GKFX webinar on August 9, 2018 - Main indexes analyzed

GKFX webinar on August 9, 2018: The most important indices in the analysis webinar at broker GKFX Use webinar now & trade indices in a targeted manner.

On August 9, 2018 at 6 p.m. Martin Chmaj analyzes the world's most important indices in "The Trading Sessions" at GKFX. In "The Trading Sessions: The World's Most Important Indexes in Analysis", Martin Chmaj goes into more detail about the most important indexes and examines them for their current trend strength. Where are the most important European and American indices currently? Here is a special look at the S&P 500, which is currently offering high prices. Martin Chmaj also explains where there are currently particularly good opportunities for investors. In addition, there is a short repetition of the trend building and an introduction to trading methods as part of the webinar.

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DAX starts with fluctuations in the new week

The DAX started the week fluctuating, but was up at the beginning of the week and was able to pass the 12,600 point mark. The reintroduction of US sanctions against Iran also had no negative impact on the DAX. Nevertheless, the American indices are currently more stable than the DAX. Wall Street in particular developed well at the beginning of the week. This gave the DAX a good basis.

Shares from car makers rose

Above all, the big car makers were able to gain on the Frankfurt stock exchange at the beginning of the week. Other companies had good quarterly balance sheets, but their share prices still declined. Commerzbank and Zalando were among the shares with losses. Despite the recent easing after the visit of EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, the major issues on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange include the trade dispute with the United States. Concern that the global economy could suffer enormously from the punitive tariffs imposed by the USA is increasing.

Good quarterly balance sheets of many companies

The quarterly figures that many companies in the last week gave the DAX a boost. Further quarterly figures are expected this week. Nevertheless, the mood on the Frankfurt stock exchange at the beginning of the week was not entirely positive. The DAX sways several times in different directions. The stock market also had to cope with negative economic figures. Among other things, industrial orders in Germany fell by four percent in June. There has not been such a significant decline since 2017.

GKFX webinar on August 9, 2018 - Main indexes analyzed

August and September traditionally weak

The DAX may also be right in the middle of the "summer slump". Summer is traditionally the weakest time on the stock exchange. For this reason, the declines at the beginning of the week are not unusual. August and September are often particularly weak months. For this reason, many investors do not become active on the stock markets during this time and only come back to the markets in autumn, perhaps even in early November. This timeout can even have a positive impact on the return. Some analyzes indicate that the DAX could decline again in October.

Dow Jones stable at the beginning of the week

In the USA, the Dow Jones could on the other hand, keep quite stable at the beginning of the week and recover significantly. In the United States, too, many balance sheets have been published by companies that gave the Dow Jones a boost. In addition, they were able to push the ubiquitous topic of the trade dispute somewhat into the background. The reporting season could continue to be positive in the United States. At the end of last week, the Dow Jones lost significantly, indicating a further downward trend. On Monday, however, the Dow Jones closed again in positive territory.

S&P 500 towards all-time high

On the other hand, very positive news is currently coming from the S&P 500, the second important S index, Here one even hopes for a new all-time high. At least one year high is in sight. At the beginning of the week, the highest level was reached in January. This means that the S&P 500 is also very robust, despite the trade dispute.

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Detect trends early

With the help of the chart technique, you can Traders now get clues as to whether current trends will continue or reverse. Traders always want to recognize a trend as early as possible so that they can react appropriately. Traders can tell if it is worth going long or short. If the index goes up, a long position makes sense. If falling prices are in prospect, you go short.

Movement and correction

A trend can be divided into three phases: upward trend, downward trend and sideways trend. A trend always consists of a movement and a correction, the movement being longer than the correction. A high point is reached with an upward trend. This is followed by a short decline and then a longer high phase. This is similar for a downward trend. After a slight decline, the price goes up again a little bit before falling longer.

The DAX as an underlying

Traders who trade in indices, have the advantage that they do not have to buy each share individually. For example, 30 companies are represented in the DAX. These are weighted differently in the index based on their size. From this the price of the index is calculated. In addition, stocks from all industries are represented in these important indices. In this way, investors can trade several industries at the same time. If, for example, the shares of companies from the automotive industry fall now, this does not automatically mean that the whole index is going down.

GKFX webinar on August 9, 2018 - Main indexes analyzed

CFDs on indices trade at GKFX

One CFD trading in indices offers further relief for traders. This allows traders to bet on rising and falling prices. GKFX offers CFD trading with indices. The DAX can be traded at GKFX from just ten cents per point. For this, a margin of two percent must be deposited. The spread is one point. With a trading volume of 0.1 lots, spreading costs would amount to ten cents.

Use demo account and training material

Who has no experience in CFD trading with GKFX can use not only the extensive training material, but also a permanent demo account. The broker also offers CFD trading in currencies, commodities and stocks. The leverage is up to 1:30; the spreads start at 0.6 pips.

At GKFX, traders can start trading with small trade sizes starting at 0.1 lot, which is particularly good for beginners. In addition, there is no minimum account size. Traders have a choice of three account types, which are tailored to the requirements of different types of traders. No commissions are incurred because all costs are already included in the spreads.

Conclusion: Recognize current trends in the world's most important indices

On August 9, 2018 at 6 p.m. the experienced man will be busy Trading expert Martin Chmaj in the webinar "The Trading Sessions: The world's most important indices in analysis" at GKFX with the most important indices in the world. It describes which trading opportunities are currently available and examines the indices for their trend strength. The webinar is rounded off with a repetition on the topic of trend building.

Traders always want to recognize trends as early as possible in order to be able to react with a suitable long or short position. There are currently large differences in the world's major indices. While the S&P 500 is heading for a new all-time high in the USA, the DAX started the week fluctuating. The Dow Jones recovered from a downward trend last week.

The trade dispute with the United States is still a big issue on all major stock exchanges. In addition, company balance sheets were presented in Germany as well as in the USA. The reporting season is expected to continue to be positive. However, the DAX had to deal with negative fundamental data. Among other things, the number of industrial orders fell significantly in June.

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GKFX webinar on August 9, 2018 - Main indexes analyzed

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