IQ Option app in test 2020 - functions & performance of the trading app

IQ Option App in test 2020: Looking for a good binary options app? Features & performance in the test report Act now for IQ Option & on the go.

In this article we want to deal in detail with the IQ Option app and introduce you to all the services of the mobile application. Find out whether the IQ Option Android app is worthwhile, what differences there are to the desktop version and learn a little more about the entire range of the options broker.

Quick facts about the IQ Option app

  • IQ Option App for Android and iPhone
  • All basic values ​​of the desktop version available
  • The trading application is equipped with many functions and extras
  • In and out Have payments made via the app
  • Overview of all transactions and trading history

Trade binary options with the test winner IQ Option

The advantages of mobile trading

In today's mobile age, in which many areas of daily life are increasingly shifting to the virtual world, traders also want to be independent of location when making their trading decisions and do not want to be dependent on their PC when it comes to exploiting market opportunities, Most reputable brokers for binary options and everyone who values ​​customer satisfaction have a mobile application that enables trading with their own smartphone and tablet.

An app offers the user Flexibility and convenience , because handling is usually very uncomplicated and you can search for a promising trade opportunity at any time and anywhere . Short maturities of a few minutes and sometimes even a few seconds are characteristic of binary options, making the app perfect for placing a trade in between and watching your own capital grow. In addition to trading, a good app also offers extensive account functions and enables, among other things, deposits and withdrawals as well as an overview of all past transactions and the trading history .

One of the advantages of apps is the flexibility that the user receives and that in all his trading decisions. A good app is both powerful and easy to use. Binary options are very well suited for mobile trading in between.

IQ Option app in test 2020 - functions & performance of the trading app

IQ Option App for Android and iPhone in detail

When we tested the IQ Option App a little more precisely At first glance, we noticed the clear and appealing design of the retail application. All of the broker's underlyings can also be traded in the mobile version and with a fingertip you can put together a selection of underlyings whose price development you want to monitor. If you have decided on an option, you can call up the detailed supervision and display a real-time chart.

A price analysis is also possible and there are, for example, indicators such as the Bollinger Bands to choose from. A trade is placed within a few moments and is immediately executed . As far as trading conditions are concerned, the same rules apply as for use on a PC and this means that trading is possible from just 1 euro (alternatively USD / GBP) and returns (* amounts that are credited to an account in the course of successful trading up to 92 percent.

Furthermore, both deposits and withdrawals can be made via the IQ Option iPhone app and the user can access all payment methods of the broker. All transactions can be viewed at a glance and anyone who wants can also view past trades. Incidentally, an account can also be opened via the IQ Option App and within a few moments.

Powerful IQ Option App with advantages for all types of retailers. All basic values ​​and all important functions of the trading application are also available in the mobile version. Comprehensive account management functions and display of trading history.

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Consumer checklist: FAQs about the IQ Option App

Can I also use the app in the demo version?

Yes, in addition to a live account in two variants, a demo account is available at IQ Option and registration can also be carried out within a very short time. There is no time limit for use and the starting credit is $ 1,000. Not all underlyings can be traded on the test account.

What about an extra for new customers?

IQ Option offers a demo account, with which traders have the opportunity to try trading with this broker.

Which payment methods are available?

About the payment methods, that are available at IQ Option include credit card payments, eWallets like Skrill and Neteller, and WebMoney. There are no costs for deposits.

What underlyings can I trade with IQ Option?

The broker currently has numerous underlyings to choose from and from stocks, foreign exchange, indices and commodities. A special feature in connection with the product range is the fact that you can also trade binary options on Bitcoin at IQ Option and the broker is therefore a rare exception.

There are IQ Option a supervisory authority?

Yes, with IQ Option there is even more than just one supervisory authority. As the company is registered and licensed in Cyprus, CYSEC is primarily responsible for regulation and supervision, which is the official financial regulator of Cyprus. The broker is also active in other countries and therefore the respective supervisory authorities of the countries are responsible for the regulation.

IQ Option app in test 2020 - functions & performance of the trading app

Further offers at IQ Option

All traders can use a demo account to their advantage use that is available without a time limit and enables simulated trading with numerous underlyings and participation in financial bets. Another offer aimed at traders is the low capital requirement when trading. With IQ Option, bets starting from 1 euro (or USD / GBP) are possible.

Even with the minimum deposit, are small amounts of EUR 10 (or USD / GBP) based. The stakes are particularly low and the returns are particularly high. Up to 92 percent can be secured depending on the underlying option. A wide range of underlyings are available for the selection of tradable underlyings, including stocks, indices, raw materials and foreign exchange .

Customers can have particularly good IQ Option experiences with the broker's trading application. This is far more complex than you are used to from binary options platforms and includes some professional tools and indicators. Traders will also benefit from this application because it is easy to use and the most important trading functions can be found at a glance.

At IQ Optionally, traders can now top up their account directly via the trading interface thanks to the new 1-click payment feature and no longer have to go to a separate page.

Numerous underlyings from some asset classes are at IQ Option tradable and the returns are up to 92 percent. Powerful trading platform that is suitable for all types of traders and is also available in the demo version. The minimum deposit is only EUR 10 (alternatively USD or GBP).

Conclusion: Recommended app for iPhone and Android

The IQ Option app is more than impressive. The design looks chic and smooth functionality is guaranteed. All important trading functions can be found at a glance and some of the best-known indicators and numerous tools are available for price analysis. The trading platform can also be tested in the demo version and the app can also be used in the test version. For trading at IQ Option, there are numerous underlyings from a number of asset classes to choose from and Bitcoin is also tradable. A trade can already be placed with an investment of EUR 1 (or USD and GBP) and the maximum returns amount to 92 percent.

Trade binary options with the test winner IQ Option

IQ Option app in test 2020 - functions & performance of the trading app

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