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GKFX Trading Sessions 2018 - Trading webinar on Forex trading

GKFX Trading Sessions (01/20): What can you expect on February 22nd? Trading webinar on forex trading Join the webinar now & trade forex.

On February 22, 2018 at 6 p.m., "The Trading Sessions" at GKFX is about the largest market in the world. Experienced speaker Martin Chmaj introduces the most liquidated market in the world with five billion US dollars a day in sales and explains which aspects are important in order to be permanently successful there. Forex trading is often very fast and requires a lot of discipline, nervousness and patience. Traders also have to invest a lot of time to be able to trade efficiently on the Forex market.

In "The Trading Sessions: FOREX - A Trillion Dollar Market" Martin Chmai shows how to use the Market technology can be successful as a day trader. It is also about managing your trades correctly. In this webinar, traders will learn how to get the most out of a position and what other factors traders have to consider in the Forex market. As part of the webinar there will also be a short repetition of the theory and a look at the current market situation.

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Almost around the clock Trading Forex

Forex trading is one of the most liquid and largest markets in the world. In addition, you can trade almost around the clock around the globe. Therefore, the forex market is also very interesting for traders who trade on a part-time basis. You can organize your time flexibly. The currency market is also called Forex market or FX market for short. Businesses and individuals can trade currencies or exchange them.

All over the world transactions worth billions of dollars are made every day. However, unlike stocks or commodities, there is no central trading center. Buyers and sellers of shares or commodities find each other on exchanges specializing in these financial instruments. Forex trading, on the other hand, takes place via an international network of banks, traders and brokers in so-called interbank trading. This concept also helps traders to trade currencies around the clock, theoretically even on weekends. However, many banks and companies are not active at weekends, so less liquidity is available here.

Political and economic influences are very important.

Currencies are usually assigned to a certain currency area or a country and also show how much trust investors have in a country's economy. Interest rates, inflation rates, political decisions or figures from the labor market are closely related to currencies and can influence them. Therefore, forex traders must always be well informed here.

Buy and sell currencies

Traders who are active in forex trading buy a currency and sell another. When the value of a currency you buy increases in comparison to the currency you sold, you close trading at a profit. Each currency is abbreviated to three letters in Forex trading. The dollar is therefore, for example, specified with the code USD. A possible currency pair to trade with would be EUR / USD. A rate now indicates how much a euro is worth compared to the dollar.

If you now assume that the euro would rise against the dollar, you can buy euros and sell dollars, With this variant you enter into a long position, which you can close at a higher price. If you assume that the price of a currency pair will decrease, you can also go short and sell a currency.

The market is always on the move

The Forex market is always on the move, but is nevertheless quite easily accessible to investors. Numerous traders are active on the market and a lot of money is bought and sold. For this reason, price movements can occur quickly. The forex market is therefore one of the most volatile markets ever. This volatility is very attractive, but can also be the cause of large losses. Traders often have to react very quickly and therefore always have to keep an eye on the market.

GKFX Trading Sessions 2018 - Trading webinar on Forex trading

Enter the trade well-informed

In order to enter Forex trading, you should find out well beforehand and know how the market behaves. In addition, you should always be up to date on current news. Market analyzes and assessments by experts are also helpful. In addition, many investors work with an economic calendar and charts. Nevertheless, many forex traders work with fundamental analysis. For example, they evaluate news from central banks or the latest economic figures.

Different types of traders active on the Forex market

Different types of trading are active in Forex trading. Day traders open and close their positions within one day and therefore try to use the smallest market movements. Day traders, however, must always keep an eye on the market and should therefore have plenty of time.

Those who are active in position trading keep their assets for a longer period Period, sometimes even weeks or even months. Position traders weigh up which trades they make particularly well. Holding a position longer can, however, run the risk of not reacting quickly enough to changes.

In Trend Trading, a trader wants to use trends in the market for himself. It holds a position as long as the trend goes in the direction it has taken so far. This can be based on a short, medium or long-term strategy. Swingtrader also work with trends. You are always looking for short-term price patterns and use the technical analysis to do this. The investment horizon can vary.


At GKFX trading currencies almost around the clock

At GKFX during the week traders can trade currencies almost around the clock. The currency pairs EUR / USD, GBP / USD and USD / JPY are particularly popular. Traders can take advantage of many advantages of Forex trading at GKFX. The provider executes orders quickly, offers attractive conditions and low margins.

The offer of GKFX includes 50 currency pairs, in which the spreads at 0.6 pips start. The lever is a maximum of 400: 1. The conditions differ depending on the selected account type. With the MIRCRO account you can already trade with a trading volume of 0.01 lot. The small stop loss minimum distances enable good risk management.

Many training materials and webinars

GKFX provides several trading platforms available, including the MetaTrader 4. Here traders can also find indicators, charts and current exchange rates. The free demo account enables beginners to take the first steps in Forex trading without risk. The broker also offers a lot of training material and current webinars. Many training materials are explicitly aimed at beginners.

GKFX Trading Sessions 2018 - Trading webinar on Forex trading

Conclusion on the GKFX Forex Webinar

On February 22, 2018 at 6:00 p.m. GKFX expert Martin Chmaj in "The Trading Sessions: FOREX - A billion dollar market " a look at the largest and most liquid market in the world. He explains how traders can be successful there in the long term and what they should consider in the Forex market. A short repetition of the theory and a look at the current market situation round off the webinar.

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GKFX Trading Sessions 2018 - Trading webinar on Forex trading

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