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GKFX webinar on August 02, 2018 - Learn to trade mindfully

GKFX webinar on August 02, 2018: Mindfulness at the trading trading webinar of GKFX. Now take part in the webinar & act strategically.

On August 2, 2018 at 6 p.m., the GKFX webinar series "The Trading Sessions" deals with Mindfulness when trading. The well-known trading psychologist Norman Welz explains in an informative and entertaining way how every trader can support himself with the help of mindfulness. Since trading is a stressful challenge for many people for various reasons, it is important to have tools that give traders emotional strength and confidence.

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Anxiety and stress when trading

Above all, fear and stress accompany many traders. Therefore, it is important that the trader learn how to deal with negative feelings. For many people, trading is also a psychological development. You can learn how to focus better and trade more balanced. Those who trade from a positive mood can also increase their success by this factor. In the best case, traders are not afraid of making mistakes, but rather go into trading with confidence and strength. You can also learn strength and confidence. This is also closely related to positive mindsets.

GKFX webinar on August 02, 2018 - Learn to trade mindfully

Emotions in trading

Emotions play an important role in trading, as does patterns of thought and behavior that are often unconscious. A successful trading strategy is also necessary to make a profit on trading, but in order for it to be put into practice, it depends on psychological factors. However, many traders have the most problems with the implementation of their trading strategy, because a lot happens here on an unconscious level that many traders find it difficult to control.

Experience controls the behavior

Our Behavior is controlled by experiences that shape our thinking and behavior patterns. Hormones also play a role in our behavior. If you want to change your thinking patterns, you need will and patience. Many negative thinking patterns like "I have no success anyway", which are not only a hindrance to trading but also to other areas of life, do not disappear overnight. However, one can work on with positive attitudes towards trading and other areas of life.

Don't let emotions guide you

Emotions play with you Trading plays a big role. However, one should not be guided by these . Therefore, discipline is a big issue for traders. The longer you behave in the wrong way, the more difficult it is to get rid of these bad qualities. Getting rid of bad habits is more difficult than doing it right from the start. However, traders have to decide for themselves how far they want to change for their success. One way to work on yourself and thus improve your trading is reflection. With every trade, traders can see why they are doing or not doing something. In addition, psychology is an important factor in trading. However, traders should also take psychological advice and not dismiss this as unnecessary. A wide variety of emotions from fear to greed to joy accompany traders.

Patience and serenity

A very good quality when trading is patience. Traders with more experience often become more patient and relaxed. When you have opened a position, it is advisable to wait and see how the market develops. At best, you are so disciplined that you stick to your trading strategy. In this, entry and exit times are clearly defined. If the market is confusing, traders should also have the composure not to open a position, but to wait until the market has developed more stable again.

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Reduce stress

Closely connected with patience calm and serenity. Relaxation is also important for traders; Stress is usually counterproductive. Only those who are relaxed and relaxed can make well-considered decisions. Good planning when trading is also important to avoid stress. In this context, it is certainly important to take breaks again and again. Factors such as healthy eating and adequate sleep are also important to reduce your own stress level. In addition, trading is not everything in life: there should always be enough time for family, friends and hobbies. Acting can easily become a major burden and create stress. Therefore, every trader should find ways to remain calm and reduce stress.

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Stress caused by a lot of information

can also factors such as information overload and the complexity of the markets. Traders should learn to correctly assess information and market situations. This is not only related to calm and concentration, but also self-reflection is important here. For example, it can help to keep a trading diary and keep important information about a trade here. This way, traders can not only analyze mistakes, but also learn how to deal with different situations.

In this diary you can also record your feelings before, during and after a trade and analyze them later. Traders learn so much about themselves and can optimize their own behavior and thinking. In this way, traders can develop and improve their skills. Emotions are part of trading and should not be suppressed. However, it is very good if traders learn to deal with their feelings and not to be guided by them. However, traders should also be willing to work on themselves.

Better dealing with stress through mindfulness

One way to deal better with stress and challenges is mindfulness. This concept is not only used in trading, but also in other psychological contexts. Mindfulness means that people should pay attention to a moment without directly evaluating it. Ideally, you are physically and mentally in the here and now.

We all know the situation that we ponder about things from the past, think about our worries or think about the future. Those who are careful, however, only try to pay attention to the moment without evaluating it. This also distinguishes mindfulness from concentration.

Avoid evaluations

People tend to constantly assess situations, things and other people. Mindfulness means, however, to give up these reviews. Mindfulness can also be learned and practiced in conjunction with breathing exercises or meditation techniques. Here, too, the goal is to distance yourself from your thoughts.

GKFX webinar on August 02, 2018 - Learn to trade mindfully

Mindfulness when trading

Mindfulness helps traders to trade deliberately and avoid rushes into a trade. The trader chooses his steps carefully and carefully. Aspects such as expertise and experience are also important here. Anyone who rushes into a trade rashly and without thought risks high losses.

Mindfulness and paying attention to your thoughts can be learned. These skills not only advance traders in the markets, but also in other areas of life. In addition, mindfulness can be practiced in many everyday situations. One way is to watch your actions carefully and focus on them. These can be everyday activities like brushing your teeth.

Recognizing behavior through self-observation

Mindfulness when trading also has to do with self-observation. Over time, traders can see whether they have negative thoughts that hinder their trading. Mindfulness also helps focus more on trading. In addition, traders can determine how they behave in certain situations. If they find that their behavior is inappropriate, they can work on changes. Traders can also see what is good for them when trading and what may distract them. This can vary greatly from trader to trader.

GKFX webinar on August 02, 2018 - Learn to trade mindfully

Conclusion: Training mindfulness in trading

For many traders, trading is a major and often stressful challenge. Mindfulness can Help traders to trade with more strength and confidence. Various tools and exercises can help. Interested traders can find out more on 2. August 2018 at 6 p.m. in "The Trading Sessions - Trade Mindfully!" at GKFX by trading psychologist Norman Welz.

Traders should always be ready to work on themselves. This has a lot to do with self-analysis and self-reflection. Many traders develop personally. For many traders, trading still means stress and strain. Mindfulness helps people to cope better with stress and challenges - not just when trading. Traders learn to open a trader carefully and carefully. Mindfulness also promotes concentration, as you try to focus only on the moment.

Traders learn more about themselves through the concept of mindfulness. They recognize whether they negative thinking patterns ins Bring in trading what is good for you when trading and how you can concentrate better. Mindfulness can be learned through certain exercises, for example by observing your behavior in everyday situations and registering how you feel.

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