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IG Binary Options Use PayPal to deposit and withdraw?

IG Binary Options. Use PayPal 2020 for deposits & withdrawals? There are these other alternatives. Read tips & tricks on IG payment methods.

Does IG Binary Options offer PayPal as a payment option? We got to the bottom of this question in our guide. As for the broker itself, we can say that it is part of IG Group Holding Plc and is now active in 17 countries. However, the company headquarters are in London. Nevertheless, there are also branches in Germany, Switzerland, Italy and in many other European countries. But the broker is also represented in non-European countries. He also offers his offer in China, Japan, Australia, South Africa and the USA.

IG Binary Options PayPal at a glance:

  • no PayPal Payments possible
  • common payment methods (bank transfer and credit card) available
  • minimum payment amount of € 100
  • € 300 minimum deposit
  • PayPal only available with costs for brokers
The best IG binary options alternatives

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Does IG binary options support PayPal as a payment method?

Although PayPal is a very popular online payment method, only a few options brokers support the payment system. IG Binary Options does not offer PayPal as a payment option for traders. The broker is not an exception, but PayPal is always used by customers for online deposits.

For these reasons, we can only state at this point that IG Binary Options does not support PayPal and This is no exception.

Why is PayPal so rarely offered?

Of course, we also asked ourselves in this guide why PayPal so rarely offered as a payment option by brokers. This is simply due to the fees that the online payment system PayPal would charge. However, these fees should not be borne by the customer, but by the broker. This requires not only PayPal, but also the customer friendliness that many brokers would bring into play at this point.

However, since the fees would incur EUR 0.35 per deposit plus 1.9 percent of the deposit amount the cost here is very high. In addition, many brokers, like IG itself, are active abroad. Here they would sometimes have to accept fees of up to seven percent. However, these costs would have to be covered by another area. One consequence would be that the brokers lower the yield. However, this would cause them to lose customers.

The reason for the non-existent or infrequent offer is, in particular, the costs that brokers would have to pay for the PayPal payment method. To cover these costs, they would have to lower the yield, for example.

Trade platform

Alternative payment methods, fees & Co.

Even if IG Binary Options PayPal not supported, there are alternative payment methods that can be used. This also includes the typical bank transfer. This can take one to three working days for deposits, but IG Binary Options can make payments within 24 hours. Anyone who sends the order by 1:00 p.m. will receive a credit on the same day.

The second payment method is the credit card transaction. Visa and MasterCard are accepted. The processing time for deposits is only a few minutes long. However, the credit can take up to five days for withdrawals.

It is also important to know that there is no minimum deposit amount. However, there is a minimum payment amount for this. This is 100 euros. If you fall below it, you have to expect a processing fee. Otherwise, all transactions are always free of charge.

There are two alternative payment methods in total: bank transfer and credit card. The quickest way to make a deposit is by credit card. However, bank transfer is the most suitable for payment. Meanwhile, it is also advantageous that no fees for deposits and withdrawals are charged. The only exception is for payments under 100 euros.

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FAQ on IG binary options

What can you trade with IG Binary Options?

With IG Binary Options you can on the one hand through the web-based trading platform and through the platform Meta Trader 4 (MT4), which are available for download Is available, trade, and on the other hand through the IG Binary Options app, which is available free of charge for iOS, BlackBerry, Windows and Android.

What trading types does IG Binary Options offer?

The types of trading offered range from the high / low method to the one-touch option. There are also tunnels, hi-lo, ladders and the target method on offer.

What is the minimum deposit?

At broker IG there is a minimum deposit of € 300 but no minimum deposit amount. Only premium customers must have a deposit of at least 50,000 euros.

What assets does the broker offer?

The broker offers a total of more than 30 indices, over 80 currency pairs, five commodities and thousands of shares.

Which authority does IG regulate?

The broker IG is regulated by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). IG Europe GmbH is headquartered in Frankfurt am Main.

Other offers from IG Binary Options

According to our IG Binary Options experiences, the broker offers a wide range of educational options with various options Seminars, video courses and webinars. There is also a guide for beginning traders. In addition, a column about trading strategies is written every 10 to 14 days.

For this purpose, IG has an unlimited available IG binary options demo account, which is ideally suited for free and risk-free trading. There is also an IG Binary Options Bonus Code, which ensures that under certain conditions you can get the fees already paid back.

In addition to binary options trading, IG also offers CFD and Forex trading, The Active Trader Bonus also applies to these types of trading.

Our conclusion: Two common payment methods as an alternative

In summary, we can finally say that IG Binary Options does not offer PayPal as a payment option. Instead, the broker has two other common payment methods. So you can pay in or out by bank transfer and credit card. Fees are only charged if the payment is less than EUR 100.

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