GKFX Webinars 2017 - Bundled trading knowledge at the broker

GKFX Webinars September / October 2017: Can the offer convince? Numerous trading webinars at GKFX Use now for brokers & top webinars.

In the coming weeks, GKFX will again be offering many interesting, varied and educational webinars on various topics related to CFDs and Forex. In addition to daily and weekly overviews of the market situation, some webinars are aimed specifically at beginners or advanced users. Beginners learn more about the first steps in retailing, while advanced users can deal with special topics. At the next webinars, analysis methods and techniques will also be presented, which can be an inspiration for your own trading decisions. Registration for the GKFX webinars takes place directly on the broker's website and is free of charge.

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Broker's webinars at a glance

The start of the trading day

Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. Dennis Gürtler gives a view of the current market situation in his webinar "Trading in the morning" >. Traders start the day well-informed with important information on opportunities and risks. A focus is on indices, currencies, CFDs on stocks and commodities. Current economic policy issues and setups will always be a topic.

Quick entry into trading

The webinar is especially for newcomers "From 0 to 100 - The Trading Quickstarter" with Driton Thaqi interesting. In four chapters, beginners learn a lot about the basics of CFD trading. With practical examples, newcomers to trading learn about the trading platforms and products from GKFX and learn about the risks of trading. Typical beginner mistakes are also discussed.

At the beginning it is about opening an account at GKFX, the trading platforms, the functioning of CFDs and the first own trade. Afterwards, traders learn how and where they get market information and what role market analyzes and economic calendars play in trading. The third part is dedicated to GKFX's trading platforms. The fourth and last chapter deals with different trading strategies.

Possible uses of the Fibonacci tools

The Fibonacci tools are considered one of the most effective trading tools. For many experienced traders, they are often still incomprehensible, while others no longer want to do without them. That is why Thomas May devotes himself in detail to the Fibonacci tools in his webinar. The participants get to know the possible uses of this form of technical analysis using current examples and charts and how to recognize target price and trend reversal marks and set appropriate stop-losses.

Weekly Outlook

Every Sunday evening Mario Kofler takes a look at the next trading week. "Trading on Sunday" focuses on currency pairs, indices and commodities. Kofler takes a look at the values ​​that are currently playing an important role, as well as the economic calendar for the coming week. In order to be able to evaluate the current market situation, it is always useful to look back at the last trading week and to analyze the current fundamental situation. Participants are welcome to direct their questions to Mario Kofler.

Interesting basic values ​​and setups

In the weekly webinar "GKFX Trading Room - Market Review & Trading Setups" presents Dennis Gürtler underlyings with good earnings prospects. In addition to interesting trading opportunities, there are also news appointments and setups. Participants can take a lot of inspiration for their own trades here, but the trading opportunities presented are not to be seen as an investment recommendation. Gürtler focuses on stock indices, commodities and currency pairs and would also like to exchange ideas with the participants of the webinar.

Live trading in the US markets

Kornelius Barczynski trades live every Tuesday at 3.30 p.m. the opening of the American markets. In the Webinar "US Sessions", participants can follow live how Kornelius Barczynski evaluates indices and currency pairs, especially majors, using chart and market analysis methods and then opens a position. Kornelius Barczynski also ensures effective money and risk management. For this webinar it is a prerequisite that you are already a GKFX customer and have opened a trading account.

From the world of trading

You always wanted to know how it really looks in the world of trading? In the webinar "The Trading Sessions" on October 5, 2017 at 6:00 p.m., traders and experts report from the world of trading and also reveal one or the other secret. The changing experts report at http://thetradingsessions.de/ about the background of trading and keep talking about current topics and trading strategies.

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GKFX as a broker - further training offers & Co

training traders at GKFX

GKFX also offers<131 outside of these interesting webinars>Wide range of training courses, because it is very important for the provider to let their traders trade in a well-informed manner. Newcomers in particular should not take the plunge into the cold water unprepared, but should get comprehensive information about trading and the tradable financial products before starting trading. For experienced traders, it is important to keep up to date with current developments and to follow the markets.

GKFX provides the basics of trading in online courses before. Videos and tutorials deal with tradable products and trading strategies. Customer service is available for further questions. In addition, there are many highly regarded events in different cities, where traders have the opportunity to get first-hand knowledge from renowned speakers on site.

Well-known CFD - and Forexbroker

GKFX has its headquarters in London and has been active in international CFD and Forex trading since 2009. In the meantime, branches have been created in more than 14 countries with over 500 employees. The German branch is located in Frankfurt am Main. In addition to being regulated by the FCA, the broker also has approvals in other countries. In Germany, GKFX is registered with BaFin.

Traders will find a wide range of forex, indices, raw materials and stock CFDs at GKFX. Depending on the chosen account model, the leverage is up to 1: 400 and the spreads at 0.6 pips. Trading takes place without commission. A minimum deposit or minimum trading amount is not mandatory.

User-friendly trading platforms

In addition to the wide range of training courses, GKFX focuses on modern trading platforms. In addition to the MetaTrader 4, the broker also offers the MetaTrader 4 Web and SIRIX Web. This allows traders to access CFDs or currencies. It is practical to manage multiple MetaTrader 4 accounts with the Multi-Terminal. Due to the different platforms, traders can trade comfortably, mobile and flexibly. Interactive charts, real-time courses and numerous tools for technical analysis are available on all platforms. Automated trading takes place via the Expert Advisor and applications are also available for social trading.

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Conclusion on the current GKFX webinars

Traders can also contact the GKFX webinars again fully informed. Well-known speakers keep traders up to date on the latest developments in the world of trading and support newcomers with the first steps in trading. The registration for the webinars is free of charge on the GKFX website.

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