New StarPartners for Consorsbank - trade cheaply in 2020

New StarPartner for Consorsbank 2020: Bank advertises with "clever low-priced trading" All information & advantages Act now for Consorsbank & cheap.

HSBC, db X-trackers and BNP Paribas Easy are the new StarPartner from Consorsbank. In addition, investors can trade warrants, certificates and Reverse Convertibles at a low flat rate of € 4.95 as part of the Consorsbank campaign . The purchase of ETFs is also possible for only 4.95 euros. The broker's StarPartner ETF program applies to ETFs. The campaign is under the motto "trade cleverly and cheaply" and enables Consorsbank derivatives and ETFs of the selected StarPartners to trade at a low flat fee, without a minimum order volume and with long trading times.

Known StarPartner

The StarPartners offer more than 400,000 warrants, certificates and Reverse Convertibles. These come from four renowned issuers. As in the previous year, BNP Paribas, Commerzbank and DZ Bank are partners of the Consorsbank. HSBC was added this year.

Christian Köker, Director of Derivatives Public Distribution at HSBC, is pleased about the cooperation. When choosing its StarPartner, Consorsbank not only looks at market shares, but also attaches great importance to the quality of trading and the customer service of an issuer. It is therefore an honor for HSBC to now be part of the Consorsbank partner program. Many traders could benefit from the attractive conditions when trading certificates and leverage products from HSBC in the future.

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New StarPartners for Consorsbank - trade cheaply in 2020

Flat rate for the StarPartner ETF program

With Consorsbank's StarPartner ETF program, you can buy around 500 exchange-traded index funds from three issuers. The flat rate is 4.95 euros per ETF. At the beginning of the year, db X-trackers, BNP Paribas Easy and the ETF division of Deutsche Asset Management were added as new partners. Lyxor was a partner of the Consorsbank last year.

According to Claus Hecher, who is responsible for ETF trading and index solutions in the German-speaking area at BNP Paribas Easy, the offer includes BNP Paribas Easy currently has 27 ETFs in Germany on standard indices and special topics. Investors can use this to supplement their portfolio according to their personal risk appetite and investment horizon.

Db X-trackers has , according to Roger Bootz, Head of Public Distribution Passive Investments at Deutsche Asset Management one of the largest ETF deals in Europe. Private customers will find ETFs on various indices and topics to build up their wealth.

Trade platform

ETFs increasingly popular

ETFs are becoming increasingly popular with private investors. Last year alone, in Consorsbank's private client business, client assets invested in ETFs rose by around half a billion euros and now stand at almost three billion euros. ETF stands for Exchange-trades fund and refers to listed funds that track a specific index. The fund's performance thus developed in parallel with the index. ETFS are usually bought and sold on the stock exchange. Most ETFs are passively managed index funds. With an ETF, you acquire a proportionate ownership of a fund that is managed separately from the other assets of the investment company that issues the ETFs. ETFs are as easy and efficient to trade as stocks that are traded on the stock exchange. However, like traditional investment funds, ETFs are subject to investment laws. Therefore, investors enjoy special protection.

ETFs track index

ETFs track the respective index best and are therefore high-precision investment instruments e. They are always based on performance and price indices. Any dividend payments incurred are included in performance indices. This increases the index value and thus the value of an ETF share. Anyone who buys ETFs also benefits from dividend payments on the shares in the fund.

ETFs are traded on the stock exchange and usually all on XETRA and broker-based trading Updated 60 seconds. Shares can thus be bought and sold several times a day. This promises more transparency for investors and they can react more quickly to market movements. Shares in traditional investment funds are usually only calculated once a day.

Advantages of ETFs

Another advantage of ETFs is their favorable fee structure, When purchasing ETFs on the stock exchange, there are no entry charges. The transaction costs are also comparatively low. A bid-ask spread of 0.05 to 0.5 percent is common in exchange trading. Regarding fees, the so-called Total Expense Ratio (TER) should also be considered for ETFs. This indicates the total expense ratio of an ETF. All administration fees and costs for auditors and the custodian bank are included. The TER is calculated retrospectively once a year for the fully closed financial year.

ETFs are ideal for diversifying a portfolio. Other options for their use include short-term investment options, use to hedge other financial transactions or long-term asset accumulation through ETF savings plans.

New StarPartners for Consorsbank - trade cheaply in 2020

Consorsbank: Broker and full bank

Consorsbank belongs to BNP Paribas and is one of the leading online brokers in Europe. The company was founded in 1994 as a subsidiary of SchmidtBank and has been known under the current name since 2014. In 1999 the company went public after being converted into a stock corporation and was taken over by BNP Baribas in 2002. In recent years, the Consorsbank has repeatedly drawn attention to innovative ideas and trading platforms. The bank also offers full bank services such as overnight money and time deposits. In addition to securities trading and call money accounts, the offer also includes a checking account.

Personal advice

In Nuremberg's Finance Lounge, Consorsbank customers can get personal wealth advice be used. The Consorsbank is primarily aimed at traders who want to make their own investment decisions. If more complicated questions arise, customers financial experts are available. In addition, customer service is available for all customers between 7 a.m. and 10.30 p.m. on trading days and between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. on all other days. The Genius Service offers personal advice and a guided entry into the website. Here new customers are familiarized with all functions and tools.

Exchange and over-the-counter trading

You can trade at Consorsbank on all German stock exchanges and on 22 foreign exchanges and 22 trading partners in over-the-counter direct trading. In addition, the Consorsbank offers analyst opinions, current chart analyzes, an expert depot, a market map and interactive charts. If you work with stops and strive for even more effective trading, you don't have to pay fees for order changes. Using the SmartStops tool, investors can use historical price data to generate stop-loss signals for around 500.

Offers for beginners and frequent traders

Frequent traders can enjoy discounts on order fees and other benefits at Consorsbank. Among other things, they receive a 40 percent discount if they conduct more than 9,000 trades a year. The trading platforms Active Trader Pro and Premium Trader are tailored specifically to day traders.

At Consorsbank, more than 10,000 funds from over 120 fund companies can be traded. Here customers can benefit from a Consorsbank Discount. 530 funds can also be saved with savings plans.

Training beginners can find a lot of information about stocks and funds as well as a training center with seminars and webinars in a knowledge area. The news section with current investment trends is also very useful. The trading platform ActiveTrader is free of charge, while fees apply for the use of Active Trader Pro and Premium Trader.


ETFs are becoming more and more popular because they are not only interesting for your own account diversify, but can also be used as part of savings plans to save assets. At Consorsbank alone, around three billion euros in customer funds are invested in ETFs. ETFs are listed funds that track an index. They are currently tradable at Consorsbank for EUR 4.95 as part of the StarPartner ETF program. This year db X-trackers, BNP Paribas Easy and the Deutschland Asset Management Partners of Consorsbank.

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New StarPartners for Consorsbank - trade cheaply in 2020

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