IOTA Mining 2020 - IOTA Coin Mining in the IOTA Mining Pool!

IOTA mining experiences 2020: is mining possible with IOTA? All important information on mining at a glance Get information online now.

Mining is very important in the area of ​​digital currencies. With many cryptocurrencies there is the possibility to earn by mining coins. Bitcoin is particularly popular. However, the mining has a bad reputation here, since it can only be implemented through high technical foundations. It is therefore exciting for those interested to know whether other digital currencies can be mined with less effort. The fact is: IOTA mining is not offered. This is due to the fact that the IOTA is not implemented via a blockchain and all coins have already been generated. Nevertheless, the currency can be used.

  • IOTA is not based on the blockchain, but on Tangle
  • transactions must be confirmed by users
  • The direct purchase of IOTA takes place via platforms
  • CFD trading on IOTA is possible

Table of contents

  • What is mining actually?
  • Is IOTA Coin Mining an alternative?
  • Why does IOTA forego the blockchain?
  • Why micropayments are of interest to IOTA
  • How can interested parties get IOTA?
  • CFD trading with IOTA
  • Step by step to the CFD position
  • Fast and secure entry via the demo account
  • Conclusion: IOTA mining is not possible

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What exactly is mining?

In connection with digital currencies, mining is taken up again and again. It is basically one of the ways to generate coins through active work with technical aids. This option exists for digital currencies that are based on a blockchain. Mining, basically said, picks up and solves mathematical problems.

For this purpose, an existing hash is accessed. This is made up of data from various transactions. The hash itself has to be found out. To do this, the so-called miners use their computing power and invest energy. If you can solve the hash, you support the functioning of the blockchain and at the same time you are rewarded with coins.

Mining became known above all through Bitcoin. The original cryptocurrency tried to create an incentive to generate miners. At the beginning, this incentive was around 25 Bitcoin. The value halves after 210,000 blocks. The reward in particular makes mining particularly attractive and creates strong competition.

What is advantageous for the digital currency is a disadvantage for miners themselves. They have to stay up to date with their technical equipment and offer high computing power. Therefore, mining in its classic form with Bitcoin is hardly suitable for beginners. More and more miners are therefore looking for alternatives.

Is IOTA Coin Mining an alternative?

When looking for alternatives, the question also arises whether IOTA Coin Mining might be can be used. For this it is important to know that IOTA is not based on a blockchain and therefore stands out from the other digital currencies. Instead, IOTA works with the Tangle system. There are not only some technical differences here. Also with the transactions per se one has to take care that the procedure is different.

IOTA mining is not necessary. With Bitcoin, for example, the transactions must be confirmed by miners. It is irrelevant whether these miners themselves carry out transactions over the network. You cannot be active here otherwise. At IOTA, this is solved differently. To be able to publish transactions yourself, the user must confirm other transactions. The division is 1: 2. This means that if you stop a transaction, you have to confirm two more transactions.

Here too, computing power is required. However, this cannot be compared with the computing power that must be provided when mining bitcoins. Even beginners who have had little or no experience with the Tangle network can successfully confirm the transactions here.

Important: At IOTA there is no reward for the confirmation of the transactions. An IOTA mining calculator is therefore not necessary.

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Why is IOTA not using the blockchain?

Is interesting of course the question of why a blockchain is not used at IOTA. The developers chose Tangle because the digital currency should impress with its high scalability. As many users as possible should participate in the network. Bitcoin has shown that as the number of users increases, the speed becomes ever slower.

In contrast, IOTA does not set any limits with regard to the number of transactions. These transactions are carried out in a period of seconds. This is a clear difference compared to Bitcoin. Bitcoin has a limit on transactions. No more than seven transactions can be executed here per second.

IOTA was primarily developed to support the Internet of Things. The speed and the quantity are important here. The Internet of Things will tend to gain users. IOTA can benefit from this. If mining by IOTA were to be the basis, there would probably also be time limits here. However, this is not the goal of the developers. In addition, IOTA transactions are still free of charge. This means that micro payments over the network are not a problem. The circle of users expands and the system benefits. This would not be possible on the basis of a blockchain.

Why micropayments are of interest to IOTA

Even if no IOTA mining pool is available and IOTA mining in German or in English If it is not offered, it may be of interest to continue to deal with the cryptocurrency. For example, the issue of micropayments is also interesting for investors. With many cryptocurrencies, micropayments are not worthwhile because the fees for the transactions are too high. That is not the case with IOTA. This makes the digital currency interesting for many online shops as well as for affiliate providers.

Affiliate is a very good option for digital currencies in order to become even better known. Here operators of websites advertise on them for the digital currency. All you have to do is insert a link. As soon as this is installed and clicked, the operator of the website receives a commission. If Internet users come into contact with the digital currency on as many websites as possible, they deal with it more and the network grows. IOTA benefits from this more than if an IOTA mining pool were available.

Important: It is always said that IOTA has a very high transaction speed. How high this is, however, cannot be clearly stated. The reason for this is that there are different factors that influence the transaction speed. Among other things, the speed is also due to the users. If they confirm the transactions with computers that have a low speed, this will take longer.

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How can interested parties get IOTA?

IOTA mining is therefore not an option to receive IOTA coins yourself. But how can interested parties then get the tokens of the digital currency? Here is the classic way, for example. The currency can be bought. For this, the user needs a wallet to be able to store the coins. There are various options for the wallets:

  • Online wallet
  • Desktop wallet
  • Hardware wallet
  • Mobile wallet

Which of the variants is the best choice for the user depends on how he subsequently wants to proceed with the IOTAs. If you want to carry out a long-term investment, you can opt for an offline version. This brings a significantly higher level of security. Especially when buying a large amount of digital currency, it can make sense to distribute the tokens across several wallets. After a wallet has been set up, the purchase can be carried out. There are special exchanges and marketplaces where coins are offered.

Depending on the provider, the coins are available at current exchange rates or are offered at seller prices. Here you have to pay attention to who sells the tokens. Selling directly through a stock exchange or broker is quick and effective. In the case of a sale by a separate provider via a marketplace, some of the prices can still be saved.

Note: After the purchase has been made, the selected quantity is transferred directly to the Wallet. The coins can now be sold or used for payments.

CFD trading with IOTA

In addition to the direct purchase of the coins through a specialized provider, CFD trading can also be used done on IOTA. There is no direct investment in the currency here. Instead, traders decide to open a position and bet on the rising or falling price. So even if there were IOTA mining, CFD trading would be an alternative for anyone who wants to bypass a wallet and buy, or is willing to take a risk on short-term position trading.

Generally applies trading digital currencies as very risky. This is due to the fact that cryptocurrencies have a high level of liquidity. Currency rates can change within a few seconds. This is an advantage for a trader. With the CFDs, they can quickly benefit from these movements in prices and receive high returns if they are correct.

However, it is important to deal with the topic and to become familiar with CFD trading and its functions. Here, some brokers offer an academy. With this training and further education area it is possible to deal with the basic terms and to learn how the positions are opened and what is important in trading. A good academy is broadly based and enables the trader to learn quickly via webinars, eBooks and videos.

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Step by step to the CFD position

If a trader has decided to start CFD trading with IOTA, several steps are necessary: ​​

  1. Select broker

The selection of brokers through which trading CFDs on IOTA is possible is still limited. Brokers still mainly offer CFDs on the most important digital currencies, such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. Nevertheless, there are some brokers that also offer IOTA. These should be compared to find the provider with the best conditions.

  1. Open an account

In the next step an account will be opened. This is usually possible within a few minutes. But even if a broker initially only asks for the basic data, such as name and email address, verification will be necessary later. This is important for the protection of the broker and the user himself.

  1. Deposit credit

Some brokers call a minimum amount for the deposit on. However, this often only moves in the three-digit range. In order to open positions with real money, a deposit must be made. This is usually possible by credit card or bank transfer.

  1. Open position

Finally, the first position can be opened. The trader decides which amounts to invest. A lever can also often be used. To secure yourself, the positions can also be provided with a stop loss.

Quick and secure entry via the demo account

In principle, opening a position is possible within seconds. Nevertheless, it is recommended for traders to take the time to get started with a demo account. A demo account offers the same trading environment as the real money variant. The difference is, however, that a virtual credit is used here. This means that even if a risk is taken and there is a loss, it does not affect the real money capital that is already available. This also allows traders to take a risk that they would not be able to implement with real money.

However, a demo account is also an optimal variant for working out a basic strategy. This should always form the basis when investing in CFDs on IOTA. Many brokers provide various tools for this. The tools make it possible to analyze charts, control the price and thus create a possible forecast.

The forecast itself is the basis for working out a strategy. The position can also be secured using a demo version. How do I use a stop loss and what does it cost? The option to work with a demo account is not only interesting for beginners. Even experienced traders who want to work out new strategies for trading in digital currencies are happy to fall back on them.

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Conclusion: IOTA mining is not possible

It is currently not possible to carry out IOTA mining. Since it is a digital currency that is not based on the blockchain, mining is not planned. The Tangle system relies on users to confirm the transactions themselves. Nevertheless, there are various ways to benefit from the changing rates at IOTA.

In addition to the direct purchase, which can be carried out via exchanges and marketplaces, an investment in CFD in digital currencies can also be made. By comparing brokers effectively, you can save money on transactions. Good risk management should also be created.

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