OptionsClick Bonus: This is how you get additional money

OptionsClick Bonus Experience. Test & Evaluation 2020 How to secure up to 100% new customer bonus in experience. Open an account now and start trading.

Bonus payments have been prohibited by the CySEC since December 2016. Before this ban, an exciting question for new customers has always been how high the bonus will be that the binary options broker grants as a first deposit bonus. The OptionsClick bonus was slightly different from most other bonuses because there was no certain percentage that was credited as a first deposit bonus. Instead, the customer at OptionsClick was allowed to conduct his first trade without any risk. Because if he does not make a profit with the trade, ie actually lose the money invested, OptionsClick "caught" this loss, so that the trader himself did not suffer a loss. In addition, however, there was the first deposit bonus for the first deposit, which was dependent on the amount deposited and could be up to 100%.

If, on the other hand, a profit was made with the trade, the customer was of course credited without any deduction, However, the risk-free trade was not possible for every trade equivalent, but it depended on the amount of the first deposit, which bet the trader was allowed to trade risk-free. If, for example, 500 euros were made as a first deposit, the risk-free trade could have an equivalent value of 100 euros. If at least € 1,000 was paid in, € 200 could be traded risk-free. If the deposit was 2,000 euros and more, the risk-free trade was allowed to be twice 500 euros.

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Since December 2016, bonuses have been officially prohibited by CySEC! Binary.com is not regulated by the CySEC and can therefore continue to offer bonus payments.

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OptionsClick Bonus: This is how you get additional money

OptionsClick Bonus

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