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GKFX webinar on July 19, 2018 - Warm-up for the trading week

GKFX webinar in July (01/20): Warm-up for the new trading week Trading webinar from GKFX Take part in the webinar now & act strategically.

The current GFKX webinar "The Trading Sessions - Chartcheck Markets and Current Trading Opportunities!" on July 19, 2018 at 6 p.m. deals with current events on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and Wall Street. Investors are currently concerned with the question of whether the rally on the international stock markets is continuing or whether a price correction is in sight.

The speaker John Gossen explains to the participants of the webinar, what opportunities are currently available at the DAX and can bid on Wall Street. To do this, he analyzes live indices and individual shares. Concrete trading strategies round off the webinar. Many companies in the USA and Germany are currently publishing their business figures for the second quarter of 2018. This may result in attractive trading opportunities.

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Tension before the reporting season

Especially this year , the stock exchanges were eagerly awaiting the new reporting season. The quarterly figures for American companies could well be a signal of the impact that the trade dispute with the United States could have on balance sheets and the situation on the stock markets. Investors on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange were quite optimistic at the end of the last trading week. They assumed good corporate data from the USA. The DAX was therefore able to end the week slightly in positive territory. This was the third gain at the end of a trading week in a row.

Big banks kick off

Big banks like Citigroup and JP Morgan Chase kicked off the reporting season in the US, JP Morgan Chase's current figures exceeded investor expectations. The bank was able to increase its profit by 18 percent. The Citigroup data were also convincing. Other banks such as Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley will publish their quarterly figures later this week. Large American companies such as Netflix or IBM also provide current figures. The quarterly reports of large companies such as SAP are expected in Germany.

Quarterly reports of great importance due to trade conflict

This year's reports for the second quarter are likely to be particularly closely examined, The trade dispute is considered a major threat to the international equity markets. The DAX was also under pressure in Germany in the second half of June. The leading index suffered a loss of almost 100 points. This shows the development that could further exacerbate the trade conflict. However, the DAX has stabilized again in recent weeks.

The current economic forecasts are also quite positive, however experts and institutes such as the Ifo Institute are dampening their expectations for the future. If the large American companies present positive figures, this could show that they are not impressed by the trade conflict. This could reduce the fear of a global trade war.

GKFX webinar on July 19, 2018 - Warm-up for the trading week

Important indexes with gains

The DAX rose by 0.4 percent last week. In contrast, the indices in the USA closed much more positively. The S&P 500 gained 1.5 percent and the Dow Jones even 2.3 percent. After the numerous turmoil surrounding the still worsening trade conflict , some calm seems to be returning to the markets. However, investors are definitely hoping for movement in the markets from the reporting season.

Positive figures would be very desirable. Successful companies are considered a significant factor in gains on stock prices. However, caution is advised in many places. Possibly some companies are cautious in their forecasts due to the current uncertainties regarding an impending trade war. In the long term, the trade dispute could have an enormous impact on the international economy.

US economy remains strong

At the moment, however, the US economy is proving to be very robust. This also has positive effects on the DAX. However, it can also be seen from the company reports whether this development will continue. From a chart analysis perspective, however, the prospects for the US stock market are currently quite positive.

This week, data on retail sales and production in industry are also expected from the US. Economists see a clear upward trend here. This should not change in July either. The numbers could possibly increase again. There are hardly any economic data releases in Europe this week. However, consumer price data and the minutes of the last ECB meeting are expected.

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Investors on Wall Street are optimistic

on Wall Street last week also good numbers from large IT companies like Facebook or Amazon. Despite the trade dispute, the mood on the New York Stock Exchange seems to be improving again. In the current reporting season , the stock marketers largely expect good numbers from many companies. The US tax reform from the beginning of the year could also have a positive impact here.

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Brokers for CFDs and Forex

Traders can use GKFX from a wide range of Forex and CFDs choose which you can then trade via MetaTrader 4. The trading platform also contains numerous indicators and tools for analysis. The broker regularly offers current webinars so that traders are always informed about what is happening in the markets. Beginners and advanced users could expand their knowledge in further webinars and via training materials.

Three account models to choose from

At GKFX, there are three account models to choose from, which meet the different requirements of traders are coordinated. Since trading can start with just 0.1 lots, beginners in particular have a lot of flexibility and security here. The spreads already include all costs and depend on the chosen account model and the trading instrument.

Today more than 400 employees work in over 20 countries for the company founded in London in 2009 Broker. The German branch is located in Frankfurt am Main. The German-speaking customer service is also located there. In addition, employees in Frankfurt prepare webinars and training materials. This also has the advantage that the broker is also regulated by BaFin.

Indices and shares in CFD trading

When trading in index CFDs investors do not have to invest in each individual share separately. For example, in the DAX the 30 largest and largest German companies from many industries are grouped together. GKFX offers CFD trading with the DAX as an underlying from 10 cents per point. For this, a margin of one percent must be deposited. The spread is at one point.

In CFD trading with shares, traders can choose from numerous international companies from many industries. An advantage in CFD trading is that traders do not have to buy a share at full price. You just deposit a share of five percent of the share value to start trading.

GKFX webinar on July 19, 2018 - Warm-up for the trading week

Conclusion: GKFX webinar on current trading opportunities in the markets

Mit The current GKFX webinars keep traders informed about the situation on the markets. The current webinar "The Trading Sessions - markets in the chart check and current trading opportunities!" provides information about the current trading opportunities on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and Wall Street. On July 18, 2018 at 6:00 p.m. John Gosse will analyze live in webinars to analyze indices and individual shares and present concrete trading strategies.

Due to the current reporting season in Germany and the United States lucrative trading approaches could well emerge. However, the new quarterly figures are also eagerly awaited due to the trade conflict with the USA. Large banks such as JP Morgan Chase and Citigroup had already released their quarterly figures at the end of the last few weeks. More banks and large companies follow. There are also some economic data. The quarterly reports of large companies are expected in Germany.

At present, the mood in the markets has changed following the unrest in recent weeks, which is caused by new threats and escalations in the trade dispute between the USA, China and the EU were shaped, somewhat calmed down. The DAX has been up for the last three weeks in a row, and the US indices have also made gains in the past few weeks. Good numbers of US companies could reduce concerns about an impending trade war that could have massive consequences for the entire global economy.

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GKFX webinar on July 19, 2018 - Warm-up for the trading week

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