Plus500 payment not without ID: Different ways

Plus500 payout. Can't be planned without an ID document? That is why proof of identity is so important. Read how to withdraw money quickly & safely.

The London-based FX and CFD broker Plus500 states in its terms and conditions and notes on money transfers that payments can only be made to customers who have previously been verified by sending a valid ID document with photo.

Plus500 disbursement - various transaction channels

According to the company, disbursements are preferably made in favor of the account from which deposits have also been registered. This measure serves to prevent money laundering and fraud. Payments are accordingly possible by bank transfer, credit card, Paypal and Moneybookers. A Plus500 payment in favor of a previously unknown account is of course also possible for legal reasons alone. However, customers have to expect a detailed examination and an associated payout, which may be delayed by several days.

Plus500 payment not without ID: Different ways

Customer funds and company assets separated

Plus500 claims that all customer funds are in segregated customer accounts and thus separate from business assets. In the event of a broker's bankruptcy, customer funds would be protected and creditors would not be able to access customer accounts. Client funds are held in custody at the British Barclays Bank, which is linked to the statutory UK deposit insurance scheme.

Trading is always associated with a risk. Traders can lose their invested capital.

Trade cryptocurrencies directly with Plus500 now

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Plus500 payment not without ID: Different ways

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