Plus500 PayPal - Deposit securely and reliably with PayPal

Plus500 PayPal. Do you prefer to deposit when trading with PayPal? - Read our test on Plus500 to find out whether PayPal is offered.

Does the online broker Plus500 offer PayPal, one of the safest and most popular payment methods in Germany? The company was originally founded as a Plus550 group in 2008 and is based in Cyprus. In 2009, it was the first company in the world to introduce royalty-free stock trading. The number of customers for Plus550 grew steadily in the years after the foundation, so that it could go public in 2013. The online broker offers trading in stocks, forex, indices, commodities, ETFs, binary options and CFDs. He is a leading provider of CFD trading. He also sponsors the Spanish team Atlético de Madrid. Since there are only a few brokers that make payment via PayPal available to traders, we want to find out whether PayPal is offered at Plus500.

The facts about Plus500 PayPal:

  • Free trading in shares
  • CFD trading
  • Mobile app
  • Founded in 2008 as Plus500 Group
  • based in Cyprus
  • Offers PayPal as payment method
  • Regulation of Plus500CY LTD by CySEC

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What does Plus500 offer?

Plus 500 is a trading platform of Plus500CY LTD with a branch in Cyprus. The portfolio includes over 2,000 financial instruments. Plus500CY LTD is a subsidiary of Plus500 Ltd, which is listed on the AIM section of the London Stock Exchange (LSE). The focus of the trading platform is on trading with CFDs. CFD stands for Contracts for Difference, i.e. contracts for difference, such as stocks, commodities, indices and currencies. Contracts for difference are derivative financial instruments that involve a high degree of risk. Traders can lose their capital. The trader is free to choose which financial product to trade. Plus500 also offers trading in Forex, ETFs and binary options.

How do CFDs work?

Contracts for difference are financial derivatives, whereby the prices always relate to the prices of other underlyings. These are highly speculative transactions with CFD leverage. This means that the more you bet, the more you can win, but you can also lose all your capital. This is a total loss and, in the worst case, can lead to a CFD margin requirement. Traders should always be aware of the risks when trading securities.

When trading CFDs, you can bet on long or short positions. With the long position, the trader buys a share, for which rising prices are particularly suitable. With the short position e.g. sold one share and bought it again later. Falling rates are useful with this option. When trading CFDs, transaction costs, account management fees and financing costs can arise.

On the homepage, the Plus500 trading platform directly points out the risks of trading with CFDs and that you can lose all your capital. The success rate in trading is approx. 40 percent. Reputable brokers notice on their side that trading on the financial market, especially CFD trading, carries risks. It's a good sign that Plus500 is doing this on its website. The platform also points out risk management tools to manage the trading risk. Trading is always associated with risk. Traders can lose their invested capital.

Via the online broker Plus500 you can trade stocks, forex, indices, commodities, ETFs, binary options and CFDs with a trading account, with a focus on the latter. Special CFD brokers with PayPal are available for CFD trading. If you want to specialize in forex trading, you can use forex brokers with PayPal. Trading always involves risks and especially with the CFD you can win a lot, but you can also lose everything.

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Plus500 PayPal - Deposit securely and reliably with PayPal

Why with Pay PayPal?

The PayPal payment system has many advantages and is a popular payment system in Germany that can be used worldwide. PayPal is not only one of the safest means of payment, but also a quick and uncomplicated payment method. The recipient receives the money immediately, which is why trading with PayPal works very well. PayPal offers its private customers buyer protection and the option of having a six-digit security key sent to them for each login, which they use to log into the PayPal account along with their password.

When registering for a PayPal account, you enter your personal data once and you do not have to re-enter your sensitive data each time you make payments in an online shop or online brokers. For payments on the Internet, PayPal customers simply provide their email address and the corresponding password. It's quick and easy. Serious brokers can be recognized by the fact that they give their customers the option to pay via PayPal. For online brokers, paying with PayPal means additional costs because they have to pay a maximum of 1.9 percent plus 0.35 euros for each transaction received that is carried out using this payment method. Many brokers would like to avoid these fees by offering other payment alternatives.

Brokers who offer PayPal are therefore considered to be reputable because they comply with customer requirements, even if they do additional costs are incurred. However, for most online brokers, the fees are the reason not to provide PayPal. There are only advantages for PayPal's 16 million private customers, as they generally do not have to pay any fees.

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Plus500 with PayPal: Does that fit together?

Plus500 with PayPal - it actually fits together. Although many brokers avoid PayPal due to the fees incurred per transaction, Plus500 turns out to be one of the few online brokers who do not want to withhold PayPal from their customers. This shows that the platform for CFD Trading Plus500 takes into account the wishes and preferences of its traders and also accepts the costs for each payment received. Traders who have not yet decided on a trading platform can view a trading account with Plus500 in demo mode.

In addition, traders at Plus500 can choose whether they want to use PayPal instead of PayPal for other payment options Want to use credit card (Visa / Master), Skrill or bank transfer. Payments are made in the same payment method as the deposits, if this is possible.

If the monthly turnover of the business customer is less than 5,000 euros, he pays 1.9 percent and 0.35 euros for a domestic transaction with a monthly turnover 5,001 to 25,000 euros 1.7 percent plus 0.35 euros and for monthly sales from 25,001 euros 1.5 percent with 0.35 euros per payment.

Our test shows that Plus500 offers PayPal without any problems and also accepts incurring fees. In addition, other payment options are provided, such as credit cards, Skrill and bank transfers. Plus500 thus shows the signs of a reputable online broker. It is geared towards its customers and does not shy away from additional costs.

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Plus500 PayPal - Deposit securely and reliably with PayPal

FAQ: 5 important questions about Plus500 with PayPal

What does CFD trading mean?

CFD trading means trading in contracts for differences, a financial instrument. These are stocks, commodities, indices or currencies. CFD trading is very risky due to its leverage.

What is Forex trading?

Forex refers to the foreign exchange market, i.e. foreign exchange trading.

Plus500 offers a demo account?

The Plus500 trading platform offers interested parties a trading account in demo mode to familiarize themselves with it. A demo account is a good opportunity to compare different accounts and to choose one that is best used.

Who is CFD trading suitable for?

CFD trading is suitable because of its risks not for beginners. We recommend this type of trading for experienced traders who can already estimate a course of the price.

What can I do as a beginner trading?

Trading beginners are best trading with binary options. With them, he only has to predict whether the share will fall or rise by a certain point in time and cannot assess the entire course of the price.

The offer at a glance

The Plus500 PayPal experience shows it there is also a trading account in demo mode if you want to look at it in advance before opening it. Traders can also use Android, iOS and Windows apps to trade. For trading with contracts for differences, it makes sense to get CFD tips beforehand and to find out about the CFD trading times. PayPal also offers an app that you can use to keep an eye on your payments.

Plus500 PayPal - Deposit securely and reliably with PayPal

Conclusion: At Plus500 you can trade safely and quickly with PayPal!

Since Plus500 PayPal can be used as a deposit option, you can definitely trade safely and above all seriously. Thanks to PayPal, payments can be made immediately and free of charge for traders. Only the broker has to pay a fee for the reception, which is why many trading platforms do not offer PayPal. Traders should be aware that trading CFDs is particularly risky. Even if you set the goal of wealth expansion, you may lose your capital. It is very positive that Plus500 still enables its customers to choose this payment method. Now use for Plus500 PayPal to top up your trading account!

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Trade cryptocurrencies directly with Plus500

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