Moon Bitcoin 2020 - The cryptocurrency BTC Faucets in the test!

Moon Bitcoin 2020 - Get BTC, BCH, LTC & DGC for free. Payouts directly into the CoinPot crypto wallet. Read Moon Bitcoin experience now.

If you are interested in Bitcoin & Co. and have the necessary capital or are not afraid of a certain investment, you can buy, mine or trade cryptocurrencies. There is another way to benefit from cryptocurrencies, which is also completely free. Crypto fans can get bitcoins for free. Numerous Bitcoin faucets and other websites give away bitcoins to their users.

There is only one small condition. Claiming only works without an ad blocker, because the faucets (taps) are financed through advertising. The advertising partners book their ads because they want to make the site visitors their customers. Moon Bitcoin is one of the best known crypto faucets. What is involved and whether the Bitcoin claim is worth it is explained in more detail in the guide.

  • Every day Satoshi claims
  • Payouts are made via Microwallet CoinPot
  • Extra options for additional bonus
  • Participation & withdrawals completely free of charge

Table of contents

  • What is behind the Bitcoin faucets?
  • What is Moon Bitcoin Cash and how does it work?
  • Payout on the CoinPot Wallet
  • Moon Bitcoin Trick: Increase earnings with bonuses
  • How much money can you earn with Moon Faucets?
  • What are the risks?
  • What does Faucet use from a legal perspective look like?
  • Conclusion: Bitcoin Moon Cash is a gateway to the cryptocurrency

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What is behind the Bitcoin Faucets?

Many people who are new to cryptocurrency deal, spend some time with Bitcoin Faucet websites. As a reward for visiting the site, users receive tiny amounts of Satoshi or another cryptocurrency. The free coins can be claimed by the user clicking on a button and filling out a captcha.

Collected coins can be claimed depending on the provider. The time requirements range every 5 or 15 minutes to every hour or only once a day. The more often the website claims to be claimed, the lower the possible amount of free BTC.

Why are Bitcoin issued free of charge on a website? That's a good question. Most faucets are ad-based. They offer tiny amounts of crypto coins in return for the captcha filling. They generate income from the numerous advertisements and pop-ups placed on their pages. This is the case, for example, with the Moon Faucets (including Moon Bitcoin Cash, Moon Bitcoin Core, Moon Litecoin, Moon Dogecoin, Moon Dash). Free Bitcoin payments will bring people to the website who are looking at ads and hopefully clicking on one of the ads.

This is about promoting cloud mining, bitcoin trading, and blockchain investments (ICOs ). Common to almost everyone is that they promise good returns. The design of some pages appears to be deliberately confusing, so that it is not immediately clear where to click. This makes it difficult for users to make claims.

It is easy that they accidentally click on one of the ads. Something that should surely be intended. In addition to the advertisements, there are usually additional offers on the websites. So there are lotteries and games that can be paid with crypto. Many newbies find the prospect of turning a few Satoshis into bitcoins fantastic. In the end, they return the Satoshis previously claimed to the site.

In addition to the faucets with free Bitcoin, there are, for example, mining faucets that distribute tiny amounts of coins as a reward. However, mining usually places a heavy load on the computer's CPU. The power consumption of the computer nullifies any free crypto payments. Especially in times when cryptocurrencies increase in value, users have to expect that the original payment limit will be increased or payments will not be made.

Finally, there is a real Faucet fraud. Websites pretend to be online wallet services that deposit tiny amounts of coins into their online wallet every day. As soon as users later decide to deposit their own cryptos, the withdrawal no longer works or the website goes offline. Faucet purses should be taboo for every user. If you are already registered, you should not deposit your own coins.

All of these crypto-faucets take too long a lifetime of the user, whereby the amount of Bitcoin is not equivalent. There are a variety of bonuses for daily signups or for claims made. A claim can be made every hour. If you invest 100 euros directly in Bitcoin, you may have earned a multiple after a few.

Crypto faucets are an interesting thing for newbies because they can risk Bitcoin and cryptocurrency ownership without risk. The best-known are the moon faucets. One of these is called Moon Bitcoin Cash, which is to be presented in more detail in the following text.

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What is Moon Bitcoin Cash and how does it work?

Moon Bitcoin has been on the market since 2014. Short claim waiting times, reliable payouts and attractive bonus offers complete the offer for claiming Satoshis. The user only needs an e-mail address to register. There are two to five satoshi on each visit. Additional bonuses ensure that payouts improve.

The Moon Bitcoin Cash Faucet is part of an advertising network that enables users to share in advertising revenue. Rewards can be picked up every hour on the page with a click of a button. A short time ago, all five Satoshi could be asserted.

It is necessary to fill out a captcha because this prevents the use of bots. All collected Satoshis have been immediately transferred to the CoinPot Wallet since July 2017 and saved in the form of Bitcoin Core. In addition, the wallet pays a certain number of CoinPot tokens for each claim (as of 01/2020). Before that, Satoshis could be collected and later picked up. In order to achieve the maximum earnings, the user must carry out the so-called claim as often as possible.


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