GKFX Webinars September 2017 - All information at a glance

GKFX Trading Webinars September 2017: What does the broker have in store? Overview of webinars Get informed now & take part in GKFX webinars.

From October 2, 2017, GKFX will be presenting its live webinar "Trading in the Morning" on the current market situation every working day from 8.45 a.m. New is trading expert Stefan Salomon, who gives traders an outlook on the opportunities and risks of the day. Salomon takes a look at all major financial instruments from indices to forex to equity CFDs. Bundles and raw materials will also be a topic again and again. In "Trading in the Morning", traders learn more about the most important decisions of the day and thus start the trading day well informed. The webinar is rounded off with suitable setups for the market situation.

Stay up to date

Even the mood on the markets can quickly have an impact on price movements, It is important for many traders to always be up to date. Stock market news and the current market situation play a major role here. Traders who are always up to date find interesting investment opportunities easier. They can also recognize opportunities and risks very well. In addition to the current political and economic situation, information on the situation of companies plays a role for traders. Even the location of a single company that is listed on the stock exchange can affect an index or other share prices. Anyone who is not up to date here not only misses promising investment opportunities, but there is also the risk of recognizing risks too late. GKFX wants its traders to start the day well informed and to better recognize opportunities and risks. Therefore, the morning webinar is also helpful in terms of personal risk management.

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messages important for investment decisions

Stock market news not only play a role in investment decisions, but also in forecasts and economic and political decisions. Many traders pay particular attention to messages that are very important for their portfolio. Therefore, "Trading am Morgen" offers a comprehensive overview of financial instruments and decisions of the day.

Especially Forex traders are very interested in current news on the markets as well as in politics and Economy, since, for example, interest rate increases by central banks or elections can affect exchange rates. Due to the time difference, currencies can be traded on exchanges around the world practically around the clock. In combination with the Internet, news can also be published around the clock. Therefore it makes sense to start the trading day well-informed with a "morning routine". The important information obtained here can then be ideally combined with your own trading strategy.

GKFX Webinars September 2017 - All information at a glance

Market overview important for risk management

With regard to personal risk management A good overview of news and markets also plays a major role. Traders who hear of a report early can also react quickly and thus often avoid losses. The more experience a trader has, the sooner he will recognize when a message can change course. Above all news, which is surprising for many market participants, can have clear consequences and get the market moving.

Messages from different actors

Due to the large number of actors at the Markets and around the markets, in addition to company news, reports from central banks, authorities or economic experts are often important for traders. For trading with the latest news, stocks, forex, and indices are suitable.

Keeping track of

To keep track of important dates, use a Economic calendar helpful. Here balance sheet press conferences of companies are listed as well as press conferences of the most important central banks or dates for the publication of labor market data. Experienced traders can often estimate quite well how a message will affect the markets. However, it is also important to recognize the current mood on the market, because prices only move if the result of the message deviates from the expectations of the market. Sometimes a message only takes effect later than the markets expect. This can be the case, for example, if exchange rate changes only have a certain time lag for companies.

About market sentiment

So who is good about the market and Market sentiment is often informed early on how a certain message will affect. Surveys among experts and the opinions of analysts and economists can also help to assess market sentiment. GKFX webinars such as "Trading in the morning" can also help you to get to know and assess the market better.

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Start trading with a trading setup

Be well informed about the market situation recognize entry and exit points very well. In "Trading am Morgen" Stefan Salomon also presents interesting setups of the day to the participants. A setup is a kind of self-created rule catalog, which specifies when you should enter a trade and when you should not. Many traders have developed their own setup to match their trading style. Evaluation criteria for a setup can result from market news, business dates, market analyzes or trends. The information obtained in this way provides information as to whether entering a trade is worthwhile. If you have a lot of experience in the market, you can not only find interesting trading ideas, but also adapt your personal setup at any time.

GKFX Webinars September 2017 - All information at a glance

Numerous webinars at GKFX

The British Broker GKFX is known for its numerous webinars. Also in October there will be numerous events on exciting topics from the world of trading. The extensive training offer for beginners and advanced also includes online courses, videos and tutorials. Traders learn a lot about the GKFX products or the different trading strategies. Beginners can familiarize themselves with the basics of trading in special online courses. Also known are the regular seminars with prominent and competent trading experts in many German cities. If you have any further questions, the customer service in Frankfurt am Main is available at any time.


Traders at GKFX will start the trading day well-informed again in October. From Monday to Friday from 8.45 a.m. the live webinar "Trading in the morning" on the current market situation will take place. The new GKFX expert Stefan Salomon will give an outlook on the day and present the best setups for stock CFDs, indices or commodities. The webinar is aimed primarily at advanced users.

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GKFX Webinars September 2017 - All information at a glance

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