GKFX Webinar 2018 - Start the first full trading week with GKFX

GKFX Webinar (01/20): Do you want to start the first full trading week well? Details about the webinar at GKFX Now take part in an exclusive webinar.

The webinar "Trading am Sonntag" will take place for the first time this year at GKFX on January 7, 2018 at 7 p.m. In this trading warm-up for the new trading week, GKFX expert Mario Kofler takes a look at key values ​​and the economic calendar at the start of the year. It analyzes the most important currency pairs, indices and commodities. The webinar also includes an analysis of the current fundamental situation, an initial forecast for interbank trading and potential gaps. Mario Kofler also analyzes how the markets started their first trading days.

Further training important for traders

Traders should not only always have the latest developments on the markets, but also get to know and work on your personal strengths and weaknesses over time. Continuing education is therefore essential for traders. It also helps many traders to document their own trades and to analyze them again and again. You can keep a kind of trading diary, in which you keep note of all aspects of your trades. For example, you can record here why you entered into a trade, why you chose a certain entry point and why you closed the position later. This helps with self-reflection. In this way, many traders recognize which aspects they can improve further. In addition, trading documentation helps to make better investment decisions. In this way, traders may also recognize in which areas, for example technical analysis or with regard to different trading strategies, they would like to continue their education. Brokers like GKFX provide numerous training offers.

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Good planning of his trades

In addition to analysis, good planning is important for traders. Among other things, a look at the economic calendar can help determine a good time for a trade. Other traders also work with an investment plan so as not to be distracted by the emotions of trading. Some traders also add dates for their personal training to their personal plan. In an investment plan, traders also define fixed rules when they start a trade and under what conditions they sell it again. The basis for this can be, for example, certain trading signals.

Patience when trading

Traders also need a lot of patience. Not only does analysis and training take a lot of time, but also the decision to trade. For example, you should not rush into a trade if you cannot currently assess the market correctly. In this case, patience to wait for a better opportunity to trade often pays off. Webinars like "Trading am Sonntag" help to get important market information, because traders should always be well informed about the direction in which the market is developing. This is how you can find interesting entry points for a trade.

Planning losses

Despite all the planning and gathering of information, nobody can say with certainty how the market or a single index will develop. Therefore, even very successful traders always expect losses and even plan them in because a trader cannot always book profits. Losses are part of trading. Over time, traders learn how to deal with losses and learn from their losses and mistakes when trading. With good risk management, losses can be limited. Therefore, good risk management is part of your own trading strategy. For example, you should make sure to set a Stop Loss and adjust the amount of capital invested for each trade individually.

GKFX Webinar 2018 - Start the first full trading week with GKFX

Current information and further education

Up-to-date information about markets and economic policy decisions as well as constant further training are often decisive success factors in trading. Traders who keep up to date always stand out from the crowd. Ultimately, this can be the decisive factor for personal trading success and offer the prospect of high returns. Among other things, with regard to fundamental analysis, technical analysis and economic relationships, there is great potential for further education for many traders. Here, the exchange with other traders can also be helpful. In many webinars, GKFX gives the opportunity to ask questions to the speakers and to exchange ideas with other traders.

Deal with the markets

Traders who regularly deal with the Busy markets will find that they are very dynamic and flexible. Markets are constantly changing. Therefore, traders should always be open to new developments. new laws or technical innovations can also have an impact on market developments. Therefore, you should always keep an eye on the latest developments. GKFX supports its traders here with many webinars, which often also deal with current economic and political topics.

Experienced brokers

The British broker GKFX has been active since 2009, The company, founded in London by a experienced management team, is now active in numerous countries, where it also has the approvals of the responsible authorities. Based in London, the UK FCA is responsible for GKFX. In Germany, the company is also under the supervision of BaFin. 500 employees from all areas of the financial and capital markets work for the broker. The competent customer service staff as well as the experienced speakers at the webinars are happy to pass on their knowledge to the traders at GKFX.

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Innovative trading platforms

One focus of GKFX is on innovative trading solutions, which primarily appeal to modern traders. These give traders access to many CFD and Forex products. Thanks to several trading platforms, traders can trade from home or mobile via tablet and smartphone. This promises mobility and flexibility. Numerous chart tools and real-time prices can be found on the user-friendly platforms.

Trading in international markets

GKFX enables trading in international markets with currencies, Indices, commodities and equity CFD. Trading in cryptocurrencies has also been possible for a few months. Depending on the selected product and account model, the levers are up to 1: 400. The spreads from 0.6 pips also vary. GKFX offers commission-free trading. Trading can also start with small trade sizes. There is no minimum account size. Traders can choose the model of their choice from several account models to suit their trading style.

GKFX Webinar 2018 - Start the first full trading week with GKFX


In 2018, traders will also receive "Trading on Sunday" at again an overview of the trading week. On January 7th at 7 p.m. Mario Kofler and the participants of the webinar will take another look at the most important values ​​of the week and relevant dates from the economic calendar. There is also enough time for questions from the participants.

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GKFX Webinar 2018 - Start the first full trading week with GKFX

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