New blockchain index at Nasdaq - trade 2020 cryptos

Provider Exante brings blockchain index to Nasdaq2020: Brokers with crypto indices too. What are the advantages? Start trading now.

Via a new blockchain index, cryptocurrencies like Augur come to the Nasdaq market. This will connect the blockchain to the Nasdaq via a new index. So far there are still very few indices and similar financial instruments with cryptocurrencies or blockchain assets that can be traded on exchanges. However, some brokers respond to the demand and develop crypto indices themselves.

Table of contents

  • Only a few connections between cryptocurrencies and exchanges
  • Several cryptocurrencies in the index
  • Invest in various crypto projects
  • Further crypto indices on Nasdaq
  • New innovative investment opportunities
  • Possibilities to diversify the portfolio
  • AvaTrade has long been involved in crypto-CFD trading
  • Conclusion: Investment opportunities for traders are expanding

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Only a few connections between Cryptocurrencies and exchanges

So far there are hardly any connections between cryptocurrencies, the blockchain and established exchanges. Only a few Bitcoin futures have been approved so far and investors also have to wait for an official Bitcoin ETF.

However, some new offers are currently coming onto the market such as the crypto exchanges Biance and Bakkt that make interesting offers especially for institutional investors. The new offering on Nasdaq comes from provider Exante and is called "DeFix" (Decentralized Finance Index, DEFX for short). This became known from the environment of Nasdaq and the provider Exante.

New blockchain index at Nasdaq - trade 2020 cryptos

Several cryptocurrencies in the index

Accordingly, the DeFix index contains several well-known and unknown crypto projects on blockchain -based summarized. The index includes Augur, MakerDAO, Amoveo and Zerox. Investors can thus participate in a new way in the developments in the blockchain sector.

This brings another innovative investment opportunity with advantages for investors and the crypto represented in the index Projects on the market. However, it is not yet clear whether the new Exante index will indeed be a success. The provider has also had a license from the American stock exchanges since spring.

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Invest in various crypto projects

Investors should use the index to identify current trends and various crypto Track projects without having to pay attention to changes in each individual project. An index has the advantage that several relevant underlyings of a market are combined and at least part of the market is covered. Exante claims that already has several crypto-financial products on the market.

However, the provider may still be unknown to many investors, but has been offering a Bitcoin-based fund for several years on. This should have an investment return of around 70,000 percent. Exante also offers a mixed fund with shares in Ethereum, Monero, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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New blockchain index at Nasdaq - trade 2020 cryptos

more Crypto indexes on the Nasdaq

For the Nasdaq, the DeFix index is another index related to cryptocurrencies. Some indices related to Ripple, Ethereum or Bitcoins can already be found on the stock exchange the blockchain are traded. In Germany, there are still comparatively less attractive offers for crypto indices for traders, which can also be traded, for example, via CFDs.

Some brokers have therefore recently launched crypto indices themselves. This includes also AvaTrade, where traders have been able to trade the Crypto 10 index on CFDs for some time. It summarizes the ten most important cryptocurrencies on the market. Traders no longer have to invest in each cryptocurrency individually, but can bundle interesting investments in just one investment.

New innovative investment opportunities

Brokers are increasingly developing investment opportunities themselves to exploit the potential of the crypto market continue to be exploited. The demand for such seems to still exist among traders. CFD trading in cryptocurrencies has been possible for brokers like AvaTrader for a few years now.

If brokers started a few years ago with bitcoins that could be traded against the euro or the dollar, many providers have their assortment significantly expanded and not only included well-known cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum or Ripple, but also less well-known ones such as Stellar or Monero.

New blockchain index at Nasdaq - trade 2020 cryptos

Possibilities for diversifying the portfolio

Traders can further expand their portfolio diversify and benefit from the development of the entire crypto market. In addition to bitcoins, numerous altcoins are becoming increasingly lucrative for investors.

Traders also want to further exploit the possibilities of the crypto market. In Germany, some Bitcoin funds or certificates can be traded on exchanges, but CFD trading is particularly advantageous for many traders because it is comparatively cheap and they can bet on rising and falling prices.

Previously hardly had the opportunity to bet on several cryptocurrencies at the same time. A well-composed crypto index or blockchain index maps the market comprehensively and accurately.

Indices are also a guide for investors, because you can see from the development of the index how the overall market or at least part of the market is developing. Such an overview of the market helps traders to better assess the current market situation.

AvaTrade has long been involved in crypto-CFD trading

AvaTrade offers CFDs on Bitcoin, Ethereum or ripple to. These are traded against fiat currencies like the euro. The trade is also possible at the weekend around the clock with CFD levers of up to 1: 2. Since trading in the very volatile cryptocurrencies involves a number of risks, traders can use various options for risk protection such as stop loss or take profit.

The broker is expanding its crypto offering In addition to cryptocurrencies, shares, raw materials or indices can also be traded in CFD trading with the broker founded in 2006. According to its own statements, over 200,000 traders are active at AvaTrade, who carry out more than two million trades per month with a monthly trading volume of more than $ 60 billion.

The broker offers customer service in several languages ​​ as well as a demo account. The trading platforms of the provider can be tested via this first.

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New blockchain index at Nasdaq - trade 2020 cryptos

Conclusion: Investment opportunities for traders expand

With the DeFix index of the provider Exante, a new index related to cryptocurrencies can be traded on Nasdaq. It summarizes several more well-known and unknown crypto projects.

Although this is not the first crypto-related index on Nasdaq, comparable investment opportunities are still rare for traders. So far, only a few futures and, in Europe, funds and certificates with bitcoins can be traded on exchanges. A Bitcoin ETF still seems far away.

First brokers are responding to the demand and have launched a crypto index themselves. For example, at AvaTrade the Crypto 10 Index with the ten most important cryptocurrencies has been traded via CFDs for some time. Traders can trade several cryptocurrencies with just one investment.

A index tracks at least part of the market and, depending on the weighting, is also a helpful guide for traders. This gives you a market overview and enables you to better assess current trends and the latest developments. In addition, they do not have to deal with each underlying individually in complete detail. Traders can use CFDs to bet on rising and falling index levels.

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