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IQ Option Bonus Code → Promotional Bonuses or Competition?

The "IQ Option Bonus Code 05/2016" is only available during certain promotions. Read here about the terms and conditions of these bonuses and more on the topic.

Almost every binary options broker has previously offered bonus promotions to traders. However, since CySec brokers are no longer allowed to offer a bonus, many customers and traders are understandably upset at first. Bonuses were used to increase profits. In addition, attractive bonuses sparked the interest of traders in the offer of the respective broker. IQ Option has had regular bonus promotions so far. The bonus could be activated with the IQ Option bonus code at that time. However, such bonus promotions had a limited duration, so traders had to keep up to date in order not to miss a lucrative bonus. You can find out which bonuses and associated bonus conditions were included in the services of IQ Option, and whether there is still a way to collect your desired bonus, in the following guide!

The most important information about the "IQ Option Bonus Code" at a glance:

  • Promotions with a bonus code took place from time to time
  • Bonus payments were subject to conditions
  • There was a bonus that was granted on every deposit
  • The amount of the bonus was dependent on the deposit amount and the account model.
  • Participation in trading competitions was possible

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Activate IQ Option bonus code

There were bonus campaigns that could be used by activating the IQ Option bonus code. There was a corresponding code for each of these promotions, which interested traders had to enter. The special promotions could be used by traders to generate additional profits. For the broker IQ Option, the conditions for the bonus code were mostly characterized by the implementation of 35 times the bonus amount. In addition, attention had to be paid to the duration of the bonus code. Unlike the regular bonuses, these promotions were often limited in time. Now it is the case that no CySec broker offers this type of bonus code since it was banned. But what to do if you want to continue generating additional profits? Our advice! Binary.com continues to offer attractive bonus promotions, including a deposit bonus of up to 50%. The question of why Binary.com can and IQ Option cannot and is justified and easy to answer. Binary.com is not regulated by CySec and can therefore continue to offer its bonus.

Conclusion: The broker provided special bonus promotions that differed from the regular bonuses with a bonus code that had to be activated first, For the bonus to be paid out, traders had to meet the associated bonus conditions. This option is no longer available to traders via IQ Option, so you can now secure your bonus via Binary.com.

IQ Option Bonus Code → Promotional Bonuses or Competition?

What kind of IQ Option Bonus was there?

The broker IQ Option offers two account models that are equipped with different services. This allows traders to choose their own trading requirements. Beginners design binary options trading differently than experienced traders. Which is sometimes reflected in the amount of the trade and the trade volume. Risk appetite can also make a difference. A bonus of a certain amount was granted for each deposit into the IQ Option trading account. No IQ Option bonus code was required for this. Today the broker IQ Option scores with a free demo account.

After opening a trading account with IQ Option, a minimum deposit of € 10 has to be made in order to start active trading. The minimum trading amount is only € 1, which is advantageous for beginners. When opening the real account with a minimum deposit of € 10, traders could make use of a bonus per deposit. The amount of the deposit determined the amount of the bonus. This account type benefited from a bonus of up to 30%. The broker also offers a VIP account that can be opened with a minimum deposit of € 3,000. The maximum bonus was up to 50%.

Conclusion: Depending on the amount of the deposit and account type, traders could benefit from lucrative bonuses. The minimum deposit of € 10 also creates a low entry hurdle for beginners and small investors. If traders want to continue to receive lucrative bonuses over the deposit amount, they should take a closer look at Binary.com. A deposit bonus of up to 50% is still possible there.

Now trade binary options with the test winner IQ Option

Profit from movements in currency

How are the bonus terms and conditions composed?

An IQ Option bonus code tied to certain bonus terms that traders had to meet first for the bonus to be paid out. A bonus that came from a promotion with a bonus code was usually provided with a limited term. Therefore, traders first had to check whether the IQ Option bonus code was still up to date. Bonus promotions were not only to be found on the official website of the broker, third-party providers also frequently pointed out such promotions.

The bonus that was granted on a deposit was also subject to conditions. Existing customers could also make use of this bonus. In order for the bonus amount to be paid out as real credit, traders had to convert 35 times the bonus amount. A corresponding trading volume was necessary for this. Not every trader could submit this, so the bonus could expire. Traders who already had a high trading volume were able to implement the bonus conditions and increase their own profit with the bonus.

Conclusion: You had to find out in advance about the corresponding bonus conditions and the duration of the IQ Option bonus codes to consider whether an implementation was feasible. For this purpose, 35 times the bonus amount had to be implemented. This bonus code may no longer be offered by IQ Option or by other CySec brokers, but no one has to do without its additional bonus, because Binary.com continues to offer attractive bonus promotions.

IQ Option Bonus Code → Promotional Bonuses or Competition?

IQ Option Trading competitions

In addition to the bonus for deposits and the IQ Option bonus code for special promotions, the broker also offered interesting trading competitions. Participation was possible with both account types. To do this, it first had to be checked whether a participation fee was charged. Participation was mostly free of charge and thus represented an attractive alternative to a bonus. With a trade competition, participants were able to realize profitable prize money. The current competitions were listed on the IQ Option website. However, you had to contact customer support for detailed information about the rules before registering to participate.

Conclusion: With the possibility of trading competitions, the broker offered its customers an interesting alternative to the bonus programs available. The respective rules and any participation fees had to be inquired in detail from customer support before participating.

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The IQ Option bonus code in the consumer check

What was the minimum deposit at IQ Option?

The minimum deposit was € 10 and made it possible to open a corresponding account type with a deposit bonus of up to 30%. With a deposit of € 3,000, a VIP account could be opened, which was equipped with a bonus of up to 50% per deposit. Even if this type of bonus no longer exists, IQ Option can still score with a free demo account.

The two account types mentioned still exist. Just without a deposit bonus. The key data here at a glance.

What is the minimum trading amount?

There is a low minimum trading amount of € 1 per trade. IQ Option thus offers the different types of traders an easy entry into trading. The low minimum trading amount enables entry with very little capital investment.

What deposit options are there?

The broker shows different payment methods for deposits and withdrawals. These include the classic bank transfer and payments by credit card, but also various eWallets, such as Skrill and Neteller.

Is a deposit necessary for the demo account?

No, no deposit is required to open an IQ Option demo account. Only the name, email address and a password are required.

IQ Option Bonus Code → Promotional Bonuses or Competition?

IQ Option - Range of services

Our IQ Option experience shows that the use of a bonus code is carefully considered had to, because certain bonus conditions had to be fulfilled, which was not to be implemented for every trader. The IQ Option demo account offers an insight into trading under limited trading conditions. This is where beginners can get a feel for binary options trading and useful strategies can be developed without risk. How IQ Option compares with other brokers can be found at Binareoption.com!

Conclusion: Profitable bonus campaigns could be used

The bonus payments at IQ Option depended on the individual campaigns with a bonus code. The amount of the regular bonus that was granted for a deposit depended on the chosen account type and the amount of the respective deposit. Certain bonus conditions had to be met for the bonus to be paid out. Traders with a high trading volume were able to increase their profit through lucrative bonus payments. If you do not want to completely forego bonus payments, you should take a closer look at the offer on Binary.com. In contrast to SySec brokers, Binery.com continues to offer attractive bonus promotions in addition to a deposit bonus of up to 50%.

Trade binary options with the test winner IQ Option

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