OptionsClick demo account free 2020 - advantages for binary options

OptionsClick demo account 2020: demo account available What conditions must traders comply with? Open a demo account now & get to know brokers.

If you have decided to trade binary options, you have already traded shares, classic options and / or foreign exchange in many cases, and in this connection you may also be used to a demo account after registering with a broker to be able to use, which is common with Forex brokers. Or the trader is completely new to the field and is looking for a way to first deal with the topic in peace without making any losses. Again, a demo account is the best choice. However, one must not make the mistake of assuming that every binary options broker also offers a demo account.

In fact, only a few binary options brokers offer a real demo account with which the trading of binary options can be tested risk-free, A broker that offers such a demo account is OptionsClick.

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The advantages of the broker OptionsClick

OptionsClick is one of the younger brokers for binary options, OptionsClick is the trade name of Leadcapital Markets Ltd, an investment company authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Stock Exchange Authority ("CySEC") under license number 227/14. Leadcapital is based in Nicosia, Cyprus, which is why the broker is also regulated by the relevant regulatory authority. For traders, regulation always offers a certain amount of security, as this is only pronounced if the broker also fulfills the requirements for regulation.

Another great advantage of the broker is the fact that the website is complete is available in German. What use are detailed and transparent terms and conditions to a trader if they are not available in the local language and are not or only partially understood by the customer? With many brokers it is still the case today that the website is only partially translated. The general terms and conditions are often forgotten and are only available in English. If you do not understand English or only insufficiently, you can ignore important points.

In addition, low minimum trading amounts of € 10 and low minimum deposit amounts of € 100 ensure that even beginners can gain initial experience with the broker OptionsClick without large sums to have to invest. Over 180 underlyings from the four common asset classes are available, so that every trader should find a suitable underlying for trading. With a maximum possible return of 85%, the broker tends to play in the middle, but the return is not unusually low. The offer also includes bonuses that can amount to up to EUR 500. This is a nice basis to start trading. The trader chooses from three different types for trading and thus has the best prerequisites to have a lot of fun when trading binary options.

Traders who also want to trade binary options also get their hands on the broker OptionsClick Costs. An app is only available for Android-based mobile devices, but owners and users of other mobile phones do not have to do without mobile trading. You can simply call up the broker's web-based trading platform via your device's internet browser and trade on the go.

When choosing a broker, it is always interesting to take a look at the trading platform. Traders need the trading platform as a marketplace that is available to them without restrictions and with which they can cope well. It does not help if there are many functions, but the trader does not see through them and therefore cannot use the functions for trading. The OptionsClick trading platform is based on TechFinancials software and is one of the most popular binary options trading solutions. The functionality and user-friendliness are the main focus of the platform. Traders have the option of constantly checking the latest news and getting information in this way. With the trading simulator, which replaces the demo account in this case, traders can adjust their trading intentions without investing money.

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OptionsClick demo account free 2020 - advantages for binary options

What advantages offers a demo account for binary options?

Today, the demo account is very important with regard to trading in binary options. Of course, the binary options are the trading variant that is considered to be particularly simple and very suitable for beginners. Nevertheless, inexperienced traders can of course also make losses with the binary options. Wrongly placed trades, insufficient market experience or incorrect use of the trading platform are the most common reasons for losses. In the early days, losses are particularly depressing for the trader. You can make sure that he ends his career before it starts.

Many beginners are enthusiastic about trading. You have certain ideas about the win rate and are already counting on the first wins. However, if there are losses instead and maybe even the capital is lost, this is sobering for the further trade route. These losses can be avoided with a demo account with a binary options broker. The demo account can be used to discover the broker's trading platform and take the first steps with it, but secondly, first risk-free trades can also be made.

Not only trading beginners benefit from a demo account for binary options, but also also experienced traders. Experienced traders are more likely to appreciate the ability to test strategies and trading systems. Since there are few options for backtesting individual systems in the area of ​​binary options, a live test with virtual money is worth its weight in gold and has saved some traders from certain ruin.

A strategy is also important when trading binary options an important point. It can be changed several times during a successful career. The question, however, is whether that really makes sense. In order to answer this question, traders need the opportunity to test the new strategy in peace at first - if possible without the risk of loss. This works particularly well with a demo account. Many traders are therefore looking for a broker who not only offers the demo account for a few weeks, but permanently. However, this is the case with a few brokers. However, it can be worth contacting support after the play money balance has been used up and asking whether the account can be recharged. In this context, it is important to be able to rely on good support. Ideally, he also speaks German.

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Is OptionsClick a real demo account?

In fact, there are a number of brokers who do not have a demo account at all Have an offer. A classic OptionsClick demo account in the sense of a separate account does not exist, but the trader can still simulate trading risk-free.

After the new customer has made a minimum payment to his trading account, he can then without risk and without "Real" money simulates binary options trading. So trading can be trained without a "real" demo account.

The basis for this is the trading simulation on the trading platform. With the help of the simulation, it is possible to get an introduction to the trading platform and to get a feel for trading. When it comes to a "real" demo account, it is not much different. This is also about re-enacting the trades and seeing if they would be successful.

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OptionsClick demo account free 2020 - advantages for binary options

Demo account without registration - is that possible?

Interesting for some traders is the question of whether you always have to register to use the demo account. For brokers, the demo account is a good way to reach customers. Competition in the market is fierce, it is difficult to prevail against it. Therefore, an attempt is made to lure customers with special offers. In addition to the bonus variants, the demo account is also an offer that can make the broker interesting for a trader. However, if you offer the demo account without registration, you have to assume that traders use it, but may subsequently opt for a different broker. To prevent this, many brokers only make the demo account available when the trader has opened a real money account and has paid the first amounts. But are there any brokers who don't?

Yes, there are. One of the brokers is IQ Option. The provider has been active on the market since 2013 and is based in Cyprus. It offers trading in binary options, customers can choose from numerous underlyings. Shares and foreign exchange as well as indices and consumer goods are available. So there is no boredom. The broker is also versatile in terms of maturities. The turbo options are popular, especially among experienced traders. These last only 30 seconds. In addition, the put and call options have terms of one minute to five minutes. The maximum return * for binary options is 92%.

A special highlight, however, is the demo account. When registering, traders have the option of deciding whether to open a real money account directly or to test a demo account first. A deposit is not necessary for the demo account. Only the registration data, i.e. the name and the email address, must be entered. If you are interested in opening a real money account with IQ Option after the test with the demo account, you can do this quickly from the test account. IQ Option is thus providing traders with a service that cannot be taken for granted. In this way, the broker hopes that traders will feel comfortable on their platform, get to know the advantages of the trading software and then opt for a real money version.

FAQ about OptionsClick

  1. Which platform does OptionsClick trade with?

The platform is an interesting topic for the broker, so it is important for the trader to know which platform to use before registering. OptionsClick is the TechFinancials platform. The broker has therefore decided against its own platform and for a proven system.

  1. What is the minimum deposit?

The minimum deposit for trading OptionsClick is 100 euros. If you want to trade, you have to be willing to invest a minimum of 10 euros for the options. This means that the broker is in a fair midfield with the minimum amounts and is also interesting for beginners.

  1. Is there a demo account?

At OptionsClick there is it is not a demo account in a classic sense, but on the trading platform it is possible to simulate trades without having to invest your own capital. This also gives traders the opportunity to feel their way around before investing their money.

  1. Where are the returns?

The returns are testimony how much profit a trader can make if he trades successfully. At OptionsClick, these are between 70% and 85%. The broker has thus decided to make a solid amount available as a profit, which is fairly fair.

  1. Are there any additional offers at OptionsClick?

Additional offers are also a good thing, with OptionsClick traders can benefit from them. The educational offer is particularly interesting. Video courses and eBooks are offered that can help traders to develop a basis for trading binary options.

  1. How can I contact support?

Sometimes it may be necessary to contact support. Of course this is also possible with OptionsClick. However, support in German is rarely available, mostly customer service answers in English. The contact itself can be done by mail, fax, phone or post.

OptionsClick demo account free 2020 - advantages for binary options

The conclusion to the demo account of OptionsClick

A demo account is basically a good way for the trader to get one relaxed way to learn trading. At OptionsClick there is no typical demo account, but there is a trading simulation that also fulfills the function. The trader can first check without the use of capital whether an option can be successful. This is how he makes his first experiences.

However, if you are looking for a demo account with which you do not have to register and deposit money, you have to do it in a different way. IQ Option offers a very good alternative here, because the broker is one of the few providers who do not register for the first time. Basically, it is advisable to ensure that a broker provides a demo account. This is the only way the trader can deal with the topic of "binary options" without investing his own capital from the start and perhaps losing it out of ignorance.

Now to the exclusive demo account of IQ Option

* Amount that the trader is credited to his trading account if the forecast is correct.

OptionsClick demo account free 2020 - advantages for binary options

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