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IQ Option Autotrader - Will automated trading be offered in 2020?

IQ Option Autotrader 2020: is auto trading possible? We took a close look at the trading offer. Now go to IQ Option & trade.

Can IQ Autotrader functions be used and what is autotrading? We will get to the bottom of these questions in the following article and introduce you to IQ Option's trading conditions. We also deal a little more closely with the overall range of the broker and answer the most important questions about trading with this provider of binary options trading.

Quick facts about the broker IQ Option

  • There are no IQ Option Autotrader offers
  • Good general conditions for independent trading in binary options
  • A fairly large selection of underlyings and the Bitcoin is also tradable
  • Deposits are already made possible from 10 EUR / USD / GBP
  • A trade can be placed from just one euro
  • Deposit bonuses for new and existing customers
  • Powerful trading platform for traders
  • Unlimited demo account with $ 1,500 starting credit

Trade binary options now with IQ Option

IQ Option Autotrader? What is possible?

The broker IQ Option offers no possibilities for automated trading and those who want to trade automatically at IQ Option will be disappointed. However, the options broker offers very good trading conditions if you want to trade binary options independently. The trading platform in particular can convince in direct comparison, because although it was specially developed for binary options, it comes with a variety of analysis tools.

Technical analysis is possible, for example, and you can do both draw yourself in the chart as well as use certain indicators. Furthermore, you can have the best traders and their performance displayed, or IQ Option show signals for some markets. An order is placed very quickly and there are no delays in execution.

Traders will especially appreciate the uncomplicated handling as well as the fact that orientation is achieved after a short time and tutorials can also be called up, in which the use is explained in detail. There is also a demo account and this largely offers good framework conditions. Live courses are available, all functions of the trading application are available and only the selection of tradable base values ​​is restricted and some assets are available.

Our research has shown that no auto-trading at IQ Option is possible, but a very good trading platform is available for independent trading. There are tools for technical analysis as well as numerous personalization options and you can also test the trading application via a demo account.

IQ Option Autotrader - Will automated trading be offered in 2020?

What is a trading robot? We present automated trading

Trading robots are programs that execute trading automatically and can save the investor a lot of work and time. Auto trading is popular with many investors and it is not as difficult as it may sound at first. With autotrading, specially developed systems carry out automatic trading decisions based on the signals defined by the user.

You can either define these signals yourself and use certain indicators as a basis, or you can choose predefined templates. Once all the key points have been determined, the user can lean back and let the robots do the work. Such automatic methods can also be used and optimized using backtesting. The methods are applied to the market developments of the last trading days and you can get good insight into the performance of the method and improve it if necessary.

Robots are programs that enable automatic trading. The user defines trading signals and can use and optimize the individual method using backtesting. Automated trading can save the trader a lot of work and time and can be learned with little effort.

iq option autotrader robot binary options iQbot ( installation )

Consumer checklist: FAQs about the broker's trading offer

What technical indicators can I find in the trading software?

In total, the user can choose from four indicators and these are: Moving Average, Bollinger Bands, Alligator and the Relative Strength Index.

Can I use a demo account with IQ Option?

Yes, with IQ Option you can use the web platform try it out in the trial version for an unlimited time. The test account is topped up with a starting credit of $ 1,500 and you can trade some assets with virtual capital.

Now trade binary options directly with IQ Option

What underlying assets can I do? Trade at IQ Option?

Numerous asset class underlyings are tradable and include international stocks, the most important global indices, the most popular currency pairs and commodities such as gold and silver.

Do I get an additional service for my deposit at IQ Option?

Yes, both the first deposit and any further account capitalization will be rewarded as a customer of IQ Option. A staggered additional service applies between 25 percent and 100 percent and the upper limit is set at 20,000 euros.

Which payment methods can I use?

Bank transfers are part of the existing payment methods at IQ Option, as are credit cards and instant transfers. The customer can also use eWallets such as Skrill or Neteller. Most payment methods complete deposits within minutes. Only the bank transfer can take up to five working days.

IQ Option Autotrader - Will automated trading be offered in 2020?

Further offers at IQ Option

As a trader, you can have good IQ Option experiences. There are several areas in which the broker excels, but the most important are the low minimum bets required for trading. A trade can already be placed from a euro . This allows you to gain experience and try it out as you please. Speaking of which: IQ Option also offers a demo account for an unlimited period of time. Such an offer is rare for binary options brokers and we can also get over the fact that only a few base values ​​can be traded in the demo version.

Let's come back to the low capital requirements. No large amounts are due for the account capitalization and deposits can be made from EUR 10 / USD / GBP. We want to pay particular attention to the IQ Option Extra Code. Both new and existing customers can secure a welcome extra of up to 100 percent for each of their deposits and up to a maximum amount of EUR 20,000. The credit is granted as soon as the minimum payment is made and the additional benefit is 25 percent for such low amounts. The broker's returns (* amounts credited to the account in the event of a successful trade) are also outstanding and amount to up to 92 percent.

Trading at IQ Option is possible from just one euro, The minimum deposit is 10 EUR / USD / GBP and trading returns of up to 92 percent are possible. IQ Option also grants deposit bonuses for new and existing customers as well as an unlimited demo account.

Conclusion: Automatic trading is not possible with IQ Option

Who at IQ Option trades, this can only be done on your own and without the help of automatic trading systems. At IQ Option classic trading with binary options is offered and traders will be happy about the trading conditions. So you can start trading with just one euro and only have to pay ten euros for the account capitalization. The returns are very generous and amount to up to 92 percent. The trading application is particularly convincing and offers uncomplicated handling and at the same time a wide range of functions for efficient price analysis. The web platform is also available in the demo version and the binary options test account is available for unlimited use. Get to know the trade at IQ Option and take advantage of the attractive framework that the broker offers.

Trade binary options directly with IQ Option

IQ Option Autotrader - Will automated trading be offered in 2020?

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