchange

IOTA coins are available directly and if these are to be sold via a stock exchange or a marketplace, various providers are available. Investors can use the prices and experience of the platforms to decide where they would like to advertise. Also interesting is the question of whether only further cryptocurrencies can be used as payment or whether payment with fiat money is also possible.

Trading with coins is an alternative to classic buying and selling CFDs. With this variant, it is possible to generate a profit even with falling prices if the positions have been set correctly. However, protection is also recommended.

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