OptionsClick demo account: These are the requirements

OptionsClick demo account experiences 2020 in the test. This is how you, as a beginner, proceed correctly. Read experiences. Open your demo account quickly and securely.

The years 2011 and 2012 are considered the boom years for the binary options industry and at the same time the birth years for many of the most important and well-known brokers. So does OptionsClick. The broker, which was originally very successful in France, has been an insider tip all last year. Read in our extensive OptionsClick experience report why this is so. Unfortunately, it is only available in English, but it offers everything you would expect from a good broker. Among other things, also an OptionsClick demo account.

OptionsClick at a glance

  • Low minimum trading amount of EUR 10
  • Low deposit amount of EUR 10
  • Demo account available
  • Bonus is possible
  • Clear and well-known platform
  • TechFinancials as a trading platform

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OptionsClick demo account: These are the requirements

OptionsClick's offer in detail

Before a trader decides for or against a provider to trade binary options, he wants to find out about the offer in peace at first. There are several points that are interesting for a trader when looking for a broker:

  1. The range of assets

is primarily the range of assets is of course interesting, especially for experienced traders who like to add variety to their trading. OptionsClick has stocks and currency pairs, indices and commodities, and a solid selection of them. In principle, of course, you can also trade with a small selection of underlyings. Nevertheless, many traders appreciate it if they have a larger selection available and can change the trades again and again within this framework.

  1. The return

The return also plays a major role, because it indicates how high the possible profit margin for a broker is. If you make the right choice in binary options, you can get a return of up to 85% with OptionsClick. This return corresponds to the average of the providers. Of course there are also some providers who provide a higher return. But this is rather a rarity. In addition, the return should be reasonable. With a very high return that reaches up to 100%, it may well be that the broker is not quite serious. Here it can help to take a look at the testimonials that can be found on the Internet or to read a test related to the broker.

  1. The trading types

How can you trade? The binary options are a very simple way to trade. In principle, there are only two types here, the trader can bet on a rising or falling price. Nevertheless, there are different types of trading from which a trader can benefit. With OptionsClick it is possible to do classic high / low trading, one touch or range. The broker thus offers a solid selection of trading types that can be used.

  1. The deposit methods

The deposit methods and also the payment methods are quite interesting for a trader. Not everyone has the option to make the deposit via bank transfer or credit card. That is why many brokers today offer various deposit methods, including PayPal or other services that can be used over the Internet. At OptionsClick there are also different methods of depositing. In addition to bank transfers and credit cards, which are already a classic for depositing, there is also the option of depositing money via Skrill or Neteller.

  1. Languages ​​and support

When registering an account with a broker, it is important for the trader that he can contact customer support with questions and understand them. It doesn't sound like a matter of course, because many brokers don't offer support in German. It's different with OptionsClick. Different languages ​​are available here. There is communication in German, English, Italian and French. Contact can be made by email, via the hotline or with LiveChat.

  1. Trading platform

Another point, what is important for the trader is the trading platform. All trading is carried out via the trading platform. This means that the trader must be able to find his way around well and understand everything that is offered in terms of options. OptionsClick uses the TechFinancials platform. This platform is used by various brokers and has proven itself. It is optimized software that can be operated intuitively.

OptionsClick is a broker that has a solid set of features to offer. The offer is fair and interesting for both beginners and advanced users.

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The OptionsClick demo account

Like many other providers, OptionsClick decided to do this before creating one Demokontos to request the one-time deposit into a real money account. However, this money does not have to be traded. It can be lifted off at any time without additional costs. Strictly speaking, this money is a kind of deposit that makes it easier to start the right trade if one of the providers likes it. If not... take off. It's that simple with the OptionsClick demo.

Many brokers use the opportunity to first ask the trader to open a real money account and deposit money before the demo account can be accessed. This is a way for the broker to keep customers. Basically, a broker cannot force its traders to spend the deposited money. He has to pay it out again if requested. Nevertheless, the broker assumes, of course, that the trader does not bother to unsubscribe once he has carried out the registration. This tactic actually works a lot, but it also discourages traders who would like to test with a demo version first. OptionsClick, however, explicitly points out that the money can also be withdrawn if the trader is not satisfied after the demo test.

However, if this is still too cumbersome for you, you will be happy to hear that there are also providers who provide real binary options demo accounts. You can have a free demo account set up directly with you without having to make a deposit or "deposit". You can find a detailed list of all brokers that offer this in our free demo account overview.

But why is the demo account so important? In principle, binary options trading can of course also be carried out without a demo account. However, beginners in particular want to test whether the trade itself really suits them. In addition, there are more and more advanced traders who like to use the demo account for themselves. Even if trading binary options is relatively simple, it is still advisable to create one or the other strategy.

With the strategy it is possible to think of a way that corresponds to your own ideas of trading, But before you know whether a strategy really works, you first have to test it. Therefore, many traders use a demo account at this point. For this to work, the demo account must be valid indefinitely. By the way: Sometimes it can be worth asking a broker whether they offer a demo account or whether they can be recharged when the credit has been used up. A lot of brokers are quite open to customers here and react with options that are not offered on the website.

The OptionsClick demo account is more a simulation and not a classic demo account. Using the trading platform, it is possible to simulate trading and thus determine whether your strategy works well or whether you are perhaps not interested in trading binary options.

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OptionsClick demo account: These are the requirements

The alternative to the OptionsClick demo account

The OptionsClick offer is good, but those who are not yet sure whether they want to choose this trader or want to trade binary options at all, he will ask himself whether there is still an alternative to get a first impression. In this context, a broker who offers the demo account without registration and without a deposit is of course a good choice. IQ Option is such a broker. Why is a demo account without registration a good choice?

  1. No deposit required

The idea of ​​trading with binary options does not only come from experienced users Traders who have previously tested other trading options. Even beginners often make the decision to simply give it a try. Without knowing whether one is interested in trading binary options at all, these traders have to open an account and deposit money. This is not necessary when choosing providers like IQ Option. Here it is possible to use the demo version without making a deposit.

  1. Quick exchange in real money account

Who via the demo account IQ Option finds that he actually wants to start trading real money right away, he can do that. The account is opened with a few clicks and trading can begin.

  1. Without compulsion

If you only register and If you have to deposit money, then there is a certain compulsion for the trader to stay with this broker. For many traders, this is one of the reasons why they are looking for a provider whose demo account is not linked to a registration. With IQ Option, traders can first of all look at whether and how they can and want to trade. So the decision for or against the broker is not based on deposited money, but on his offer.

IQ Option offers play money of 1,000 euros for his demo account. This gives traders a good basis to start trading. If you would like to know whether it is also worthwhile to use the broker as a trading partner, it is best to inquire about the conditions. In fact, IQ Option has already proven itself in various tests. It is a reliable and long-established binary options trading provider that is regulated, provides uninterrupted customer support and requires a low deposit amount. The deposit amount is just 10 euros. If you want to trade, you can do so from just 1 euro. IQ Option thus addresses traders independently of the free demo account and offers the best conditions for relaxed trading.

IQ Option offers a very good alternative for all traders who are looking for a provider who provides a demo account without registration.

Now to the exclusive demo account from IQ Option

Demo account - the advantages at a glance

No matter whether IQ Option or OptionsClick - a demo account generally has many advantages, which we would like to summarize here at a glance:

  1. Trading without risk

Probably the biggest advantage is trading without risk. Since only play money is used here, the trader does not have to worry about his balance and can test different trading variants in peace.

  1. Test strategy

With a good demo account, the trader has access to the entire range of the trading spectrum. That is, he can act as if he was using a real money account. So it is possible to test the different strategies and find out whether they work well.

  1. Get to know the trading platform

Die Trading platform is the most important basis for the trader, because from here one acts, buys, sells and takes the money. If you are not familiar with your trading platform, you can quickly run into problems. Many losses in trading are due to the fact that traders did not know how to use the offers on the trading platform. It is advisable to take a lot of time with the demo account and to deal with the platform in this way.

Today, very few traders are really focused without entering a demo account. Most traders take advantage of the opportunity to use the account to test everything in peace and then dedicate themselves to real money trading.

OptionsClick demo account: These are the requirements

The conclusion on the demo account of OptionsClick

The fact is, the broker OptionsClick provides a demo account and is therefore already a shortlist for many traders. The account can be used if the trader has registered and made a first deposit of at least 100 euros. So the provider goes with the trend. However, there are now brokers who offer their traders an alternative and make the demo account available without registration. This is of course an even better variant, because it allows the trader to test everything without pressure. One of the providers is IQ Option.

Now to the exclusive demo account of IQ Option

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