PayPal at Ava Trade 2020 - Top up your account via PayPal

PayPal at Ava Trade 2020: Important information about trading at Ava Trade Top up your account with PayPal. Now go to the broker & trade.

AvaTrade customers can now deposit money with the broker via PayPal. In the past, many traders wanted this payment option. In addition, traders can still take part in a bonus campaign in forex trading until November 30, where they can receive up to € 14,000 in starter bonuses when making a deposit from € 100 . This applies to the first adherence to an account with euro, pound, dollar or Australian dollar as the base currency. To withdraw the bonus you have to reach a minimum trading volume of 10,000 basic instruments within twelve months to receive a euro bonus for each basic instrument.

Pay on the Internet

Who in The Internet is on the move, not only increasingly uses online payment systems for payments in online shops. This payment method is also becoming increasingly important in order to pay with forex brokers and other service providers. The advantage of many payment systems on the Internet is that they are very fast. While a regular bank transfer in Germany can still take one to two working days, an online payment is almost immediately on the account of the provider.

There are often several payment methods to choose from

Many companies operating on the Internet offer their customers several payment options such as invoice, direct debit, instant transfer or credit card payment. It must be ensured that the payment is processed safely and reliably. Data protection is also an important criterion. In addition, both sides want payment to be made simply and conveniently. If the payment process is too complicated, the customer may cancel the process prematurely. On the other hand, the company would like to ensure that the payment arrives as quickly as possible on its account.

Secure payment options PayPal

More and more companies offer PayPal as a secure payment option. PayPal became known as a subsidiary and in-house payment system of the internet auction house Ebay. PayPal has been detached from Ebay since 2015. The American payment service is now not only firmly established when it comes to online shopping, but also more and more service providers are relying on the system. In Germany, almost all known online shops offer payment with PayPal. In mid-2016, more than 50,000 online retailers offered PayPal. PayPal is also often used, for example, when buying concert tickets.

Popular payment method

In 2015, the company's market share was almost 20 percent. This value would be even higher if Amazon also used PayPal, but Amazon relies on its own payment service. After purchasing on account, PayPal has become one of the most popular payment methods for online shopping in Germany. In this country alone, almost 19 million people use PayPal. This makes the company one of the largest online payment providers. PayPal is particularly popular for cross-border payments.

Low costs

For payments within the EU, there are no fees for private individuals. The costs are borne by the seller, who transfers a part of the payment amount as a commission to PayPal. However, some providers pass these costs on to their customers. The fees can make up to two percent of the total.

Even if low costs may arise, payment with PayPal is easy and secure. To be able to use PayPal, you have to register on the website of the provider. In addition to e-mail address, password and personal data, you have to enter a bank account or credit card after registration. After adding an account, PayPal will transfer a small amount to the account within two to four working days and enter a number code as the purpose. If you enter this on the PayPal website, the account will be confirmed.

Funding your AVAtrade account

Pay via PayPal

By direct debit, payments will then be made from the specified account debited. When using a credit card, the charge is made as with other credit card payments. You can also load your PayPal account with a transfer. It only takes a few minutes via the provider giropay. You can then pay directly with this credit.

If you want to pay an invoice or want to buy a product, you only have to click on the payment button for PayPa l at the respective provider and log in there log in with PayPal credentials. You therefore do not have to enter your credit card number or the IBAN of the current account every time you make a payment on the Internet. This means that you do not transmit your personal account data to a provider on the Internet. Payment is made with just a few clicks.

Advantages of PayPal

Even transfers abroad are very easy via PayPal. This involves comparatively low fees and the transfer is secure. An account with PayPal can generally be managed in different currencies. direct exchange is also possible. Thanks to PayPal, a provider has the advantage that he receives his money almost immediately. When shopping on the Internet, this has the advantage that it can send goods directly. An offer can often be used directly by service providers. PayPal guarantees immediate payment. If there should be a problem with a payment, PayPal is known for its goodwill and buyer protection.

Experienced broker

AvaTrade is based in in Dublin. Behind the broker are experienced traders who want to pass on their experience to other traders. For this purpose, the provider provides, among other things, several trading platforms such as the MirrorTrader. In addition to a low minimum deposit of € 100, interesting bonuses and sometimes very high leverage of up to 1: 400 are among the attractive conditions of the broker. In addition, there is a German-speaking customer service, a wide range of education and a free and unlimited demo account.

Among other things, includes over 60 currency pairs, numerous stocks, as well as commodities, indices and ETFs to select. In total over 200 values ​​are tradable. For some time now, cryptocurrencies have also been offered. When trading, only spreads are due, no commissions are incurred. The variable spreads are between 1 and 1.8.

Over 200,000 customers

The broker was founded in 2006 and offers its products more than 200,000 customers in 160 countries. Every month more than two million trades with a volume of around 50 billion euros are executed. All customer funds are managed separately and are protected on the basis of the MiFID directive by means of a deposit guarantee in the amount of up to € 50,000. The Irish regulatory authority CBI and its Australian counterpart ASIC are responsible for the regulation.


Until now, traders at AvaTrade could only make deposits into the trading account by bank transfer or credit card. Now there is also PayPal. In addition, a starter bonus campaign runs until the end of the month, in which new customers can receive up to 14,000 euros for the first deposit. AvaTrade was one of the first brokers to introduce CFD trading for private investors. Broker is constantly expanding its range and is considered to be particularly innovative. Click here for an overview of Forex brokers with PayPal.

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