GKFX Trading Room 2017 - Trading opportunities for the new trading week

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On November 20, 2017 at 8 p.m. the webinar "GKFX Trading Room - Market Review & Trading Setups" with Stefan Salomon will take place again. The trading expert will present underlyings with great prospects for success for the coming trading week. The focus of the webinar is on stock indices, commodities and currency pairs. Stock setups are also occasionally presented. Salomon also takes a look at the news dates of week. In addition, the participants can exchange information.

Make trading decisions after analysis

When deciding to enter a trade, many traders use technical analysis or fundamental analysis as a basis for your decision. Both are forms of financial analysis. The Technical Analysis is suitable for short-term investment decisions as well as for long-term ones. It is assumed that all events that are important for the course development have a direct impact in the quotes. This includes economic and political factors as well as the psychology of the participants in the market.

Follow trends

Courses always run in trends. A listing is not random, but always develops over a certain period of time. Trends always go in the same direction until they encounter resistance and change their course. They run upwards, sideways or downwards. In addition, certain patterns are repeated over and over again. A certain situation on the stock exchange always leads to the same reactions. Therefore, this basic assumption will also be used for the technical analysis.

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Find the time to buy or sell

From the Price and turnover history of the underlying one tries to derive good times for buying or selling or to predict the price development. Charles Dow, one of the namesakes of the Dow Jones, is considered the "inventor" of technical analysis. From 1884 he published several articles in the Wall Street Journal about his "Dow Theory" for chart analysis. He never saw his findings as scientific theory himself, but as a tool for analysts who should use it to better recognize market trends. One of his basic assumptions was that financial markets behave cyclically and in waves. These can be short, medium or long term. The development of modern computers further improved the chart technology. Technical trading models have therefore been calculable in real time since the 1980s.

GKFX Trading Room 2017 - Trading opportunities for the new trading week

Use indicators

In addition to charts, you can also use technical indicators to track the price of an underlying display. With this, traders can also get information from which they can make a purchase or sale decision. You can also see if there is a trend. The indicators are based exclusively on technical indicators such as price data.

Analyze business and economic data

Look at fundamental analysis Investors not on stock exchange prices or historical chart patterns, but on business and economic data. These are called fundamental data. To analyze a company, traders rely on figures from quarterly or annual reports. From this you can get information on key figures such as the price-earnings ratio or the price-cash flow ratio. Fundamental analysis was developed by Benjamin Graham. He taught at Columbia University, where star investor Warren Buffet was perhaps his best-known student.

Fundamental Analysis in Forex Trading

Especially in Forex Trading economic and political indicators are also included. From their analysis you can get information on the development of courses. Interest is particularly important here. The development of interest rates in a currency area always affects the forex market. High interest rates can cause many investors to invest in a particular currency. This high demand also leads to a price increase.

In addition, Forex traders in particular look at data on inflation or purchasing power in the country whose currency they are trading. The gross domestic product or data from the labor market can also be interesting. In Forex trading in particular, fundamental analysis is based on many factors. Fundamental analysis is very suitable for traders who are long-term oriented.

GKFX Trading Room vom 03.07.2017 - Wichtige Trendwendesignale

Trading in commodities

Commodities trading is very different from trading in other financial instruments and requires a great deal of knowledge. There are many different investment options that you shouldn't lose track of. Beginners should therefore limit themselves to a maximum of three underlyings and only act one position at a time. Trading in raw materials is therefore more suitable for adding to the portfolio.

Traditionally, raw materials are traded as futures on futures exchanges. The oldest of these is the Chicago Board of Trade, which is the world's leading trading center for agricultural commodities. Forward transactions are an agreement to buy or sell goods at a later date. The price is already fixed in advance, but payment and delivery take place later.

CFDs and certificates on raw materials

Trading in raw materials for banks and investment companies had long been pretreated. However, CFDs and certificates with which traders are trying to predict the price development of raw materials are becoming increasingly interesting for private investors. Here traders can choose between metals, precious metals, energy commodities or agricultural commodities.

Since raw materials are processed in dollars and many commodity exchanges are located in America, the dollar plays an important role in commodities trading to. This is also associated with currency risks. Therefore, European traders who trade commodities should always keep an eye on the Forex market. This enables them to recognize possible currency risks in good time and react to them. The chart analysis is not helpful when trading raw materials. Traders should therefore rather use the fundamental analysis.

GKFX Trading Room 2017 - Trading opportunities for the new trading week

Trading with share indices

However, technical analysis can be very helpful when trading with stock indices, although here too the fundamental analysis Can bring advantages. Some traders prefer to trade an entire index right away rather than individual stocks. The DAX or the Dow Jones summarizes the most important stocks of a country, in an industry index the most important securities of an industry. If you rely on an index, benefits from the development of all shares that are contained in it. The index reflects the entire market.

So if you want to trade in a particular industry, for example, you can rely on an index. When trading an index, a trader is more independent of news and does not always have to be exactly informed about a single company. In addition, fluctuations due to the weighting of an index have less impact.

Information from sectors and economies

Anyone who relies on an index with CFDs wants an increasing or falling price of the index benefit. It makes sense to know the composition of the index and to be informed about the industry and the entire economy. Over time, a trader will recognize which messages affect an index.

Well informed at GKFX

This month, traders can again take part in some GKFX webinars with experienced speakers participate. The broker offers webinars for beginners and advanced users. This includes weekly outlooks and live trading sessions as well as webinars for the first steps in trading. Traders can find interesting ideas for investment decisions in many webinars.

The comprehensive range of training courses is rounded off with online courses and videos, in which traders can learn the basics of trading, for example. In addition, events and seminars take place all over Germany. The customer service is also available for further questions.

GKFX Trading Room 2017 - Trading opportunities for the new trading week


At the GKFX webinar "GKFX Trading Room - Market Review & Trading Setups" Stefan Salomon on November 20, 2017, traders will receive information on underlyings with good prospects of success. The main focus is on stock indices, commodities and currency pairs. GKFX is known for its numerous webinars and training courses.

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GKFX Trading Room 2017 - Trading opportunities for the new trading week

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