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Plus500: Free service & affordable services

Plus500 fees. Test & analysis give all details. Favorable payment transactions & fair trading fees. The guide gives you all the important information.

The account can be managed in EUR, USD and GBP. The broker Plus500 can serve with a wide range of services despite low fees. Fees only apply in a few areas. These are clearly visible and can be called up at any time to ensure an overview of the cost structure. Fees are only charged for dormant accounts and payments made via certain financial service providers.

The most important overview:

  • Plus500 is a market maker.
  • Plus500 has its own trading platform called Plus500TM.
  • Plus500 has a minimum deposit amount of € 100.
  • Plus500 is free when you open an account, download the trading platform and make deposits into the trading account.
  • Plus500 offers a free one Trading ETFs, commodities or currencies.
  • Plus500 takes $ 5 account fee after a three-month hiatus.
  • Plus500 charges fees when trading stock CFDs and rollover positions.
  • Plus500 shows the costs incurred under "Detail".
  • Plus500 shows the cost of spreads as a percentage next to the trading instruments.
  • Plus 500 charges fees for payouts via PayPal (€ 0.35 + 1.9% of the payment amount).

1>Trade cryptocurrencies directly with Plus500

Plus500: Free service & affordable services

The company Plus500

The broker Plus500 is a market maker . This means that he sets up buying and selling courses himself. In contrast to STP or ECN market models, he does not forward the customer orders to the banks, but executes the orders himself . Market makers are financed through spreads by executing buy and sell requests from customers. Plus500 offers its customers an in-house free trading platform, the Plus500TM . It is available as a download, web and mobile version . An account can be opened from a deposit amount of € 100 .

The Market Maker Plus500 enables the trader to open a trading account from a deposit of € 100 to open. This requires either a download of the in-house platform Plus500TM or the use of the web or mobile version.

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Free service at Plus500

For the trader, neither Account opening , still when downloading the trading platform Plus500TM or when paying the credit costs on. This also remains the case with trading in ETFs, commodities or currencies . However, if the trader, for any reason, decides to hold his account for a longer period of time, he will be charged five US dollars for the account management and the red tape after three months.

Plus500 offers offers its customers the free download of its Plus500TM trading platform, the opening of an account, the payment into the trading account and trading in ETFs, commodities and currencies. Costs are only incurred in this area if the account is dormant for more than three months. A fee of five US dollars is incurred here.

Plus500: Free service & affordable services

Affordable services at Plus500

Variable costs, which depend on the respective underlying, arise at Trading in equity CFDs or in so-called rollover positions . Here, Forex or CFD positions are not brought to a conclusion, but kept open for a certain period of time. Which costs come to the trader can be found under point "Detail" .

This also applies to spreads . They are specified next to each trading instrument as a percentage . Spreads and margin are basically the means by which brokers make their money. Trading is always associated with risk. Traders can lose their invested capital.

If the payment is made via PayPal Plus500 calculates transaction costs in the amount of a fixed amount of € 0.35 plus 1.9% of the payment amount.

As a market maker, Plus500 earns its money with spreads and margin. The trader incurs additional costs when trading stock CFDs and rollover positions. Plus500 also charges payment via PayPal. These amount to fixed costs of € 0.35 and variable costs in the amount of 1.9% of the payout amount.

Plus500 can largely do without fees as a market maker, If these occur in certain trades, they can be tracked exactly under "Detail". The unlimited demo account is of course free of charge.

Trade cryptocurrencies directly with Plus500

Plus500: Free service & affordable services

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