GKFX Trading on Sunday 2017 - Now for the exclusive, free webinar

GKFX Trading on Sunday (01/20): British broker offers exclusive webinar An overview of the most important things free of charge Take part in the GKFX webinar now

"Trading on Sunday" is the perfect warm-up for the new trading week. On October 29, Mario Kofler will also present the regular webinar at GKFX with an outlook and review of the trading week. Mario Kofler presents the important values ​​of the week and takes a look at the current economic calendar. Registration for the webinar is free of charge. The topics of the webinar include an analysis with live analysis of the most important currency pairs, indices and commodities as well as an analysis of the fundamental situation. In addition, in "Trading am Sonntag" Mario Kofler gives a preview of interbank trading and forecasts for gaps.

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Analysis before investment decision

In order to make a successful investment decision, a good analysis is always necessary. If you do not work with technical analysis, i.e. with charts and historical market values, you can use fundamental analysis. Fundamental analysis is older than technical analysis. In theory, it can be used for many markets, from stocks to raw materials and real estate.

The fundamental analysis is based on the classic assumption that supply and demand determine prices. If there is high demand, the price rises. However, when many investors want to sell a stock or commodity but demand is low, prices drop. In the course of an analysis, traders try to recognize whether supply or demand predominate, i.e. whether a price rises or falls.

Economic indicators for valuation

Here, among other things, economic indicators play a role. These are general factors such as interest rates or labor market numbers, which give an assessment of the situation of the entire economy. Here, traders who trade stocks can see, for example, whether a certain economic development could cause a group of stocks to rise or fall.

However, within the framework of fundamental analysis, you can also target the company that issued a particular stock has to take a close look. For example, using figures from annual reports and balance sheets, you can check whether the company will develop positively or negatively. If the company is successful and the demand for a company's shares increases, the share price will rise as a result.

National and international factors

As part of the so-called Global Analysis examines international and national factors that can affect stocks or currencies. Here, the economy plays a major role. The interest rate and monetary policy of the central banks certainly has a strong influence. Low interest rates ensure that stocks become more lucrative for investors and thus their value increases. An expansionary monetary policy, in which central banks want to increase the money supply, has a positive effect on companies. In forex trading, too, lowering or increasing interest rates can affect the value of a currency. In addition, inflation plays a major role when considering the overall economic situation.

GKFX Trading on Sunday 2017 - Now for the exclusive, free webinar

Reports from the industry

In addition to the global analysis, a industry analysis can also be carried out can be carried out. Here one looks intensively at the sectors in which a listed company operates. One aspect here is how the industry is reacting to the economic development. Political decisions, such as new laws or tax changes, can also affect an industry. In addition to publications by the industry associations, figures on incoming orders or the consumer climate index of the Society for Consumer Research are also interesting.

Dates of the trading week

Above all forex traders have always keep an eye on the economic calendar. But even those who trade stocks or indices should always be informed about the most important dates of trading week. Financial news is also of great importance in this context, since even small reports can often cause unrest on the markets.

Often, negative news has a greater impact on the markets. For example, if the latest unemployment figures are worse than expected, the market can respond significantly. In addition, when a central bank meeting or parliamentary election takes place, for example, the markets are often in motion a few days beforehand. In most cases, experts make assessments of how they see an election or what economic data can be expected. If the end result deviates from this, movement can quickly occur in the market.

Different economic data are important

Depending on the strategy and traded financial product, different economic data and -dates of importance. If you trade currencies, you should definitely follow the development of major currencies such as dollars or euros. The development of the dollar in particular can quickly affect other currencies. The labor market data of the countries whose currency you are trading are also interesting. Almost all brokers offer a economic calendar. This should be clear and contain all important information about the appointment such as date and event.

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The GKFX Trading Sessions - Erfolgreiches Trading mit Chart-Formationen

International CFD and Forex broker GKFX

The Broker GKFX was founded in 2008 in London. Today, the broker in Germany is mainly known for its numerous webinars, live trading sessions and events in many cities. The events are led by experienced speakers, who also answer traders' questions. GKFX's wide range of training and further education offers events for beginners and advanced. For the first steps in trading, GKFX offers webinars or tutorials for beginners. Advanced users can look behind the scenes of trading or keep up to date with webinars such as "Trading on Sunday".

Offices all over the world

GKFX Financial Services Limited has 19 offices around the world. The branch in Frankfurt am Main looks after the German-speaking customers. The Financial Conduct Authority in the UK is primarily responsible for regulating the broker. However, GKFX is also in possession of a license from BaFin. The Financial Services Compensations Scheme, a British fund for the compensation of customers of financial services companies, protects deposits of up to 50,000 customers.

Attractive conditions

Traders can trade at GKFX with a leverage of 400: 1, but this varies from product to product. The spreads and pips are also different. Via MetaTrader 4, traders not only have access to all trading products, but also to real-time courses and many analysis tools. Individual strategies for automatic trading can be implemented via the Expert Adivsor. Active traders who have more than 2,000 euros in their trading account can expand the functions of MetaTrader 4 via GKFX MyFX and, for example, use other order types such as one-click trading.

GKFX Trading on Sunday 2017 - Now for the exclusive, free webinar

Conclusion: Webinar as a warm-up for trading week

In "Trading on Sunday", GKFX expert Mario Kofler gives an outlook on October 29th at 7 p.m. new trading week. He analyzes the currently most important currencies, commodities and indices and gives a preview of interbank trading. He also mentions the most important business dates for the coming week. With this knowledge, traders can find lucrative approaches for investment decisions.

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