Malta regulation - will Malta become the new Cyprus in 2020?

Malta regulation on binary trading. What will the supervisory authority do in 2020? Malta will choose the new Cyprus now reliably regulated broker.

So far, Cyprus has been and remains the most popular location for binary options brokers. But now the Mediterranean island of Malta is coming into focus for brokers. The Malta Financials Services Authority, MFSA for short, recently introduced guidelines for the regulation of binary options. So far, MFSA has been little active in the area of ​​binary options. This is likely to change now. In an official announcement, she announced how she plans to regulate binary options in the future.

Malta jumps on the bandwagon

With this announcement, Malta is now taking part in a trend that is unstoppable. In recent years, more and more new brokers have come onto the market that offer binary options. On the other hand, more and more traders are interested in this relatively uncomplicated financial instrument.

Now the Maltese financial regulator will probably be following in the footsteps of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). As early as 2012, the Cypriot financial regulator recognized binary options as a financial instrument. Since then, more and more tax authorities around the world have been developing methods to include this form of trading in their portfolio. The authorities would like to offer brokers a Maltese regulation, provided that they adhere to the regulations.

Malta regulation - will Malta become the new Cyprus in 2020?

Binary options now trading instrument

Until now, binary options in Malta were considered to be a game of chance. Brokers could only have their work regulated by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA). The MFSA is now planning to no longer have the brokers regulated by the LGA. The authority recognizes binary options as a financial instrument. In the future, binary options in Malta should fall under the so-called "Investment Services Category 3 License". One of the requirements is that all brokers must have a minimum capital of 730,000 euros.

The requirements that MFSA sets for brokers are similar to the regulations of the Directive on Markets in Financial Instruments (MiFID), which are issued by the EU to harmonize the financial markets. The rules of MiFID are listed in the Investment Services Rules and Regulations. In its communication, MFSA clarifies that binary options are now seen as contracts in which the development of the price relates to a certain period.

In parallel to the developments in Malta, discussions are currently ongoing, how Cyprus could become such an interesting seat for brokers. Experts agree that the acceptance of binary options as a financial instrument was an important step. With Malta also beginning to recognize binary options as a trading tool, the Mediterranean island can become an interesting location for brokers as soon as MFSA begins regulating it.

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Well-known Cypriot brokers like anyoption

Numerous brokers regulated by the CySEC are based in Cyprus. Some providers such as anyoption have also become known in Germany in recent years. Anyoption has been on the market for a few years now and has made a name for itself as a particularly serious broker. Anyoption offers particularly suitable conditions for beginners and advanced traders.

For many interested traders, the amount of the return on classic binary options is an important criterion. Anyoption offers a very fair value with a return of up to 81 percent. In addition, the provider pays back up to 25 percent of losses. To do this, however, traders have to meet certain requirements. This is also important for traders to know, because with binary options, traders can always lose money.

Anyoption offers over 140 different underlyings for trading. Traders can choose between stocks, currency pairs, commodities or indices. As soon as you have decided on an underlying, you can trade it with classic options, one-touch options, option + or special options.

Malta regulation - will Malta become the new Cyprus in 2020?

Professional trading platform and international support

One large number of brokers offers traders well-known trading platforms such as SpotOption or MetaTrader. However, Anyoption has developed its own trading platform, which has so far performed well in several tests. Traders can start trading with a minimum trading amount of 25 euros. A minimum deposit of 250 euros must be made beforehand.

Although anyoption is based in Cyprus, traders from all over the world trade with this provider. Many traders from Germany are also active at anyoption. The broker reacted to this and offers its support in several languages, including German. Customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Malta regulation - will Malta become the new Cyprus in 2020?

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