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High returns in no time with binary options

Binary options promise the highest return opportunities in usually less than 5 minutes. This is made possible by so-called turbo options on indices or stocks.

Trading in binary options takes a variety of forms. This is made possible by the fact that most binary options providers offer several types of options. These are often tied to different conditions so that a payment can be made.

There are call / put options for rising or falling prices, there are one-touch options that aim to reach a certain barrier and there are the boundary options or range options, with which one sets a fluctuation in the price within certain limits.

All these options have in common is the determination of a term. Some brokers set the so-called expiring time, i.e. the time at which the option expires, while others have the option of specifying a specific time themselves.

60-second options often fall under the Turbo category. By the way, 5 minutes and 10 minutes of options are listed below. Some brokers even call options with a duration of less than 30 minutes as turbo.

How do you trade binary options in 60 seconds?

Trading a 60 seconds option requires speed and precision. The broker StockPair is one of the rare brokers that offers trading for both 60-second options and options with terms of up to 150 days.

However, this time horizon is very rarely found among providers and can already fall under the medium-term investment category.

What does 60-second trading look like at StockPair? Since 60 seconds is really not a long runtime, we have to consider which technical price patterns or zones could be used. It is generally known that the price of an important support or resistance at least temporarily turns in the other direction, i.e. a reversal arises.

Since we only want to hold 60 seconds, it is irrelevant for us whether a larger one Reversal arises or the price breaks through a zone. We therefore have a fairly simple and reliable strategy for trading 60 second options.

In this case broker StockPair not only offers its customers a trading platform, but also a chart analysis platform that works well for our strategy suitable. First we look for distinctive zones. On the one hand, this can be horizontal resistance or support. But also trend lines that have been confirmed by at least two approaches and a reversal of the price.

As I said, the likelihood that the price will turn at short notice is very high. It would be even better to use professional analysis software that uses candles to show the highs and lows.

If we have now identified such zones, we can trade put or call options with a running time of 60 seconds by we position ourselves in the opposite direction. If the price reaches these zones, it is almost inevitable that either demand or supply surplus will form here.

A binary option can therefore lead to a profit of 80% for the broker StockPair within 60 seconds. If you don't take the analysis too carelessly, of course. The desire to take a position is often very high, especially with 60-second options. The thought of making money within 60 seconds is tempting.

High returns in no time with binary options

What will perform better - pairs of shares with binary options!

The broker StockPair offers a new type of binary options. In the pairs category, two products, in this case shares, are compared. The payout depends on which value performed better today?

The special thing here is that the returns also vary. So we have about a betting odds. If we look at the Shell / BP pair of shares, we see that if Shell shares perform better at the end of the day (shortest term), a return of 83% will be achieved. On the other hand, we would get 59% for the BP stock option.

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How does this difference arise?

No different from the betting odds, the return is greater when you choose a stock, whose performance is currently below the other. In this case it's Shell. Because in the lower area we can see that the expectations or the mood on the market speaks more for the fact that the BP share performs better.

So if we want to be on the safe side, maybe we should consider BP - Choose a stock option even though it yields less income. To top it off, we should still subject the two stocks to a specific technical analysis to ensure that the trends continue.

We can also use the broker StockPair's analysis platform. This provides a good overview of the average of the two stocks. Similar to the analysis of the individual values, we can also look for patterns in the analysis of the average that can give us information about how the performance will be.

Based on our example, the price average of the two stocks is currently at about 5,160. The further the average rises, the better either the Shell share performs or the worse the BP share. The technical analysis of the average can give us a clue as to what the chances are.

In this case, it would be quite conceivable that the Shell stock would perform better at the end of the day because the average is bottoming has formed and is moving up.

High returns in no time with binary options

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