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IQ Option Copytrading - Can you copy other traders in 2020?

IQ Option Copytrading 2020: Is Social Trading Possible Here? Broker's trading offer under the microscope Get information now & copy other traders.

Is copy trading possible at IQ Option and what does the broker have to offer in terms of trading conditions? We get to the bottom of these questions in the following article and deal in detail with trading with the broker.

We take a close look at the trading platform and take a close look at the rest of the offer. Find out whether opening an account is worthwhile and which services are waiting for new and existing customers.

Quick facts about trading with IQ Option

  • No IQ option copy trading possible
  • Classic binary options trading on offer
  • Numerous underlyings from some asset classes tradable
  • Powerful trading platform with professional analysis tools
  • Demo account available without deposit and without time limit
  • Trading possible from just one euro
  • Minimum deposit of EUR 10 / USD / GBP and a good selection of payment methods

Trade binary options with the test winner IQ Option

IQ Option Copytrading - Can you copy other traders in 2020?

What is copy trading and what advantages does it bring?

Copy trading is another name for social trading and it is a special type of trading for us trading in the community. There are many advantages to social trading and the most important one is the fact that you can successfully trade binary options and other financial instruments even without your own experience and without spending a lot of time. Copytrading owes its name to the fact that investors can copy the methods of the professionals and thus take advantage of their experience.

There are now numerous brokers who also offer social trading in the area of ​​binary options The most popular instruments are primarily the CFDs. Another advantage of copy trading is the mutual exchange among community members and a good social trading offer includes numerous communication options such as chats, forums and comment functions.

In copy trading, investors can use the methods of professional and successful investors copying and own course analysis as well as the implementation of individual methods are not necessary. In social trading, there are numerous communication options for members of the community.

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Is copy trading possible with IQ Option?

As part of our research we could not find an IQ Option Copytrading offer, but for those who want to trade themselves, the broker offers very good trading conditions. The web-based trading application from IQ Option is particularly distinguished. All types of traders will be happy about the broker's trading program, because it is both easy to use and powerful and equipped with professional tools.

The binary options platform can be personalized in a variety of ways and enables both manual price analysis and also the use of the best known indicators such as moving average, alligator or the Bollinger Bands. Orders are executed without delay and a position is opened with a few mouse clicks . If you want, you can have trading signals displayed for some of the most popular markets and a trading history can also be called up.

The trading platform can also be in form use a demo account and this test account is available for an unlimited period. You can also use the full range of functions of the trading application in the demo version, but the selection of tradable base values ​​is restricted here. Some base values ​​are tradable, but with real-time prices. The demo account is loaded with a star credit of $ 1,000 and no deposit is required for IQ Option to use it.

Copy trading is not possible with IQ Option. The broker has a powerful and professional trading application that is available in the live and demo versions and was developed for independent trading in binary options. The platform enables fast order execution and offers various tools for price analysis. Furthermore, it is characterized by uncomplicated handling and personalization options.

IQ Option Copytrading - Can you copy other traders in 2020?

Consumer checklist: FAQs around copy trading

Which uses are required for social trading?

How much capital you have to generate in social trading depends entirely on the conditions of the respective trading provider. In some cases, you can invest amounts from 5 euros and with other brokers, ten times is necessary if you want to copy a method provider.

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What are the advantages of signaling devices?

Those who provide their experience and skill and allow others to copy their tactics usually receive commissions, the amount of which varies the number of own copiers. In some cases the commissions are always the same and sometimes the method provider has to go through several levels until it really pays off.

How can I find a good method provider?

A good broker for social trading provides users with a wide range of search and filter functions that can be used to find the best signal generators. With a click of the mouse, you can also call up a detailed view of the strategy provider, including information on the performance of the portfolio, the traded underlyings and the highest returns and deficits of the respective trader.

Which ones Are there any fees?

You do not pay any fees for participating in social trading and there are no costs for independent trading. Deposits or withdrawals may be subject to fees, but this is the case with very few brokers.

How can I recognize a reputable provider for copy trading?

Anyone who is worried that a brokerage offer could be fraudulent should take a look at the regulations relating to licensing and supervision of the company behind the offer. If an official license is available, as well as a financial supervisory authority that oversees the work of the broker, you do not have to worry about the seriousness


Further offers at IQ Option

Traders will have good IQ Option experiences. Traders find advantages especially in the low capital requirements of the broker. Trading at IQ Option is already possible with an investment of one euro and this offers a lot of scope to gain initial trading experience without much risk. The minimum deposit is also very low at ten EUR / USD / GBP and the customer can choose from numerous payment methods.

Sometimes trading counts every second, and so far traders have had to go to a separate page to access their account fill. Now IQ Option offers traders the opportunity to enter the desired amount directly on the trading screen and thus top up quickly with a click.

As far as the underlying is concerned, are numerous underlyings tradable and there are shares, foreign exchange, raw materials and indices . IQ Option is also unbeatable when it comes to returns, because it enables returns of up to 92 percent . Even if you were wrong with your assessment, the broker repaid the investments up to 45 percent .

An extra is in the form of IQ Option an unlimited demo account. This gives traders the opportunity to test virtual credit trading first. In order to be able to open the demo account, it is also not necessary to open a trading account in advance or to contact support first.

Trading at IQ Option is possible from just 1 euro and thus traders can deal with the low ones Use capital requirements to your advantage. The minimum deposit is 10 EUR / USD / GBP and there are several payment methods to choose from. The yields (* amounts credited to an account in the course of a successful trade) amount to up to 92 percent for the broker.

IQ Option Copytrading - Can you copy other traders in 2020?

Conclusion: No copy trading functions with IQ Option

It is not possible to copy other traders with IQ Option and who is looking for social trading offers is going to have to look for another broker. For those who want to trade binary options independently, IQ Option offers very good framework conditions. For example, very low capital requirements apply and a position can be opened with just one euro. This will especially please those who still have their first experiences and want to get to know trading at IQ Option with as little risk as possible. Those who do not want to invest in real money at all can use the broker's demo account and familiarize themselves with all the functions of the trading platform and the laws of trading. The web platform is unusually extensive and offers a number of professional tools for technical course analysis. Test the IQ Option offer and look forward to good conditions for new and existing customers.

Trade binary options with the test winner IQ Option

IQ Option Copytrading - Can you copy other traders in 2020?

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