IQ option demo account - what should be considered in 2020?

IQ Option demo account FAQ 2020: Would you like to open an IQ Option demo account? The demo account in the test Open now for IQ Option & demo account.

If you want to start trading in binary options and have not yet come into contact with this financial product, you should first open a non-binding demo account. Here the broker IQ Option is particularly customer-friendly. Some binary options brokers only offer a demo account in connection with opening a real trading account. Not so with the broker IQ Option, where only a few details are required to be able to use the demo account.

The IQ Option demo account offers traders a useful opportunity to get to know the functions of the platform and the process of trading. Even experienced traders can optimize the methods for trading via the demo account. It is not necessary to deposit real money into the demo account. Use of the demo account from IQ Option is completely free. In addition, there is no term limit, so that the demo account can also be used in parallel with the live account if sufficient experience is already available for active trading.

Conclusion: Many brokers for binary options have a demo account for interested traders. However, an opening is often also subject to certain conditions. Broker IQ Option does it differently with a non-binding demo account that does not have a runtime restriction.

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What needs to be considered when opening the demo account?

Just a few details are required and registration for the IQ Option demo account is complete.

The form for registration is no problem on the broker's website

After entering the following data completely

  • first name
  • last name
  • email
  • password

the general terms and conditions still have to be accepted. After opening the demo account, the broker will provide $ 1,000 in virtual credit on the demo account. Compared to other brokers, IQ Option offers a rather small virtual amount. However, it should be noted here that the minimum trading amount at the broker is also very low. The minimum trading amount at IQ Option is only € 1, so that with a virtual credit of $ 1,000 enough trades can be set for testing.

In addition to the low minimum trading amount, the minimum deposit is also shown necessary to open a live account is considered attractive. Here the opening of the real account is possible from 10 EUR / USD / GBP, which is particularly advantageous for traders.

Conclusion: Only a few details are required to register for the IQ Option demo account, so that the process is completed quickly. After that, traders can have a virtual amount of $ 1,000 to place trades. However, no credit will be paid that has been generated through returns (* amounts credited to an account in the course of a successful trade) via the demo account. It is only a virtual credit.

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IQ option demo account - what should be considered in 2020?

Trade without real money

When trading via the IQ Option demo account Traders are not real money, so you can easily gain experience. It is advisable for traders to first get a feel for trading and gain experience via the demo account . The handling of the functions and the process until the final opening of a binary option can be tested. The broker's platform is also easy to get to know in this way. If positive experiences have already been gained via the demo account, traders should consider opening a live account.

The demo account is not only helpful for taking the first steps in trading. In addition, undecided traders can use this as a basis for decision-making. If the demo account shows that the financial product is not the right one, termination is possible. In addition, the IQ Option demo account can still be used if active trading has already been started via the live account. A live account can already be opened with a minimum deposit of EUR 10 (alternatively USD / GBP). Here, too, registration proves to be quick and easy to implement.

Conclusion: Traders can try out different systems. Dealing with the functions of the trading platform is important and should be mastered before active trading begins.

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Trading opportunities and underlyings

For real trading, the broker IQ Option offers on numerous underlyings from the assets commodities, currencies, indices and stocks. Returns of up to 92% can be achieved in regular trading. The trading options via the demo account, however, are only listed to a limited extent. There are only a few tradable underlyings available to traders here. In our IQ Option experience, the limited trading opportunities are, but still sufficient to try out the trade. In addition, traders can trade not only binary, but also classic options (where the potential returns are not limited). New in the brokers' offer are digital options, with which the opening price can be selected from 22 different specifications.

It is also customary for other brokers not to display the complete trading environment via the demo account. Binary options trading is speculative, so a sensible method is recommended. Here, too, the demo account offers an attractive opportunity to develop methods for trading and to test them for suitability. The best-known methods for binary options include:

  • Trend following method
  • Volatility method
  • Hedging method

The different trading methods are aimed certain events on the market. A clear price trend calls for the trend-following method, which aims for a price of a certain underlying to keep its direction. The volatility method is used in the event of strong fluctuations on the market and can be used here for successful trading.

Conclusion: Even if not all tradable underlyings from the real trading offer of the broker are available via the demo account, with the available values, nevertheless helpful experience. Traders can use the demo account to develop a sensible method. The trading options are limited, but are nevertheless a good and advisable preparation for active trading with real capital investment.

IQ option demo account - what should be considered in 2020?

Conclusion on the IQ Option demo account

First, the Uncomplicated and non-binding registration for the IQ Option demo account was particularly positive. There is no time limit, so traders have enough time to test. The virtual balance proves to be absolutely sufficient considering the minimum trading amount of only € 1. Thorough preparation is a good basis for successful trading.

It is important to deal with opportunities and risks equally in order to avoid unnecessary deficits. Bring a sensible money management into the method. In addition, traders should not put the entire capital investment in one position. A diversification can increase the chances of return.

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IQ option demo account - what should be considered in 2020?

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