Make OptionsClick payout: Conditions & offers in the check

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OptionsClick is one of the brokers for trading binary options on the market. But it is also a broker who has not yet reached such a high level of awareness. Not only the OptionsClick payout is therefore interesting for traders.

Facts about OptionsClick

• Regulated by CySEC • MiFID compliant • Up to 85% return • Up to 15% for options "from the Money "

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OptionsClick in detail

The broker OptionsClick was founded in 2013 and belongs to the company Lead Capital Markets Limited. It is based in Cyprus and is therefore regulated by the CySEC. In addition to the offer for trading binary options, OptionsClick also offers CFDs and spot FX contracts.

Traders can find a predominantly German website at OptionsClick, but some of the important content is still in English. Nevertheless, it was noticed positively that OptionsClick already pointed out the risk when trading binary options on the entry side and thus also fulfilled its target in this area.

In addition to a clear trading platform, the broker also provides an app for the mobile Trade available. It is thus possible to get quick access to your own account from your smartphone or tablet and to be able to trade comfortably on the go.

Make OptionsClick payout: Conditions & offers in the check

The conditions and offers from OptionsClick

The broker offers its customers a return of at least 70% and at most 85%. If you are a premium customer, you can also get a return of up to 89%. This return is paid when the options run "in the money". If an option runs "out of the money", then a return can also be paid. Values ​​between 0% and 15% are called up here.

The trading options are clear. So traders can choose between:

- Range- High-Low- A hit

Especially for beginners, this is a good basis to start trading in binary options. Seasoned traders may be a little disappointed when they see the underlyings. Here the broker's offer moves with just 65 available underlyings from the areas of currencies, stocks, commodities and indices.

How can you spend a minute?

The OptionsClick payment and deposit of the amounts

To get around To register OptionsClick and open the account, no deposit is necessary. However, if you want to start trading, you have to make a deposit. Here the minimum value is 200 euros, higher is of course always possible. You can choose from a total of seven currencies in which the account can be managed. These currencies are:


The deposit is possible in different ways. So customers can decide for themselves whether they want to pay with:

- Visa, - Visa Electron, - Mastercard, - Mastercard Debit, - CashU or - bank transfer

. Whoever decides to deposit by credit card must ensure that he is the holder of the credit card as well as the account. Trading at OptionsClick is already possible from a minimum amount of 10 euros.

If you want to make an OptionsClick payment, you have to go to the account management and there under the menu item "Payment" or "Pay off" click the corresponding button. With regard to the payout, exactly two details have to be given, namely the amount of the desired payout amount and the way in which the payment is to be made.

As far as the amount of the payout is concerned, the trader can have both the entire balance and only part of the account balance withdrawn. As far as the payment methods are concerned, the trader will find a fairly large selection at OptionsClick, ranging from credit cards and bank transfers to payment methods such as CashU. When paying out on the credit card, it must be taken into account that it must not be higher than the previous credit card deposits. The customer has one free payment per month, after which a fee of $ 30 will be charged.

Make OptionsClick payout: Conditions & offers in the check

Bonus payments at OptionsClick

An OptionsClick payment is even more interesting if it may even contain a bonus. The broker offers various promotions that can be used. Too bad for the trader: All information about the bonus on the website is in English. So if you want to get detailed information here, you may be faced with the question of understanding.

The fact is, however, to get a bonus, the trader has 60 days to implement it 50 times. This is quite feasible, especially with small amounts, but it becomes a challenge with larger amounts. Nevertheless, it must of course be said that a bonus can be an interesting thing for particularly active traders.

Learning is everything - the Academy of OptionsClick

After all, a broker test is also worthwhile still take a look at the learning opportunities that are offered. There is a separate academy that is made available by OptionsClick. The broker offers various options for getting information and training. For traders who like to use their free time on the go, ebooks are available that can be downloaded. There are also special areas for binary options, market analysis and the development of option strategies. Videos can also be viewed in peace. Access to the academy is not only available to registered traders, but also to interested parties who simply have a look around the website. However, the videos can only be viewed after registration.

Make OptionsClick payout: Conditions & offers in the check

OptionsClick support

Broker support is offered 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Traders can use a LiveChat or also access a hotline. In LiveChat, open questions from traders are also processed in English, Russian or French, rather than in German. If you ask questions by hotline or by email, you have to expect an answer in English.

Conclusion on OptionsClick

The broker has a rather clear offer in terms of trading options and the underlyings, yet it provides a solid foundation for binary options trading. Anyone who has made a profit can benefit from a free OptionsClick payment once a month. It is a pity that further payments per month cost money. Another complaint would be that the website is not completely available in German. This is particularly difficult for brokers who only understand German.

Trade binary options with the test winner IQ Option Tip: If you want to learn more about the broker, read our OptionsClick experience with a lot of background information.

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