GKFX webinar trading entry from 0 to 100 - start trading now

GKFX webinar trading entry from 0 to 100 in October 2017: Do you want to start trading? Use the webinar to get started Register now with the broker.

Many newcomers to trading no longer want to struggle endlessly through more or less good videos on YouTube and similar sources, but quickly and easily get to know trading with CFDs. The new GKFX webinar "From 0 to 100 - The Trading Quickstarter" helps beginners with a quick and effective entry into trading. The webinar is presented by Driton Thaqi and is divided into four parts. A new episode can be seen online every Wednesday at 6 p.m. until October 25th. Participants learn in practical examples how to find their way around the GKFX trading platform, which products are tradable and which beginner mistakes should be avoided.

Well prepared in the first trade

Newcomers should not start unprepared for the first trade. It is important to be familiar with how CFDs work and how to trade this financial instrument. In addition, traders learn how to use analysis tools and economic calendars over time. Newcomers should also deal with the topic of trading strategies and find the right strategy for themselves. In addition, newbies should know what risks and dangers are associated with trading.

A lot of training material available

Many traders take the first steps in CFD trading itself. There are numerous videos and tutorials on the Internet for this. Brokers like GFKX provide their traders with extensive training material. In the webinar "From 0 to 100 - The Trading Quickstarter", the first steps in trading are presented bundled so that participants can make their first trade well prepared.

Price of the underlying Use for yourself

CFD traders try to use price fluctuations of an underlying such as a share or a currency. You can put on a rising or falling price. Within a certain time, the trader closes his position and hopes to make a profit. A position can be held for a few seconds or even for several months. This also depends on your own trading style and the chosen trading strategy. Traders should also learn how to use analysis tools at an early stage. With the help of the technical analysis, the market is analyzed and traders recognize suitable scenarios to place a trade.

Now the test winner Plus500 and trade

GKFX webinar trading entry from 0 to 100 - start trading now

Find the right broker

If you want to become a trader, you need a broker, because a private person must not become active on the stock exchange. The broker trades various financial products on behalf of its customers. Therefore, one of the first steps as a trader is choosing a suitable broker. Here you should deal intensively with the conditions and business operations of the broker.

It is important to note whether the broker is serious and how he deals with the money of his customers Regulated brokers in Europe are required by financial regulators to keep client funds separate from corporate funds. This protects customer funds in the event of a broker's bankruptcy. There are also other requirements for deposit insurance that state that customer funds are insured up to a certain amount in the event of bankruptcy. A reputable broker adheres to these and other requirements of the regulatory authority.

Get to know the trading platform

It is also important to know how the Trading platform of the broker works and which financial instruments can be traded there. For all financial instruments, traders should be informed about their functioning before the first trade. Many brokers also offer a demo account, with which you can test the first steps in trading without real money and thus without risk. The free demo account at GKFX can be used indefinitely.

Knowledge of markets and underlyings

In addition, newcomers need knowledge of the markets and the underlyings tradable there. Here it is important to always be up to date with new developments and current news. For example, a message from a company can affect the entire industry.

Those who have opted for CFD trading can implement trades with a multitude of underlyings. CFDs can be traded on stocks as well as on bonds, indices or currencies. Since many brokers offer leverage trading, there is a prospect of making high profits with little capital investment. With a CFD, the trader participates in price movements of the underlying, but does not own the underlying itself.

Trend Analysis Masterclass

Develop trading strategy

With regard to the trading strategy, there are countless possibilities, that depend on numerous factors. The target time window plays a role here. Traders consider in advance how long they want to hold a position approximately. In addition, the strategy chosen also depends on the current situation on the market. Some traders only enter a trade when the price is already moving in the desired direction, others are deliberately acting against the price direction because they speculate on a change in direction.

Risk and money management in view keep

An important factor in trading is risk and money management. A trader should only invest as much capital as he can lose with a clear conscience. Many brokers also offer tools to hedge a trade like a stop loss. Risk and money management is part of the personal trading strategy. Money management is all about choosing the position size.

GKFX webinar trading entry from 0 to 100 - start trading now

Webinar from an experienced broker

Traders are learning more and more over time. The current GKFX webinar helps to get a first overview and get into trading. The broker offers numerous webinars for beginners and advanced, where experienced traders and experts report from the world of trading.

GKFX became in 2008 as Forex and CFD broker founded. CFDs can be traded on indices, stocks and commodities, among others. The broker has several branches, including a branch in Frankfurt am Main. The company is regulated by the UK and German financial regulators. With the deposit insurance of the FSCS, customer funds up to the amount of £ 50,000 per customer are secured.

Professional trading platform and attractive conditions

In addition to the known MetaTrader 4 a web-based trading platform and an app for mobile trading are also available. The broker does not require a minimum deposit. Spreads and pips depend on the choice of account model and financial instrument. Due to its favorable conditions and extensive training opportunities, the broker is also interesting for beginners. In addition to quick order execution and precise price setting, GKFX is also known for its good customer service and many current webinars with proven experts.

Conclusion on the current GKFX webinar

in the four-part webinar "From 0 to 100 - The Trading Quickstarter" GKFX expert Driton Thaqi presents the basics of trading every Wednesday at 6 p.m. from October 4 to 25, 2017. The webinar is aimed at beginners who want to get to know CFD trading. The expert is also available to answer questions from participants.

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GKFX webinar trading entry from 0 to 100 - start trading now

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